Do you think I like living like this?
— Azure talking about his memory loss

"Azure" is a team member of Team NILA, Often call the Moral Backbone of Team NILA, he will let people confuse that for weakness often ready to show why he goes far to fight for him friends.

Age 19
Title The Amnesic Protector
Status Active
Gender Male
Race Human
Born August 10th
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Pale
Hair Auburn
Eyes Navy Blue
Height 7'3"
Weight 244 Lbs.
Professional Status
Affiliation Team NILA
Partner Nigel
Occupation Team Member
Additional Info
Likes Trying to remember the past, His only friends
Dislikes People taunting his amnesia, Fire, Explosions
Special Skills Whip Using, Marksmanship, Strength, Fighting, Speed
Weaknesses Fire causes him to pause in fear, Can be tricked if the person claims to know his past


Nigel is a tall, scarred, muscled, and very strong man often can be claimed as mysterious

he has long shaggy auburn hair and one eye is royal blue while the other was lost in the incident he now has a navy-blue bandage over his left eye as a makeshift eye patch this is followed by a large scar from the top of his head to the left side of his chin

A blue long coat with white trimmings, white dress shirt, blue jeans, brown cowboy boots


Described by Nigel as the moral backbone of the team often making sure that his Team does not become morally bankrupt in their attempt to be the best in the world. He would often try to have his teammates try and do the right thing. Despite not having almost any memory he has a strong sense of justice,

Outside of that he would often be called "Brooding" as he would often seem saddened by the loss of his past but would try and not let it get anyone else down. He will often latch on to whatever clues he can find and will become almost obsessive in his need to find out his true identity


Anything before he was thirteen is unknown to Azure, even his real name. he was discovered bloody, bruised and missing an eye by Nigel while training in the woods. The only clue to his real identity is in the ruins of a small town that was wiped off the face of the earth due to a factory incident.

Nigel was the one to give him a name as he believed that that the blue coat that Azure was wrapped was the only real clue to his old life and "Azure" decided to simply take that as his own name. Though Nigel has come to calling him Rey for short.

Now, he knows that it was tied to a certain corporation and that in order to find out the cause of his destroyed memory and home he works along side Nigel to try and find the person that knows of who he is and what he lost.

Weapons & Combat

He fights with a Dust powered Shotgun "Zaffre" and Iron Whip "Cobalt Cross", A rune encrusted shotgun, and Pure Iron retractable whip. He would often use his whip to try and make sure that his enemies would stay within his shotgun range but not too close so that people will attack him out right. He then would have to build up his attacks so that it would be quick and destructive as possible


The eight foot range on the whip allows him good reach and a way to keep people in the range of the shotgun by forcing them to rush him. He also has great use of the whip to get him around to places as it can catch on to parts of the environment.


The Problem is that if people are quick enough they can force the whip to wrap around something for a quick tug of war allowing them to take it out of his hands. His shotgun's range is pitiful and that allows them to take him out from a distance. He also has a fear of fire, using against him may make him panic which would mean a small window of opportunity to attack.


Azure is a shade of Blue