"Undine" Pulcherrimam
Alicia "Undine" Pulcherrimam
Age 15
Nickname Bonnie (Self Chosen)
Status Alive
Color Blonde Yellow
Gender Female
Race Faunus
Species Rabbit
Handedness Right handed
Complexion Pale
Hair Blonde with a hint of brown
Eyes Sky Blue
Height 4' 11"
Professional Status
Social Rank The "cute" one
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Queen Olivia and King Augustus (Parents)
Additional Info
Likes Tea time, being punctual, and Indiana Jones
Dislikes the villains of the Indiana Jones movies, being late, and when the tea runs out
Special Skills Night Vision, fast runner
Weaknesses discrimination, and people staring at her rabbit ears all day


A Rabbit Faunus, having a pink or purple heart on her left cheek, sky blue eyes, blonde hair and dressed in white, pink and red. She always carries around a pocket watch so she can keep time.


She always wants to keep an organized schedule and very peppy at times. When she's late, she runs as fast as she can, usually saying, "I'm late! I'm late!!"


Her partner is Charles Daorenzhidun.

She's friends with Naoto Otafuku and Adrian "underdog" D'nore.


Alicia is her true name, for she is the daughter of Queen Olivia, and King Augustus. She was born as a Faunus, even though both parents are human. As a kid, she was introduced to polite manners, formal events, and of course, her favorite, tea time on Saturday in 4:00 PM. Along these lines, she learns about Alice in Wonderland, and that's when the madness starts at the kingdom, as she has the butler dress up as the Mad Hatter an entertain her parents.

As she was growing up, she started to develop things that a princess was never usually develop, which is a sense of self defense, a heart for weapons, and yet, to learn how to use a whip from the Indiana Jones moves. The result of these was her being sent to Signal Academy to learn the basics to fighting and self defense.

As the last day in the kingdom, she was sent to Beacon instead of Signal, so she can continue to learn about the world, outside of the Castle of Cards.


Queen's Castle

This intricate weapon is her actual deck of cards, made of thin, durable steel. Since she's an expert of throwing objects, these can fly very fast and is able to cut through whatever crosses it's path. Cool fact is, these are legal as long as she knows what she's doing. She only uses them to make the opponent pause.

Cheshire's Cat

This weapon is a coiled bracelet that can form into a whip. the cord cannot be seen when it goes fast, and at the end is a fashioned steel bearing. She uses it in fights to get people from a far distance. (She learned how to use a whip while watching the Indiana Jones movies.)


As a girl who likes to keep herself on time, she is a great runner and somehow cannot exhaust herself.

Her semblance is not known, but she will discover it sooner or later as time pass by.


Since she purely loves tea time, she can invite others to have tea with a formal request.

She is a big fan of Indiana Jones so if you mention fedoras, whips, museums and archaeologists, she might fan girl about him.


Her personality, ideal weapons and what she wears is based on Alice in Wonderland.

She got her nickname from those who think she's a cute bunny, and so she thought of Bonnie to be her nickname.

Her last name is Latin for Beautiful Flower.

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