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Fan Fiction:
"White" Weiss
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Official Characters Weiss

Description: The retelling of the "White" Trailer in my own eyes and what Weiss may have thought during the course of her performance and her battle.

"White" Weiss

The crowd’s applause echoed through the halls, its thunderous bellow of ten thousand pairs of hands colliding together was almost deafening. And yet, she only heard it from the back rooms. She felt a large hand lightly place itself on her shoulder, and before the man spoke she knew what it meant: "You’re up next"...

The young girl was never a fan of loud noises. She always stayed inside, and without much sunlight her skin was almost completely white. She didn't like the company of much people, and for the seventeen years of her life so far spent the majority of her time alone and was scared of having more than four people in the same room as her. And yet, she wanted to put on this performance. She stood up, her legs shaking, and she had a strange feeling in her stomach. She looked up nervously at her manager and without even exchanging words the man nodded, as if understanding what she wanted, and left the room. The girl once again sat down and stared at her feet. She was so nervous she felt her heart was going to break, as if the torment of being forced not to make a single mistake in public was death inducing. But then she remembered a time where she almost had her life taken, and yet she was strong enough to fight against it. The clear haunting memory of a giant clad in Armor, with a broadsword larger than the girl it was used against. She stood up, took several deep breathes and then a moment to steady her body and mind before opening the door and heading to the entrance of the stage.

As she walked upon the stage she felt a slight tingling in her heart. Was it a sign of nervousness, or a sign of joy that she was going far beyond what she had thought she was capable of? Before she could think of an answer, a voice from a place she could not pinpoint announced in a calm voice: "Ladies and gentleman, please welcome: 'Weiss Schnee'". Yes..."Weiss" that was her name. As the voice spoke she walked slowly into the view of the crowds. As she did, white lights shone at her from above and revealed her form. True to her name, she was almost completely “Weiss”. She was slight in structure, with long white hair. She wore a dress of the very pale blue dress – almost white - which came down just above her kness. Over it, she wore a bolero which was similarly colored on the outside and a bright red on the inside. Her sleeves and the end of her dress were a light blue. She wore a rectangular earring on each ear and a necklace with a single bead. On her back she bore the crest of the Schnee family: that of a symmetrical, twelve pronged snowflake.

As the lights shone down on her, she looked down once again at her feet and cleared what she could of the remaining nervous feelings in her heart. As she finished, she looked up to gaze at the crowds of which were staring at her, like a hawk stalks its prey. Her piano accompaniment started to play, and as it finished its short opening, she started to sing along. It was a sad song, one that Weiss had written herself. She felt that it represented her loneliness in the world, her troubles, her fears, what she thought of herself, and it had lyrics to match.

Mirror, tell me something.
Tell me who’s the loneliest of all...

As she sung, she pushed all thoughts of fear out of mind and focused only on herself, as if she was just singing out loud to herself instead of to a crowd of thousands. Even with such thoughts, she still held fear and anxiety. And as she continued singing onto the next verse she felt the soft tug of the memory of time she had escaped death, and slayed a giant.

It was in the very halls of this place not so long ago in fact. She had accidently gotten lost without her chaperon and as she started to cry in frustration and fear, it had appeared before her, out of thin air. It was a man clad in gray, steel armor, except it wasn't a man. No man could be over 12 feet tall and adeptly wield a sword of that size; a normal person would suffer at half the size, but a sword over 8 feet long seemed like something from a fairy tale Weiss had read long ago when she was but a toddler. No, it was a giant, either than or an enchanted suit of armor. A "Giant Armor" if you would. As it stood up, it raised its sword with both hands and prepared to strike. Weiss was surprised by its sudden appearance but at first, not worried. She knew she was not weak; she was trained in basic combat and was given the mighty MADR, "Myrtenaster", from her father. She felt she could easily defeat the monster before her and continue on her way.

As the Armor spun to attack Weiss, she somersaulted out of the way and drew out Myrtenaster for a charging stab attack. She was deflected by the Armor and she jumped over to its other side to attempt a flank attack. As the sword came crashing down on her once again, she sped of out its way and managed to reach its back. She unleashed a flurry of blows, all of which seems to have no effect and as the sword came speeding back, she attempted to block and was knocked back a considerable distance. Her knees buckled as she slid and she had to perform an awkward movement in order to regain her balance. As she took a deep breath and looked up, she once again felt the change in the air as the shadow of the monster came falling down upon her. She evaded the blow by somersaulting to the side and as the sword came at her back, she once again evaded by somersaulting above it. As she straightened up to ready for her counter attack, the sword came yet again rushing towards her. Three repetitive strikes, each following through with speed and ease, this “thing” was no ordinary swordsman, she thought to herself. She only had time to put up her rapier and attempt to block most of the impact. She was unsuccessful and was knocked far away and onto her back by the force of the blow. In an attempt to position her and use the momentum from the knockback, she rolled backwards onto her feet and in adept form, immediately began to cast her spell “Air Step”.

She was never good with strategic advice, always attempting to strike the enemy from instinct, but this time she felt the opponent was simply too great for her. In her mind she planned her next assault perfectly: using Sir Step to zip around the opponent attacked from unexpected angles. Using Air Step, she sped past the Armor just managing to duck under its sword and while the Armor was recovering, Weiss jumped into the air and launched two slashing hits aimed at its arm and shoulder. She proved too fast for the Armor and the hits landed perfectly. As the Armor looked up to fight back, Weiss sped underneath and launched an assault on the side of its leg. Dazed from the blows, the Armor stumbled and Weiss used the chance to launch an upward slash at its head using the momentum and force from her Air Step. Her planned worked perfectly, the hit landed and she once again used Air Step to position for her next assault. However, her next strikes merely grazed the Armor and as it swung at her with her sword, she evaded the blow by moving above. However, she was unprepared for the Armor’s next strike. Using the axial momentum from the sword in his right hand, the Armor spun and hit Weiss with a punch from the left.

Weiss was shocked as the metal fist came racing towards her. She was too slow to block the impact collided with her forehead. She was knocked back well over ten meters and was inflicted with blurry vision and a sharp, warm sensation at her left eye. As she looked up she felt the hot, wet feeling on her face as one side of her face trickled with red. As she tried to stand up, she stumbled from the after effects of the shock. She let out a gasp as she slipped back and her mind slowly began to blank as the concussion of the impact began to take place. She had never been struck hard before, and the hit just now could have shattered a castle wall, it was a miracle she still had breath. As what little memories of her life flashed before her, it occurred to her that the previous blows which she landed had no effect whatsoever, and that she had wasted precious energy on a foe that normal attacks would render useless...”Normal attacks”...

Weiss was surprised. She was reliving the events that happened simply by singing. Again, she felt fear. Had the crowd noticed the sudden widening of her eyes, the trembling of her hands or how she looked down in nervousness? But she could no longer think of such things. She had gone this far and to chicken out would be an insult to her family name and a memory even more heavy than her fight with the Armor. The next part of the song continued from a decrescendo, and opened into a faster and louder paced tune. As she began the third part of the song, the open ceiling shone bright as the clouds parted revealing the fractured moon. As Weiss continued singing, she had a thought. This song almost perfectly represented the battle that Weiss was most scared and most proud of. She hadn't realized it at the time, but when she had fought the Armor not long ago, the ceiling was also open and revealing the moon to be fractured. She continued to sing as the chorus yet again began.

Weiss slowly took to her feet. She had realized that simply stabbing and slashing at the Armor would have no effect, she would have to rely on the help of Myrtenaster’s abilities. She stood and gazed at the Armor before adopting an en garde pose before fingering the revolver mechanism in her Myrtenaster. She turned the dial to “red” and when she did, a pale red glow covered the length of the blade. The Armor rushed her once again, raising its sword high into the air for a devastating vertical slice. Weiss had never really known the true power of Myrtenaster, but from watching her father fight, she knew what it was capable of. She lifted the weapon above her head and as the Armor struck the red glow, it was reflected with incredible force. While the Armor was recovering from the recoil, Weiss spun around twice while again changing the revolver nodes. She stabbed the ground and a wave of “light blue” ice came surging from the point where she had struck, shooting towards the Armor’s legs, trapping it in place.

As Weiss charged the Armor once again, it swung at her from the side. She took a deep breath and with the small window of opportunity she had left, yet again changed Myrtenaster’s color and jumped on top of the swinging sword as her weapon started to glow yellow. It was not very often a girl gets a ride on a moving broadsword she thought as she steadied herself for her next blow. She rolled forward while quickly changing her MADR’s color once again and in an instant slashed at the Armor’s right side, sending violet sparks and the giant of a sword flying. The Armor, now unarmed, looked around in shock, as if not possibly believing that he was being out done by a teenaged girl. Weiss released her magic and glyphs of light appeared on the ground around her. As the Armor charged to attack her, she rolled out of the way of a punch so that the Armor was standing at the exact spot she was standing only seconds ago. Taking the opportunity, Weiss summoned her magic once again and detonated the glyph mine that was placed underneath the Armor. Now she felt she was truly in charge of the battle flow. As the Armor was flung into the air, Weiss spun around and once again donned the light blue Myrtenaster as she shot binding glyphs at the Armor.

Checkmate, Weiss thought as she closed her eyes and jumped up high to gain momentum for her final strike. To anybody looking up, you would see a vision of the beauty of the Moon Goddess, but to her enemies, she was the Moon Goddess’ Wrath. She felt a pang in her heart as she looked down at the opponent before her. She still had many questions in her heart. "What is this thing? Where did it come from? Why is it attacking me? Why ‘’’ME’’’?!" But deep down she felt like she no longer cared. She had only just come to polish her true powers and felt that from now on she could protect herself, and that no harm would come to her any longer. The only thing that mattered now was "life". Once again, she changed the node of her MADR to white, and as she released the trigger white glyphs littered the surface of the blade. With her last remaining magic force, she summoned Air Step one more time, a big one, and used it to propel herself at her foe. Using the momentum from the Air Step combined with the force of gravity and the force of Myrtenaster, she sliced right through the Armor. She felt no resistance whatsoever; the blade had pierced the Armor as if it was butter. She did not bother to look back at her opponent, and stood up to walk away. But as the last of her many questions came back to thought, she looked back and saw but fragments of ice shards on the ground. The Armor was nowhere to be seen. Such is the power of the "White" Myrtenaster, it reduces slain enemies into mere shards of ice and pierces steel like it is nothing. She turned back and as she started to walk into the next room she heard a voice. "Lady Weiss! Are you there?" the voice called to her. "I am here" she responded as she jogged to where the voice came from.

And in minutes, she was no longer lost. However, to this day no one but her knew how she had gotten lost in the first place and how she had come to receive such a scar. "I fell" she had explained but she doubted much people had believed her. And when she thought back about it, why someone hadn't come to rescue her when she had fought the Armor, surely the noise would have attracted attention. Well...whatever, she had thought...

As the last notes of her song came to an end, the crowd erupted with applause, even greater than the performer who came before her. Weiss was actually almost surprised, she did not think that her singing would be regarded so good, and she did not think that the people would like how she had sung. She always liked singing since she was young, but did not know if she was any good, which was the main reason she had even considered performing when she was asked by the few friends she had.

Weiss looked around the room, at the crowd and at the structure of stadium which she had neglected until now. She then remembered the fractured moon and looked up to gaze at it one more time. She had never seen such beauty, and the two occasions she had seen it had both been on occasions that had changed her life. She scanned the crowd once again, and saw a glimpse of three girls, dressed in red, black and yellow. They were her beloved friends and were the ones who said her voice was really good and that she should perform here in the first place. She was grateful for that, she had now conquered her fear of the stage and could fit another piece in the puzzle of her life.

After Weiss acknowledged her friends in the crowd with a solemn nod, she curtsied as the curtains drew to a close and she walked of the stage to the makeup room once more.

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