Éclair Scarlett
Age 16
Color Scarlet
Gender Female
Race Human
Height 1.74m
Weight 50kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Occupation Student


Éclair wears red and silver light torso armor with red fire design. Her logo is inscribed on the front and back of her chest plate. Underneath the armor, she wears a red T-shirt made of a fire resistant silk, with the sleeves cutting off around the middle of her upper arm. Her long hair is a dark red and falls backwards. She wears a red dress and a belt which harbors a small bag, filled with vials of Burn Dust. The bag can hold up to 6 vials, and each vial amounts to 18 shots.


Although Éclair can be aggressive and "a bit of a bitch", she is mostly bubbly and talkative, often ranting on about a certain subject or jumping to completely wrong, and sometimes suggestive, conclusions. Due to her abrupt nature and tendency to zone out, she has difficulty remembering names and will often give ridiculous nicknames to people she meets.



Rough design of Elesis

The Heavy Armor Burn Claymore named "Elesis". A large and heavily built great sword capable of firing extremely forceful bursts of flame when swung. The blade is made out of a mineral resistant to, and absorbs, heat as well as having a similar hardness to titanium. Elesis will automatically fire each time it is swung hard enough and each time it fires, it consumes a small Burn shard. Elesis is capable of stocking up to 36 shards at any given time. Each blast contains about as much force as a heavy vehicle traveling at 60kmph, has a temperature of up to 1000 degrees Celsius and can fire up to 10 meters. Because of Elesis' extreme size and weight, it has been adapted 3 hilts which are designed for quickly swapping hand positions enabling speedy assaults. When firing, Elesis makes a loud clicking noise followed by the usual high pitch whistling of Dust friction. Although a heavy weapon, Elesis is slightly unique, with the bladed edge being designed to put more emphasis on cutting rather than impact.


Although lightly built, Éclair is extremely fast and strong, capable of wielding her 80kg HABC with relative speed and ease. In battle, she is ferocious and can be described as being "berserk", having no regard for her own safety but unleashing an barrage of crushing blows. Her prowess as a fighter is average, however she is inexperienced and her fighting style relies heavily on instinct and wild aimless swings. Although this style is very inaccurate, it can also be very destructive towards environmental structures.




  • Éclair is both based on and has her weapon named after Elesis from the Elsword franchise.
  • Éclair's first name is a tribute to Lightning Farron whose first name is Éclair(Clare). Her last name and hair color are a tribute to Erza Scarlet from the Fairy Tail franchise.

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