Amethyst, head full of sealed memories.

Maroon, adamant and wise in mind and body.

Blue feelings, for joy, soon come undone.

Rouge has a heart that burns like the sun.
Fan Fiction:
Team AMBR Story
AMBR temp
Author Takeshi kun21
Genre Action, Adventure, Non-fiction, Drama, etc.
Perspective 3rd person
Narrator Me
Official Characters Team RWBY

Team JNPR Ozpin & More Canon

Fan-made Characters The members of Team AMBR


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Team AMBR Story

As I thought about it, I figured one page within a tab of Team AMBR's page for a Fan Series would be too long, so instead I have made a separate Page just for their story.

There will be a new page for every 5 chapters just to keep you from scrolling down too much.

Do forgive me for any grammatical errors you find (Microsoft Word can't catch them all apparently), but if you find any please do point them out to me.

As RWBY progresses in regards to lore, information (on the whole world), and other things, so will AMBR. Team AMBR will not participate in everything the main cast does (like particular missions, maybe the Vytal festival, still debating on that) if I can't fit it in well enough (their specific initiation was thought of before and durring the Canon method, so I figured I'd stick with that). This is considered to be Fanon work; any mention of characters such as Ruby Rose, Ozpin, Jaune Arc, and all the rest is used for entertainment and to let the story progress forward.

Remember to check out each character's pages that you see pop-up in the story, links down below.

Your comments and opinions are greatly appreciated. :)


Besides Teams RWBY, JNPR, and CRDL, there are other students who attend this school for Hunters in training we call Beacon Academy. The four I'm talking about would be Amy Thysteine, Mason Donovan, Blaine Azuria, and Rina Rouge, the members of Team AMBR, and they have their own agenda on things that need to get done. They've all gotten passed their differences, so besides going to school these guys have a lot to deal with such as hunting Grimm, the notorious Team RAVN, training their pet, and learning the mystery behind their leader's past.

The story will take place during the team's study days in Beacon, possibly including after the first year.


As of now, I'm working on redoing literally everything I've typed up so far. I'll be replacing the chapters eventually once I feel that they're better in writing content. I feel that any major changes made will show up after Vol 2 is over, once a bit more is learned about Remnant (and hopefully more WoR episodes will be done between Vol 2 and 3).

Appearances Made (So Far)

Here's a full list of OCs with links to their pages that have made an appearance in the story. Briefly mentioned characters will also be put here as well, meaning if their name has come up, then they will be added. (being Cardin as of now, but will add him later).

My Fanon Characters

Amber (Amy) Thysteine

Mason Donovan

Blaine Azuria


Rina Rouge

Team RAVN (Raven CrimVerna LynnNoire Lansroh)

Professor Curtiss Styner

Olive Oakwood

Fanon Characters of Others

With permission, I will include other Fan-made characters in the story. So far I have added in:

Professor Elena Maxwell, Ivory DietrichDunkelblau Noname created by Maki Kuronami

Team BRGD (Bruno ErrauntRyan ChartreuseDella Azure) created by dC

Canon Characters

Professor Ozpin

Glynda Goodwitch

Team RWBY (RubyWeissBlakeYang)

Team JNPR (JauneNora,PyrrhaRen)

Peter Port

And mentionings of CRDL. Too lazy to link to CRDL. XD

Chapters Ready For Reading


Chapter 1: Running Into a Nuissance

Chapter 2: The Briefing

Chapter 3: Ex-Emerald Forest- Can't we all just get along?

Chapter 4: Sticking Together

Chapter 5: Let the Semester Begin!

Chapter 6: Field Trip to Forever Fall

Chapter 7: Professor Styner's Seminar

Chapter 8: Encounters

Chapter 9: Day in the City of Vale


  • Requesting other Fanon Characters for AMBR to interact with here.
  • ETP (Estimated Time of Post) for Chapter 10 is undecided as of now, and typing it up has been put on hold for a bit.
  • Taking suggestions for some fillers non-related/related to the plot slightly here.
  • Missions that have been accepted/done by the team are here, nothing really there yet though.
  • I think I'll be separating main chapters and filler chapters in some sort of way.

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