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Team AMBR Story
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Genre Action, Adventure, Non-fiction, Drama, etc.
Perspective 3rd person
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Team AMBR Story

Prologue to Amber

It started off as a normal working day for these Schnee Company dust miners. They got sweaty, they talked about life, they slacked off, mostly when their superiors weren’t looking; just the normal everyday grind. Deep in the caverns today however, there was a groaning sound heard. A couple of the workers checked it out to make sure the area was either a supernatural cause or a local child playing a prank. It was neither one; instead they found an unconscious girl with blonde hair in torn up rags. Seeing this sight the dust miners rushed her to the nearest hospital.

“Here’s our latest patient doctor,” said a female voice in the room. It was probably one of the nurses.

“How long do you think she’s been down there?” he asked the others in the room.

“Just by looking at her, I’d say for a couple of days,” said a robust voice. Most likely one of the dust miners.

“This is odd though…our readings say that she’s been down there for almost a year,” the doctor said surprisingly flipping pages on his clipboard.

“How could she have lived down there that long? We didn’t find any water, food, or any form of shelter with her,” said a female dust miner.

“She’s quite the patient. Hmm,” the doctor had found something interesting in his paperwork, “It looks as though her body has absorbed quite an amount of Dust particles.”

“What does that mean?” the nurse asked.

“I’m not sure what to say. We need to do some tests.”

            After hearing that word, the girl had awoken abruptly from her slumber; a harmful memory has surfaced to her brain. All she saw in her head were needles, a huge machine, and a man looming over her in a white coat. The images vanished from her head just as quick as they appeared. She breathed heavily after that frightful scene. The people in the room have backed up from her bed not to stir up any more bad memories. When she appeared to calm down, the girl looked at all of them; everyone was startled except for a man with gray hair. He approached her bedside casually and sat down beside her.

“Hello there,” he said calmly. There was no response from the girl at all. She looked at him and stayed silent, trying to figure out his next move.

“You appeared to remember something earlier though correct? When you first woke up.”

“It was shocking,” the girl said, “The only thing that came back to me from that memory was fear.”

“I see. I won’t ask any more if it then. Other than that, the doctors tell me you’re quite the special girl. Do you remember your name?”

She struggled for a bit to remember it, but out came, “Amber...”

“Well Amber,” the man stood up from his chair, “I’m Professor Ozpin. Since I’m sure you don’t have a place to stay, you could come to my school. I’m sure you’ll fit in with everyone.”

“I don’t really have a choice do I?” Amber asked him.

“Unless you’d rather fend for yourself on the streets,” Ozpin said as a final word to her before leaving.

Amber sat in her bed and watched him leave. She really had no other options to take. She knew that Professor Ozpin may be the only person who can help her find more about herself, rather than searching for the answers on her own.

Chapter 1: Running into a Nuisance

One whole year has passed since that day. In the city at dawn we see Amber with a satchel running into an alleyway from two suspicious males in black suits. She reaches a dead end and turns around to see the men get closer.

“End of the line girly,” says one of the men pulling out a gun.

“We got you right where we want you,” says the other who pulls out a red machete. “Hand over what belongs to us and you won’t get hurt.”

“First of all I hardly think that if you stole something from someone else, it doesn’t belong to you, “Amber says to them. “And secondly, it’ll take you years of practice before you can take me on.”

            She threw the bag into the air and in her hands came two small ring blades. She threw one at the henchman with the gun and disarmed him with precise aim. The other one with the machete charged at her swinging his blade, but Amber dodged it and kicked him to the wall. As the other henchman recovered from her first attack, he tried to pick up his gun, but Amber had stepped on his hand. She then kicked him in his chin up into the air, sending him backwards and landing on his back. The ring blade Amber threw came back, and she caught it, along with her satchel she threw in beginning.

“How boring, next time they should send more guys,” Amber said walking out of the alley.


            The sun has fully risen and its light shines over Beacon Academy, school for training future hunters and huntresses. Amber had taken an airship to this school where she studies and lives at. She sat in the window by the door waiting impatiently for the ship to land. The ship carried many eager first year students of all ages and sorts. Some were even close friends or either related Amber thought when she heard a girl in the back yell congratulating another on being able to go to school with her; the name she heard come up was Ruby. In another area of the ship was a girl with red hair in a red shirt and shorts who was placing her face right against the window at the sight of the school.

            The ship landed in the docking bay and all the teenagers exited with any luggage they had brought with them. Amber wasn’t one for crowds and stayed so she could get off last. When she did, she heard a huge commotion between the Schnee Company heiress and a girl dressed in black and red.

“Some people need to learn who you’re not supposed to mess with around here,” Amber said turning around from the scene then crashing into a student.

“Oh I’m so, so sorry!” said the girl. It was the one with red hair Amber noticed on the airship.

“It’s no big deal, just watch where you’re going next time please,” Amber said to the girl and walked away right afterwards.  It sounded like she was still talking to her, but didn’t notice Amber had disappeared from the area already. Her current whereabouts would be in the Headmaster’s office on campus. Professor Ozpin sat at his desk with a mug of coffee in his hand. Amber had placed the satchel she carried onto the desk revealing the contents of what’s inside.

“Ah, nice work Ms. Thysteine. This is a rare Dust crystal indeed, and should be safer within Beacon’s walls,” Ozpin said as he held the crystal in his hand. In the light it appeared as a solid black dust fragment; how this one was different from a normal shard was beyond Amber’s grasp.

“Thank you headmaster. By the way the first year students have arrived,” Amber said in a respectful tone.

“Yes I’ve heard that you were on one of the ships with them. A rambunctious group I assume; well any case you’ll want to get used to seeing them around more often,” Ozpin told her placing the Dust crystal in his desk.

“Why’s that headmaster?”

“Because, you’ll be studying with them of course,” he said drinking from his mug.

“Headmaster, I’ve completed one whole year of training here at Beacon, I think I deserve to be with a group of students who won’t hold me down.”

“That is true, that is what you’ve accomplished at my school. One year of training, after you left the hospital. That’s all that has been accomplished. Many of these students come from other schools you know, such as Signal Academy, and they’ve all undergrown basic combat training for at least 3 years in fact,” Ozpin said giving Amber a stern look. She knew what he was getting at since she hasn’t been an official student. She’s enrolled in Beacon, but with her condition of memory lost, she had to take time off from classes to hone her skills before sending her into the real world.

“I’m sorry, I know there’s still much more for me to learn,” Amber said apologetically. Ozpin stood up from his desk and brought his mug along with him to the door.

“This semester I believe you’re ready to start taking classes, but with the first years. Think of your training up until now as an example of what is expected when you go on a real mission. If you’ll excuse me, I have to address the new additions on what they’re getting into. You don’t have to attend yourself, but please do try to make some friends after the ceremony,” he said as he exited his office. Amber then stood up and excused herself from the room; she wasn’t mad at his decision in fact she respected Ozpin’s wishes and always does what he tells her.


             After the orientation ceremony, the students went to all get dinner before it was time for bed. Amber was just hanging around the cafeteria, because she just didn’t feel hungry at all. She then saw that girl from before, the one who bumped into her at the school’s gate carrying a tray with a bowl of ramen, looking for a nice place to sit. So far she hasn’t noticed where Amber was yet. When the girl took a quick turn, she accidentally crashed yet again, but into another student in particular. This guy had red hair and was dressed all in black with bits of red lining his jacket and pants; they got really dirty once the girl spilled her food all over him.

“What's your problem!?” he yelled at her.

“I’m so, so, so sorry! It was just an accident,” she raised her hands apologetically.

“Sorry doesn’t cut it! Just look at me! You are so going to pay,” he yelled as he raise a fist in anger. The girl cowered on the ground waiting for the attack to come, but it never did. When she looked up, she saw Amber holding the guy’s hand back.

“School hasn’t even officially started yet and you’re picking on the first years already?” Amber said to him shaking her head in disappointment.

“Lay off!” he yelled at her forcing his way out of her grip. “You’ve got some serious guts to mess with Team RAVN!” he yelled at the top of his lungs. The whole cafeteria stopped what they were doing to watch. A girl with short green hair came and knocked him on the head. She was wearing an outfit consisting of a vest and short shorts that was all black with bits of dark green.

“Moron, are you trying to embarrass our team?! Honestly Raven, you’re a serious pain in my side,” she said to him sounding disapproved.

“You just got lucky this time,” Raven said as he walked away with the girl.

            Amber sighed and helped the redhead up from the ground. She dusted some of the noodles off of her shoulder without a word. The girl just watched her for a moment remembering who she was.

“Hey you’re the girl from before,” she said to Amber who didn’t respond. “Thanks for saving me back there, I just hesitated for a moment.”

“It was no problem. Just remember you’re here for a reason, so hesitation is not an option,” Amber replied. She then started to walk away in the direction of the door, but the girl didn’t want her to leave just yet. “What is it?”

“It’s just, I haven’t even told you my name yet, and you helped me. Well I tried to tell you, but you just disappeared right after we bumped into each other, hahaha,” she said in hopes of making Amber laugh. “Well I’m Rina, Rina Rouge. What’s your name?”

“I’m-” just as she was about to speak, Amber was cut off by the school announcement system. Glynda Goodwitch’s voice could be heard once it came on.

“Pardon the interruption; Ms. Amber Thysteine report to the Headmaster’s office as soon as possible. Amber Thysteine to the Headmaster’s office. Thank you,” Ms. Goodwitch said before signing off. Amber wondered what could be so important at this hour.

“So your name is Amber?” Rina asked catching Amber off guard. “Well it’s nice to meet you,” she held out her hand in hopes to shake hers. Amber tried to respond with her own hand, but pulled back.

“I’m sorry, I should really be going,” she said with a bow. Amber opened the door and walked as fast as she could.

            She made her way down the hallway, hearing the voices of other students passing by. What Ozpin had suggested to her came back into her mind: make some friends. Amber just wasn’t too open to the idea. With her joining a team sooner or later, she’ll need to have some sort of relationship with them. That will all be figured out once she’s placed on a team is what she thought. Amber opened the door leading into Ozpin’s office by a small crack and could hear him lecturing two of the students; he wasn’t yelling at them but the wording was still pretty harsh. She opened the door all the way when she thought the lecture was near its end.

“Ah, come in Ms. Thysteine,” Ozpin said acknowledging her. “I see you’ve brought a friend as well.”

“Friend?” Amber wondered what he meant. She looked back surprised and saw Rina standing behind her waving her hand.

“Um, hi there. I just didn’t want to see Amber get in trouble is all; I can leave if you want,” she said nervously.

“Oh it’s quite alright Ms. Rouge correct?” Ozpin asked.

“Yes sir, Rina Rouge reporting in.”

“Please do join us as well,” he offered, showing her an extra seat.

            The girls took a seat right next to the other two students in the room. They were both boys; one of them had black hair and wore a black sweater, jeans, and a blue scarf. The other had blond hair and wore a brown sweatshirt with black jeans. Rina waved to the both of them, but the both of them pretty much ignored her.

“Amber Thysteine, Mason Donovan, Blaine Azuria, and Rina Rouge. You are all here today because I have very important news for you all,” Ozpin said to them, “I’m sure you heard that tomorrow the first years would all be taking their entrance exam. As my decision, you four will not be taking part in it; instead I will put you four in a team right away and sending you out on a very important mission as your test, instead of what was originally planned.”

“Why us?” the boy in black asked.

“Well Mr. Azuria, it’s because of you need quite the attitude adjustment. As of what I’ve heard, you’re pessimism is bringing down the morale of many students and it’s only the first day.”

“I’m only speaking the truth. They could all die out there,” Blaine replied.

“Oh believe me I know the truth isn’t very pretty, but you could try to be less blunt about it. And I say this to you as well Mr. Marron; for you happen to be far too relaxed in my opinion. I’ve gotten reports from your previous school and you don’t seem to attend your classes at all. This streak of yours has to stop, or else you could end up being expelled.” Miles shrugged and folded his arms. Ozpin then looked at Amber, “Ms. Thysteine I don’t have to remind you about our earlier conversation, but here are two new people who could make fine candidates for friends.”

Rina raised her hand as if she as in class and asked, “Headmaster, where do I fit in with all of this? I don’t think I’m as bad as the others…”

“Oh you’re precense just happened to make you the final member of this team. But I do believe your personality might be good for these three. A positive thinker is just what this group needs,” Ozpin told her trying to make her feel better. “That is all for now. I will brief you with your mission before starting initiation tomorrow. Get some rest for now; you’ll need it,” he dismissed them from his office.

            After leaving, the four of them just stared at one another for a while trying to figure out what their new teammates are like. Rina was the only one right now who was excited about the whole arrangement, the others didn’t seem to have the same enthusiasm.

“So, we should really get going to bed now,” Rina said trying to break the silence. Blaine just sighed and walked toward the ballroom where everyone would be sleeping for the night. Miles soon followed and Rina just stood there for a moment seeing the boys go with their negative attitudes. Amber placed her hand on her shoulder reassuring Rina that things would work out. Ozpin did put them all on the same team for a reason.

Chapter 2: The Briefing

           The next morning came a lot sooner than the first years thought. Most of them woke up groggy and didn’t want to wake up at all; others we’re oddly chipper, like Nora Valkyrie. Amber was one of the students who was still asleep soundly, trying to block out all the noise.

“Hey Amber,” said a voice over her, “It’s time to get up, come on we’ll miss breakfast.” She opened her eyes and saw it was Rina standing right above her.

“I’m not hungry,” Amber said trying to go back to sleep. “Just leave me alone for five minutes.”

“But they’re serving pancakes! Fresh, homemade, delicious pancakes!”

“Just bring me a plate, while I get some more rest. I had a hard time getting to sleep with all that noise last night. I never thought girls could get so loud…”

“You’re a girl yourself you know,” said another voice nearby. It was Blaine, who was already dressed and headed for the cafeteria. “Anyway hurry and get up, we have a big day today.”

“He’s right you know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day Amy,” Rina said waving her finger. Amber jotted up from her sleeping bag, stood up and started to roll it up. She then walked to the direction away from the cafeteria with a towel, toothbrush, and a change of clothes.

“Hey wait where are you going Amy?” Rina asked calling out to her.

“To the bathroom. And don’t call me Amy,” she turned around with a stern look on her face that scared Rina a bit.

            After breakfast was over, the first years went to the locker room where all of their equipment was stored to prepare for initiation.  Rina looked around at everyone noticing how awesome everyone’s weapons were; she only had a basic wooden staff that she used in combat. Blaine and Miles showed up to greet her, but the both of them still had their negative attitudes.

“Amber not here yet?” Blaine asked Rina.

“Nope, I didn’t see her walk in yet.”

“She probably got scared and decided to chicken out,” Blaine said in a monotone. That ended up being a great mistake, as Amber was right behind him.

“Decided to chicken out eh?” she asked scowling at him.

“Amy, oh good you’re here!” Rina said trying to keep things from getting violent. She even got in between her and Blaine. Rina then noticed Amber giving her an irritated look after calling her Amy once again, and hid herself behind Miles. Right now it was just a stand down between Amber and Blaine; they stared at each other angrily.

“Just don’t hold me back today alright?” Blaine said to Amber.

“I was about to say the same,” Amber replied.

“Can’t we all just get along?” Rina tried to intervene again, but now the staring was on her which made her cower behind Miles once again. During this pause and silence, Yang can be overheard talking to Ruby. ‘You’re going to have to meet new people and learn to work together’ is what was heard by all four of them.

“That sounds like the best thing I’ve heard of all day. Sometimes strangers give good advice,” Miles said leaving the locker room. Blaine and Amber just looked at each other and quickly turned away, getting ready to go through with their own initiation ceremony. Rina followed soon after taking a big sigh; she thought that they would learn how to be friendly sooner or later.

            The four of them had emerged from the locker room and left for Ozpin’s office where they would be briefed on their mission. It was a silent walk through the halls, and the air was very tense. Amber was thinking of telling the headmaster that she should be reassigned to a new team, but she was sure that wouldn’t be allowed; especially since they haven’t spent that much time together yet. They reached his office and walked in to see Ozpin talking to Instructor Goodwitch about the initiation. Their meeting soon quieted down once he noticed them walk in.

“Oh good, you’re early. I imagine you all got plenty of rest last night,” Ozpin said drinking a fresh cup of coffee.

“Well actually-” Amber started before she was cut off.

“Good, because you’ll be needing it for the duration of today. Everyone please take a look here,” Ozpin interrupted her as he pressed a button on a circular object on his desk, which made a two dimensional holographic map display.

“We have received word that monsters at a nearby Schnee Company mining facility have become more ferocious and started to attack the workers,” Glynda Goodwitch told them, “Your main objective is to slay them all and secure the area. Are there any questions?”

“Do we have to kill them?” Rina asked nervously.

“It’s not necessary, but these monsters don’t scare easily. You can knock them down all you want, however some of them might get up and keep attacking away. Out on the battlefield, it’s your life or theirs,” Ozpin told her.

“I understand.”

“Alright then, now this mission should be finished by nightfall to complete successfully. You’ll be walking there through an area of the Emerald forest that has been closed off due to an increase in monster activity; it's the shortest path to get there on foot. I expect you all to make us proud at Beacon; this is a big job, but I know you all are all well suited for the task,” Ozpin said turning off the holo-map, “I’ll be heading to Beacon Cliff for the initiation. Consider your ceremony has already started.”

            He and Glynda exited the office; Amber and the gang soon followed a few minutes later. They walked to Beacon’s entrance and found the path mentioned on the map that leads to the mining facility. There was a sign with writing that said “Ex-Emerald Forest: Keep out. Danger ahead.” They were in the right place. Rina was shaking all over because the place was dark and eerie looking. Amber and Blaine started to walk in first.

“You don’t have to come you know,” Miles said putting his hand on Rina’s shoulder.

“It’s not that I’m scared, I’m just nervous is all. Going on our first tough mission together and all,” she told him.

“Hurry up, you’re going to be left behind,” Blaine yelled out to them. Rina and Miles entered quickly and followed after them.

Chapter 3: Ex-Emerald Forest: Can't we all just get along?

            Ex-Emerald Forest, a section that was cut off for being extremely unsafe. The area used to be for training purposes, but the monsters grew greatly in population and power. This section has been closed off for the reason that one of the students almost died here; however that person was trying to prove that he could do any and everything alone. Ex-Emerald Forest is connected to the rest of the forest, but is closed off by an invisible wall powered by a few Dust crystals to separate the monsters. The ones in the main part of the forest are less hostile and a more tame than in the closed off area.

            The place was home to darkness (only small bits of light could penetrate the leaves), broken branches, and spider webs; you don’t want to see the beast that caused the place to become off-limits. As the gang walked deeper inside, they found an old path that was worn down and had its share of cracks. There was silence among them; there was still quite a bit of tension between these four teens. Rina was trailing behind everyone, trying to think of a way to break the silence. She thought about telling a joke, but none of them seemed like they had a sense of humor. The next thought was talking about everyone’s pasts, but that could be the reason why Blaine is so down in the dumps. Then she got a brilliant idea.

“So, since we’re all here at Beacon, what do you guys specialize in?” Rina asked unsure of herself. The other three stopped and looked back at her like she said something stupid.

“Define specialize,” Amber said.

“Well like the weapons you use. You can already tell I use this thing all the time. I know I’m not much help,” Rina replied holding her staff. “Dumb question I know…”

“Actually it’s not bad,” Miles told her. “At least you’re making an effort to get to know us.”

“The only reason I’m not saying anything is because I don’t want to make friends with a couple of future dead bodies,” Blaine said thinking Miles was directing the comment at him.

“Well I use these,” Miles said ignoring him completely. He pulled out two tonfas from the sleeves of his sweatshirt.

“Since we’re on the subject, I guess. I use two pistols that fire Dust bullets with the effect of a blue flame just for style. I crafted them myself,” Blaine said showing them his guns.

“If you guys are finished with show-and-tell, we should get a move on” Amber said pressing forward. She only managed to take two steps before hearing the sound of monsters closing in.

            They were surrounded. Grunts and growls could be heard from all directions. Peering eyes were seen from the shadows, and there were many of them. The four of them gathered as close as possible readying their weapons.

“I guess show-and-tell wasn’t such a bad idea after all huh?” Rina said jokingly.

“There’s too many of them, and this area is too dark for a battle,” Amber said thinking cautiously. She looked around for a bigger clearing and saw one to her right. “This way!

            They all followed her, running away as quickly from the beasts. The four of them reached the clearing without harm; there was enough light to see what exactly they were up against. It was a pack of 6 Beowolves led by one bigger than all of them.

“Just wolves? Too easy,” Miles said putting his weapons away.

“H-hold on what are you doing?” Rina asked in shock.

“Giving yourself up for lunch I see. (I guess I was wrong about who’d be dying here first),” Blaine said readying his guns.

“I see no challenge what-so-ever with them. You guys can handle it,” Miles told them.

“This is why I normally work alone,” Amber said showing slight irritation.

            Three of the Beowolves charged at the four of them just as they were ordered to. One of them went for Amber, slashing at her with its claws, but she dodged with a backflip in the air. While above her enemy, she took out her weapons and threw one of them at the Beowolf cutting its arm. Amber landed and her ring blade came back to her; she then ran towards her target aiming for its neck making a clean slice.

After seeing this display the others followed her example, except for Miles anyway who kept dodging blows, and got into the battle. Blaine charged forward firing his pistols at two of the Beowolves in his path. One came up from behind and tried to slash him with its claws, but he jumped in the air performing a back-flip and fired away at it, scorching its fur. Rina did her best with her staff knocking heads and jabbing the pair she was fighting. They crowded her on two sides, but she managed to give both of them equal attention and fight efficiently.

Things were going good so far for the team, but they realized they wouldn’t be able to get away without first taking out the pack leader. Luckily it focused its strength on Miles who avoided its attacks like it were nothing. It was in Amber’s blind spot, and this became the perfect opportunity for a powerful attack. Her hands and the Dust crystal in her scarf started to glow a purple aura. Seconds later, lightning surrounded her body in small sparks; the preparation for this move was complete, and she fired a bolt of lightning that went straight for the leader’s backside. This was a sure hit, the aim was essentially perfect, but Blaine had gotten in the way; firing his bullets at the Beowolf’s back, he didn’t notice that he wasn’t in Amber’s line of fire and was electrocuted in the process. The attack luckily didn’t kill him, as it was originally supposed to knock out the leader, but it still hurt pretty badly.

“What the hell was that for?!” Blaine yelled turning to Amber.

“I can’t exactly re-direct these things,” she yelled back at him.

“You nearly cooked me to a crisp!”

“Then next time watch where you decide to make a landing!” Amber yelled to him. They stopped paying attention to the wolves completely. This was a bad time as the pack leader turned and focused its attention on the both of them.

“Guys look out!” Rina called out to them.

Amber and Blaine turned to see the large wolf coming at them at great speed. Amber reacted first, but she was too slow to counter the attack without injury. She grabbed a ring blade and charged forward trying to block the hit, but she missed its paw and the Beowolf grazed her side with its claws. Miles ran over and pulled out his tonfas and charged at the leader from behind. He rushed into it, pushing the middle half of its body forward with his weapons, and launched it into the air. Blaine took the opportunity to fire his guns at it while it was airborne which scared the leader and its pack away when it landed.

“Are you alright?!” Rina asked running over to Amber’s side.

“I’m fine, don’t worry about me,” she replied standing up.

“You know that looks like more than just a scratch. Let’s find a place to rest up,” Miles said helping her up.

“I’m fine,” Amber started groaning. The pain was beginning to get to her; good thing she wasn’t alone.

They continued their quest toward the mines slowly, listening to the sounds of the forest. It was getting dark, so the group stopped at a nice clearing along the way. It was upon a small hill with a couple of small trees and a few boulders lying around. Their destination could be seen by standing on the center boulder and it wasn’t too far away. Rina decided it was a good spot and went to get some wood for a fire, while Miles grabbed some rocks and readied them to make a fire pit.

“Now we just need to make a fire,” Rina said looking at Blaine.

“Fine, do it the lazy way,” he replied firing a bullet at the pit.

The fire created started off a beautiful shade of sky blue, then later changed to normal red flames. Everybody sat down next to the fire getting warmed up. Rina shared some of the fruit and berries she found while foraging for firewood, seeing as how everyone would be hungry by now. They all ate silently; there were no jokes being told, conversations made, or even the sounds of someone scarfing down their food. Being the positive person she is, Rina decided to try and get everyone talking again.

“You holding up okay?” she asked Amber who was holding her side still.

“I’m better now, thanks.”

“I’m surprised you’re still alive after that. I guess it was less fatal than I thought,” Blaine said to her.

“Well maybe if a certain person was paying attention to his surroundings, I could’ve downed that Beowolf with one shot and wouldn’t have got hurt.” Amber curtly replied as she finished off her berries.

“If I’m still standing, then there’s no way you could have killed that thing!”

“I didn’t say I was trying to kill it; if anything I was going to knock it out hoping to scare off the rest of the group, in the case of the leader dodging my attack and hitting an idiot like you in the process!”

“Guys can we stop the fighting please?!” Rina tried to intervene, but she received two pairs of angry eyes that stared into her soul.

“Stay out of this!” they both yelled at her.

“No! We’re supposed to be working together and if you guys can’t see that, then I don’t see why we should have even came out here!” Rina screamed back. She was hoping to bring them back to their senses, but the opposite effect happened.

“You’re right,” Amber said getting Rina’s hopes up for a minute, “We shouldn’t be out here at all.”

“Obviously Ozpin thought wrong when he thought we could be a team,” Blaine said as he plopped his butt down on a rock.

“I’ve said this before, I work better alone,” Amber replied starting to walk away.

“Hold on, where are you going?” Rina called out to her.

“I’m going to complete the mission by myself; you all can go back to school,” she replied as she pressed onward. She was far off in the distance now and could barely be seen.

“Good riddance,” Blaine said as he started to walk in the other direction.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Rina demanded to know as she grabbed him by the arm.

“I mean what I mean,” he said turning around, “If she wants to die so badly, then let her get into harm’s way. The world would benefit greatly without people like her.”

“What makes you so special anyway?!” she yelled at him. “You’re worse than she is with your negative attitude! Is death the only thing you talk about? ‘Oh you’re going to die anyway, so why not give yourself up already?’ If that’s what you really think then tell me why you’re standing right in front of me!”

“Your positivity hasn’t been so entertaining either,” Blaine told her trying to make a come-back, but she had him cornered.

“At least I’m trying something!” Rina replied with her head down. She went and grabbed her staff and followed after Amber.

            The boys were the only ones left at their campsite. It was either follow suit or go back home. Miles being the wise one of the group decided that he had enough of this nonsense. He stood from his place and walked over to punch Blaine in the cheek, knocking him onto the ground.

“What’s your deal?!” Blaine yelled at him.

“She has a point you know,” Miles told him, “I can tell you have a purpose for living, so why do you keep on telling others they’re going to die? No matter how true that is, that kind of attitude is looked down upon by a lot of people. You’re just a hypocrite and it really pisses me off. Whatever happens tonight will be placed on your shoulders. You choosing to go home while the rest of us are fighting like this makes a bad impact on your character. I don’t know what happened to you that made you like this, but my advice is simply this: Get Over It!”

            Miles ran to catch up to the girls, leaving Blaine to wallow in depression and guilt. He knew that he would make the right choice sooner or later, and luckily it was the former; Blaine toughened up and followed his comrade to look for the girls.

Chapter 4: Sticking Together

Amber cautiously walked through the dark forest, making sure to stay within areas lit by the moon.

“Not too far now,” she said continuing at a steady pace. Amber stopped for a moment and heard a rustling noise behind her. As she turned around arming herself, Rina appeared from the trees tripping on a few leaves in her path. “Didn’t I tell you to go home?”

“I’m not gonna let you go all by yourself. If Professor Ozpin meant for a team to complete this mission, what makes you think you can do it alone?” Rina told her. Amber had remembered that Ozpin always knew what he was doing and trusted him ever since their first meeting. If she were to let him down here, what would he think of her?

“Thanks Rina. You’re right, if Headmaster believed that we could pull this off, then I know we can do this,” Amber replied to here giving Rina a glimmer of hope and the both of them ventured onward.

            A couples of trees behind them were the boys; Miles took point while Blaine trailed behind, dragging his feet. Miles stopped for a moment to look at the surrounding area, seeing if he could find any traces of the girls’ whereabouts.

“Are we even going the right way?” Blaine asked him.

“We should be, there are some foot prints here in the dirt. They look human,” Miles told him as he started to continue walking slowly.

“If we can’t find them,” Blaine started talking as he followed, “Do we complete the mission or just go-” he stopped as he walked into Miles’s back. He had stopped for a reason, there was the sound of animals grunting up ahead and they sounded dangerous. The boys knew what was going on, so they rushed to the scene.

            Back with Amber and Rina, they had arrived at the mining site and were caught in a huge battle. The monsters here were fierce; they had to stand their ground against a pack of six Beowolves, four Ursas, and a black King Taijitu. The girls had managed to take down five of their enemies leaving a total of six to deal with, 3 Beowolves, 2 Ursas, and the King Taijitu. The both of them were tired and could barely stand; Amber’s wound had troubled her to the point where she was kneeling down on the ground panting heavily. Rina stood in front defending her as she waited to counter any of the monsters that came near them.

“This is tough,” Rina said taking in great breaths of air.

“You don’t have the instinct to kill, so you should leave while you still can,” Amber told her as she clenched her side.

“No way! I would never forgive myself if I left a friend here to die.”

“Friend…” the things she wasn’t planning on making on this mission. Friends had no meaning to her, yet she had found one on this journey. Amber got an idea of what friendship was like; it wasn’t something that would tie her down or make her weak, but would help her grow in many ways. “Thank you Rina, but I don’t want you to stay just for my sake.” Rina looked back at her, letting her guard down momentarily giving Amber a smile; this gave one of the remaining Ursas the opportunity to attack when it saw the opening.

“Look out!” Amber yelled seeing the bear charge forward.

Rina managed to block the attack with her staff, but it was so powerful it shattered her weapon into two pieces. She fell backward to the ground next to Amber helplessly; the Ursa growled in a sign of victory and it echoed throughout the forest. Its noise was soon stopped when a small explosion hit its face and knocked it to the ground. The cause was perfect aim of a bullet from the distance. The girls looked back to see it was Blaine and Miles standing atop of a cliff.

“Bulls-eye!” Blaine yelled at the top of his lungs. There was a small sign of joy in that outburst.

“Good, now they’re somewhat focused on us,” Miles said preparing his tonfas.

            The King Taijitu hissed ferociously commanding the Beowolves to attack the boys; they followed its order rushing toward them with haste. Miles had started to make his way down by sliding down the cliff, then jumped to get an aerial advantage over the monsters. One of the wolves had jumped trying to attack him, but Miles had punched it in the face knocking it down to the ground, and hard creating a huge crater. The other two went for Blaine and he pretty much did the same thing as Miles, except he shot at them instead of giving them a nice punch to the jaw. He was now at their backs and the Beowolves had turned around to try and get to him. Blaine started to charge up his Pistols, powering up the Dust inside. When he fired his weapons two large bright blue fireballs had been shot from both pistols hitting both of the Beowolves where they stood, igniting their fur and burned them to a crisp.

            The Ursa who was attacking Amber and Rina focused its attention on the boys; the girls took the opportunity to attack it, while it wasn’t paying attention. Rina jumped in the air, using the remains of her staff, and knocked it on its head. The Ursa was left in a daze for a moment, giving Amber enough time to fire one of her lightning bolts at it. The Ursa had fell, and the other one ran away with its tail between its legs, fearing the fate that would come to it. Only the King Taijitu was left, and it was angry. The tables had turned as it was now four against one. The four of them regrouped in front of the large serpent.

“You guys ready to do this?” Rina called to the others.

“Yeah,” Miles said.

“Let’s go!” Amber yelled back.

“As a team!” Blaine said with passion.

            The King Taijitu hissed as it swung its tail at the group, creating a small dust cloud. While everyone was blinded momentarily, the snake lunged toward Blaine, but Rina blocked the attack with the two halves of her staff. She forced them it its mouth, propping them open before they could munch down on the both of them.

“Miles!” Rina called out. He ran toward the both of them with quick pace then gave the King Taijitu a powerful uppercut to its jaw. The attack broke Rina’s staff, but also fractured the snake’s fangs.

“Blaine!” Miles yelled, showing that it was his turn. Blaine had jumped into the air with his pistols charged again, and fired two fire balls at the monster, forcing it to fall backwards.

“Amber!” Blaine shouted, signaling the time for the final move. Luckily she was already getting ready for a huge attack. Amber had created a glyph that appeared over the King Taijitu, which had launched a large bolt of lightning frying the monster completely. The serpent had stopped moving. The King Taijitu had been slain with that powerful surge of electricity. Amber was kneeling over holding her knees breathing heavily.

“That was… tough,” Amber said standing back up.

“Mission accomplished I’d say,” Blaine shouted with a smile.

“First time you’ve smiled so far,” Miles said then turned to Rina. “Sorry about your weapon,” he said remembering that it was broken beyond repair.

“Don’t worry about it, it was just a stick,” she replied to him.

            The four of them grouped up then made a final scan of the area before leaving. Every monster was slain, except for the Ursa that got away, but he wouldn’t be coming back anytime soon. They were just about to walk back from the way they came when an airship flew to their location. It had landed in a clearing right next to the site and the doors had opened. Out came Glynda Goodwitch with a scroll in her arms.

“Good work everyone, you exceeded my expectations completely,” she said walking toward the group.

“Wait you were watching us?!” Blaine yelled out to her.

“Of course. How else do you think we knew when to arrive on the scene?”

“They entrusted us with this mission to test how well we’d work together,” Miles explained.

“Of course they were keeping an eye on us,” Amber said.

“It was our initiation after all,” Rina concluded with a chuckle.

            Blaine gave up trying to explain what was going on in his head. They all boarded the ship and flew back to Beacon while it was still dark. Everyone managed to get some rest before they arrived. They worked really hard, and it was well-deserved. Once they got back, the sun had starting to rise. Glynda had informed the four of them that later on today the ceremony will be finalized, and teams will be formed. Even though they weren’t apart of the official initiation, they will still be recognized as a team at Beacon. Blaine and Miles took the opportunity to go get some rest, while Rina and Amber went to get some medicine for Amber’s wound.

            The time had then arrived where the first years were called to finalize the ceremony in the auditorium. Professor Ozpin had stood on the stage calling four students at a time, informing them of their team members and team name. Currently on stage wereRussel Thrush, Cardin Winchester, Dove Bronzewing, and Sky Lark. They were announced to be Team CRDL and the team was led by Cardin. Blaine, Amber, Miles, and Rina too this moment to talk about their lives together at Beacon as a team.

“Here we are,” Blaine said.

“We wouldn’t have gotten this far if you hadn’t come to our aid,” Amber told him.

“Well, to be honest I would’ve left you to die, but Miles talked me out of it.”

“I had to knock a bit of sense into him, but yeah,” Miles told them.

“So how about we try to get along from here on out?” Rina said to them.

            Before anyone could answer they could hear the names of team RWBY being called out: Blake Belladonna, Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, and Yang Xiao Long. Their assigned leader was to be none other than Ruby Rose.

“Now we have one last group of first years who have been given a special assignment from me,” Ozpin had said to everyone, “As their own form of initiation, they have cleared out a mining facility that was taken over and became home to many Grimm. I would like to call up to the stage Blaine Azuria, Rina Rouge, Miles Marron, and Amber Thysteine.” They four of them walked to the stage in the order they were called in. “The four of you have performed marvelously; even though you had a rough start, you still managed to come together and pull through, just what I would expect from any team. From this day forward, you will work together as Team AMBR and led by Amber Thysteine.”

            Amber stood wide-eyed at the headmaster and then at the crowd. He had trusted her enough to lead a whole team is what she thought. Blaine gave her a pat on the head and Miles smiled at them all. Rina was smiling as well, but on the inside she was torn. She was happy that Amber had gotten the role of leader, but she remembered her current predicament.

            After the ceremony, the students left the auditorium to walk the grounds, as they had the rest of the day to relax before classes started. Some went to look at their dorms, while others went to get some food. As team AMBR walked throughout the school, she could see on the monitors what the other teams went through during their initiation. They saw Ruby decapitating the Nevermore with her scythe and Team JNPR taking down a Deathstalker with ease. Rina looked at these amazing feats and just felt that she didn’t belong. Everyone else was amazing, especially her own teammates, but without a weapon how would she be able to compare?

Rina was alone now, with a suitcase in her hand, walking toward an airship. The only way she wouldn’t drag her team down was if she wasn’t there in the first place. Amber and Miles saw where she was going, and ran toward her.

“Hey Rina!” Amber called out. Rina turned around and stopped. “You’re seriously not considering leaving are you?”

“Well without my weapon…” Rina started.

“Don’t be silly, you’re still a part of our team,” Miles told her.

“Still, how am I going to fight with you guys?! I could just carve another one true, but how long would that last?”

“I figured you’d say that,” said a voice coming up to them. It was Blaine and he had a new style of clothing. He had on a black shirt with a blue star in the center. Over that, he wore a brown vest and a blue scarf. He also had black gloves and blue shorts held up with two belts that holstered his guns. Blaine had also dyed the tips of his hair a shade of light blue.

“You changed your clothes,” Rina said looking at him.

“Well, you changed me,” he told her. She was confused, so Blaine continued, “When you yelled at me, I started to come to my senses. I was a terrible person with a bad attitude, and nobody told me off like you did. I figured that I had to change somehow, so I started with my clothes.”

“But Miles was the one who-“

“I was sick of his attitude and just said what I felt. I was gonna let him do what he wanted, but since you spoke up, I felt I should say something as well,” Miles told her.

“And face it, if you hadn’t come with me, I don’t think I would’ve made it out of the forest alive,” Amber said placing her hand on Rina’s shoulder, “Thank you, you’re a good friend.”

“You consider me to be a friend Amber?” Rina asked her.

“Yes, and don’t be so formal. Please just call me Amy.”

            Rina was amazed to hear all these great things that came from her teammates. And Amber accepted the name she came up with as well; it was a sign that they were all going to get along so well. She felt like crying, but tried to keep it in.

“Oh I almost forgot,” Blaine said reaching to his side, “I made this for you when we got back.” It was a small metallic rod with a few buttons on it. When Rina pressed one, the rod extended into a staff the same size as her old one. “Since you’re other one was pretty much swallowed up by the King Taijitu, I figured I should make you a new one.”

“It’s perfect,” Rina told him, giving Blaine a big hug. Soon everyone else joined in, and thus began the start of Team AMBR.

Chapter 5: Let the Semester Begin!

             It was a new morning at Beacon, the sun was shining, the birds we’re chirping, a whistle could be heard from a room down the hall. Not like it would wake up the members of Team AMBR anytime soon, because they were already awake and about to get dressed for class. Amy was holding her uniform for Beacon in the air, staring at it in the sunlight. Rina was about to take off her black pajama shirt, but Amy stopped her and pointed in the direction of Miles and Blaine.

“Oh right, before we get changed,” Rina started, “You guys, out. Bathroom. Go!” she said pushing them out the room.

“What hey!” Blaine said as he was rushed outside. The door slammed on his face before he could say anything else.

            Minutes later the four of them were fully dressed in their gender respective uniforms. Being the good student she is, Amy thought it would be best to get to class early as it was going to be their first day to attend class, especially together. The first class of the day was Grimm Studies at 9:00, taught by Professor Peter Port. Amy and Blaine arrived about 15 minutes early, and seeing that the class was empty and that students were still walking in, they took some empty seats in the back of the room.

“So, Grimm studies class should be interesting,” Amy said looking at the diagrams of monsters on the board.

“Yeah being lectured about tons of monsters is gonna be really fun,” Blaine said sarcastically.

“Don’t say that, I hear Professor Port is quite the teacher,” Amy told him.

“At nine o’clock in the morning, yup this’ll be a blast. Wake me up when class is over.”

Amy stomped on his foot and said to him, “Sorry but if we all have to be in the same class together, I’ll be sure that everyone gets the proper information for the battlefield.”

“Ow okay, okay! But if you haven’t noticed we’re missing half the team,” Blaine said pointing out that Rina and Miles were nowhere to be found.

“Come on get in here!” yelled a voice outside the door. It was Rina literally dragging Miles inside the room by his arm, “You can’t start skipping classes so early in the semester! In fact, none at all, Ozpin said so!”

“I already know what I need to about Grimm,” Miles said struggling to get away.

“Too bad!” Rina told him forcing him up to the back where Blaine and Amy were. She had him sit down right in between Blaine and Amy, so they’d be sure he wouldn’t get away.

            Professor Port had entered the classroom with a large cage covered with a huge cloth. Growling could be heard coming from it, so it was best to assume a monster was locked up inside. It was now nine o’clock and just as Professor Port was about to greet the class, both Team RWBY and Team JNPR stormed through the door.

“Next time, we handle the decorating after class,” said the heiress Weiss Schnee of the Schnee Dust company.

“What were you guys up to that made you late Jaune?” Blake Belladonna asked noticing they were running with them.

“Well, we-” he started, but his teammate Nora Valkyrie interrupted.

“I was telling them a story of my greatest triumph!”

“You mean your dream,” Lie Ren, another member of JNPR, said correcting her.

“Sounds amazing, I wanna hear it!” Yang Xiao Long said enthusiastically. She then noticed Professor Port looking at all of them.

“At another time, come on let’s get seated,” Ruby Rose said walking to the nearest seat she could find.

            In the back of the room, where Team AMBR was seated, Rina Rouge went ecstatic when she saw the whole group come in.

“Oh my, gosh; it’s her, it’s her!” Rina said gushing over one of the girls that walked in,

“You mean the Schnee heiress? She’s not really a nice person, I would avoid talking to her,” Amy said.

“No, I think she’s talking about Pyrrha Nikos, the girl on that disgusting Pumpkin Pete’s cereal box,” Blaine said.

“No not them! Her with the red hood!” Rina said pointing at Ruby.

“Oh her, she’s….uhm, help me out here,” Blaine said.

“I remember seeing her decapitating that Nevermore on the monitors. You must know her I guess?” Miles said giving his input.

“Not exactly, all I know is that her name is Ruby and she used to go to Signal, where I came from. It’s weird to see her here because she’s like two years younger than me, since I graduated when she was still in her first year. She made this really cool scythe that I always wanted to see up close, but I never got the chance to talk to her,” she explained.

“Well now that you’re in the same class, maybe you’ll get the chance,” Amy said with a smile.

            Minutes into the class, Professor Peter Port gave a long introduction on the subject of Grimm. He gave them many names and titles, but preferred to talk to them as prey. Then he went off topic and started talking about his life story. Blaine and Miles were falling asleep, Amy was taking notes here and there, and Rina was laughing as she could see Ruby performing all sorts of nonsense. The Professor’s story had ended now and they realized that he wasn’t trying to gloat about his achievements.

“A true Huntsman,” Port started out, “Must be strategic, well-educated and wise. So, who among you believes themselves to be the embodiment of these traits?”

            Amy was about to raise her hand, thinking she’d be the perfect candidate for providing the first demonstration for the class, but Weiss had quickly put her hand in the air before she could. Her voice sounded like she was irritated and angry, but the Professor accepted her enthusiasm and pulled the cloak off the cage; the monster inside shook its boundaries aggressively. He allowed her to go change clothing before fighting the beast within.

            When she came back, Weiss readied herself as the rest of her team cheered her on. Although Yang and Blake had started it, Weiss had shown more aggression to Ruby. When Professor Port saw his student was ready, he unlocked the cage with his weapon, a cross between a blunderbuss and a battle axe, by cutting the lock off. The monster that had emerged was a lone Boarbatusk, and it had charged at Weiss the first chance it got.

“That Boarbatusk sure is angry,” Rina said.

“Being locked up for a long time does that I assume,” Blaine replied to her.

“I wonder where Beacon keeps all their monsters for instruction…” Blaine pondered for a bit.

“Oh man, she’s lost her sword!” Rina said as the Boarbatusk threw Myrtenaster across the classroom.

“Don’t worry, if things get too intense Professor Port will step in,” Amy said.

“Wait it can spin on its spine?!” Rina yelled in shock

“Many types of Grimm have their own unique skills, so it’s best to study up,” Miles said.

“Say’s the guy who had to be dragged in here for today’s lesson,” Blaine chuckled a bit.

“She’s got him now,” Amy said seeing Weiss pierce through the Boarbatusk’s stomach.

            Weiss was breathing heavily after her victory. Professor Port had congratulated her on her victory and then dismissed the class. Rina thought it was the perfect opportunity to go introduce herself to Ruby, but before she even stood up, Ruby was already gone. She figured that she went to go check on her teammate, so decided to try again another time.

            Our team had went to the cafeteria after classes were over to get some food in their bellies. They all got some trays and went to sit at a table where the four of them could eat in peace. The girls sat on one side while the guys were on the other. Blaine was telling a good joke to the group that made all of them laugh when two other students in their uniforms came their way.

“Hey, you’re in our spots, get lost!” yelled one of them.

The Team had turned to their aggressor and it was from a familiar face that the girls had seen before. It was that guy Raven, from the day before initiation. He looked pretty irritated for some reason, but it wasn’t from the fact that they were in their seats.

“Oh no, it’s you again,” Rina said looking at Raven.

“Well, you gonna get up or what?” Raven asked irritated.

“I don’t see your names on these seats, neither do I see them on the table. Both have the words ‘Property of Beacon Academy’ engraved in them,” Amy said with confidence.

“There, etched on the seat,” Raven said pointing near where Amy sat. The words carved was ‘Team RAVN Only!’

“You are aware that’s against school policy right?”

“Don’t get smart with me!” Raven yelled raising a fist at her.

“Stop embarrassing us you moron! Why do I have to keep telling you this?” said the one with short green hair punching him in the gut.

“I think you should listen to your friend here. He sounds like the one with the most brains of the group,” Blaine said cockily.

“I’M A GIRL YOU IDIOT!” she exploded.

“Now who’s the embarrassment, Lyr?” Raven snickered.

“You both are. How I got stuck on a team with you is beyond my knowledge,” said another, more obnoxious voice walking toward them. It was from a young man with a tan complexion and black hair who, just like Blaine, wore a pair of glasses.

“I’d know that voice anywhere. Noire, can you just tell your teammates to go somewhere else please?” Blaine said in a low tone.

“Blaine Azuria? Out of all the schools you just had to choose Beacon didn’t you?” Noire replied to him.

“So much tension in the air…” Rina said to herself fearing a fight would break out. Luckily Glynda Goodwitch and Professor Ozpin had walked into the office, so if a fight were to start, it would end quickly; that, or they’d be put in an arena for the whole student body to see.

“Come now you two, it’s just a table; we can find another one away from them easily,” Noire said walking away with his teammates.

            Blaine placed his hand on his head, recalling memories related to Noire that weren’t so pleasant. Rina sighed in relief that a huge conflict was avoided once again. She had hoped that would be the last they see of Team RAVN, but unfortunately it’s bound to happen again.

“I take it you know them too Blaine,” Amy said to her teammate.

“Just one of them. Noire Lansroh, stubborn, self-proclaimed genius, and a total pain in my rear,” Blaine replied. “How do you know them?”

“We had a terrible encounter with them on the first day at Beacon, before initiation. Luckily Amy was there to help me out,” Rina said giving her friend a big hug.

“I’m sure this won’t be the last time we see Team RAVN,” Amy said.

“So should we go off to bed soon?” Miles said trying to get everyone off the subject.

“That sounds like a plan to me, I’m beat!” Blaine yawned.

“That reminds me, I’m putting up curtains to split the room apart when we get there. I’m sure you guys don’t want to change in the bathroom all the time,” Amy said as they got up from the table.

"We'll be sure to knock before walking in," Blaine said playfully as they exited the cafeteria and walked to their dorm room.

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