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Team AMBR Story
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Author Takeshi kun21
Genre Action, Adventure, Non-fiction, Drama, etc.
Perspective 3rd person
Narrator Me
Official Characters Team RWBY

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Fan-made Characters The members of Team AMBR


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Team AMBR Story

Chapter 6: Field Trip to Forever Fall

Many weeks had passed, and Team AMBR had gotten used to the flow of classes. Learning about monsters with Port had helped Miles find weaknesses for some of the basic Grimm like Beowolves and Ursa to expose; and even some minor mythology on ones never seen before. Gaining knowledge from history class about previous wars has helped Blaine develop a bit of a mind for strategy. Even in combat training, there have been a lot of things to take note of, demonstrated by Jaune Arc in his battle with Cardin Winchester. Even though Jaune lost badly after a few minutes, a lesson was still learned by everyone.

            In the lunch room, Nora could be heard telling her team and Team RWBY of another dream she had. She had over-exaggerated a bit, so Ren was willing to clear things up for everyone else. The members of Team AMBR sat in a new spot away from Team RAVN’s table to avoid future conflict.

“I don’t see them today,” Amy said relieved.

“Yeah, it’s nice to get a break every now and then,” Rina said taking a bite into a sandwich.

“We’re not the only ones dealing with bullies,” Miles said pointing at Team CRDL. He noticed that their leader, Cardin was pulling the rabbit ears of a Faunus girl.

“Cardin Winchester… I seriously hate that guy,” Amy said in disgust.

“People like that are just terrible. Faunus are people too!” Rina said with passion.

“Some just refuse to accept that fact and like to pick on anyone who’s different,” Miles said.

“We’ll break his legs!!” they heard Nora yelled as she stood up. The whole team laughed and agreed that Cardin has something bad coming to him in the future.

            They got up and left the cafeteria as they couldn’t stand Team CRDL’s attitude. Even though they’d have to see them in class later, ten minutes away would be fine. They walked around the gardens at the school for a bit to enjoy the scenery and fresh air. The day was bright and sunny, perfect weather for relaxation. Miles had climbed up a tree, his favorite tree at the school, and decided to take a nap while Rina and Blaine watched the fish swimming in the pond. Amy sat next to the tree that Miles had climbed, and started to read one of her favorite novels in a nice shady spot. All four of them were at peace and felt completely tranquil.

“Hey, Rina check this out,” Blaine said as he pulled something from his pocket. It was a small blocky wind-up toy that looked like an Ursa.

“Aww that’s so cute!” Rina said with excitement.

“Now,” he said to her as he wound up the toy, “Watch carefully.”

Blaine let it make its way towards Amy who was focused on her book. Once it stopped right at her site, she noticed and picked it up then held it in her hands. Amy was puzzled because she didn’t notice her friend setting the little thing loose on her. She thought it was a harmless toy, but then it started to smoke a little from its mask. The miniature Ursa’s eyes started to glow red, making Amy cower a bit, and then exploded; quite the cloud of soot came from it, darkening up Amy’s face a small bit. Blaine and Rina started to laugh a little seeing how silly her face looked as she stared blankly in shock.

“Blaine!” Amy shouted at him.

“So perfect! I really nailed that one,” Blaine laughed as he replied.

“Hehehe,” Rina started to chuckle even more.

“Rina, not you too!?”

“I’m sorry, you were just so vulnerable, and you look really silly.”

            Amy ran over to the pond and wiped off all the soot on her face. She observed her reflection in the pool of water to make sure that it was all gone. Seeing Blaine still sitting there laughing, Amy took the chance to kick him into the water when he was looking away. He sat there in the water, uniform soaked completely with a lily pad on the top of his head and a fish in his shirt.

“Oh, the sweet feeling of revenge haha,” Amy said with a smile.

“Okay, you got me there haha. Help me up and out?” Blaine asked holding up his hand to her.

“No way! I’m not gonna let you drag me in there with you; we have class, I don’t want water to drip all over the place.”

“It was worth a shot. I’m gonna go change; if I don’t show up to class, tell Professor Oobleck I got sick,” Blaine said as he ran in the direction of the dorms.

“He might as well go to the infirmary just in case he does catch a cold,” Miles said jumped down from his spot.

“I’m sure he’ll be fine, let’s get going before we’re late,” Rina said as she walked her way to class.

            After the day was over, Rina, Amy, and Miles walked back to their room. When they opened the door, Blaine could be seen sitting at a desk on the “guy side” of their room in his pajamas, performing some maintenance on his guns.

“Hey, so what’d I miss in class today?” Blaine asked his teammates without looking up.

“A lot. Faunus War, Fort Castle, and most importantly a little bit of Cardin getting humiliated,” Rina said walking to the other side of the curtain.

“Honestly that guy is so ignorant… Pyrrha and Blake really put him in his place,” Amy said walking over to Blaine in her pajamas. “Here’s the homework by the way. The reading was actually pretty easy.”

“I’ll get to that later. I think I’ll be up all night modifying these babies.”

“For what?” Rina asked him, “I’m sure you won’t even need to use them when we go to Forever Fall.”

“It’s best to keep prepared, just in case,” Miles said getting in his bed, “Goodnight.”

“Don’t stay up too long,” Rina said as she went back to the girls’ side of the room. Amy soon joined her, and they let Blaine turn on the lamp at his desk before they turned the ceiling lights off.

            A few mornings later, we arrive in Forever Fall, a large forest where all the grass and the leaves on the trees were colored red. It was a nice field trip for everyone, led by Professor Goodwitch and a few other teachers. The class was divided, so there would be around two to three teams to tag along with one of the instructors. Teams RWBY, JNPR, and CRDL went with Glynda while Team AMBR went along with four other students and one of the newest teachers, Professor Curtiss Styner; he was a tall man, wearing a white lab coat, shirt, and black slacks. His brown eyes were a dark shade and he had long black hair that reached his back.

“Now students, as much as you want to go sight-seeing, please remember that we have a task to carry out,” Professor Styner started, “Professor Peach has asked that you gather some red sap from these trees. Just remember to stay by your team at all times for safety reasons. We wouldn’t want any of you to get eaten by any monsters now do we?” he said with a slight haughty laugh. “We’ll rendezvous back at this spot at four o’clock sharp; please do be on time.”

            Team AMBR went along to gather their sap just like everyone else. Rina and Blaine wanted to gather more than the requested amount of sap, one jar per person, to save some for later; Rina’s grandmother had taught her a great recipe for using it when baking pies. Rina had gathered three jars of red sap, just in case she decides to make an extra pie for everyone later. As she was walking with them, she didn’t realize the small rock in her path and tripped over it. Miles was the closest one to her and reacted immediately, catching her with one arm and two of the jars with the other. The third had crashed to the ground, breaking on impact.

“Are you alright?” Miles asked her.

“Yeah, I’m fine…” Rina said looking at him intensely. With the way she had been rescued, how she was being held by him, and with the leaves falling all around, it felt like a romance movie that she had seen that took place here; Forever Falling in Your Arms, is what they called it. All that was missing was the kiss scene, and remembering that made Rina’s heart race rapidly and her face turned almost as red as her hair. She had quickly grabbed the jars from Miles and laughed her embarrassment away.

“Aw man, so much for that extra pie,” Blaine said as he walked over.

“We have time to fill up another one,” Rina said handing him her jars. She then picked up an empty one that was by Amy and her tree.

“You might wanna get all that sap off of you before going. I hear that some monsters really like the taste,” Amy said noticing that her friend’s legs had been splattered with red sap.

“It’ll only take a minute. I’ll be fine!” Rina yelled back to her. She had made quite the distance between her and her team, to find the best-looking tree out there.

            Rina had found a nice good spot to extract some sap from a nice big tree. The others could still be seen at a distance, so if anything happened they would know. As the sap started to fill the jar, she hummed a random tune; it was a song her grandmother used to sing when she was a little girl. When the jar was almost completely filled, she could hear the sound of an Ursa, growling in rage. Rina figured it was best to get going before anything happened to her as well. Before she could move, she heart a light growl behind her. Rina turned around and saw a figure in the bushes; however, before she could react, the creature had pounced on her swiftly.

“Ahhhh!!” Rina scream could be heard from a far.

“Rina!” Amy yelled as she stood from her spot.

“Let’s go,” Miles said leading the others to their friend.

They all readied their weapons thinking of the scary Ursa that might be shredding her to bits. They arrived at the scene, hoping to rescue their red-headed damsel in distress, but it appeared that she wasn’t in mortal danger at all, unless you count being licked to death. There was a little wolf pup with black and gray licking her face clean of the sap that had landed on her after it attacked.

“No, stop, stop! That tickles!” Rina laughed when its tongue made contact with her cheeks.

“Uhm…” Blaine said looking at her. He couldn’t get angry because he could tell she hadn’t screamed for no reason.

“Oh, sorry I scared you guys didn’t I?” Rina said as she looked up.

“Almost half to death! But you’re safe, and that’s all that matters,” he replied.

“Uh Rina,” Amy started, peering over the bush the wolf came from, “This is the direction where your ‘attacker’ came from right?”

“Yeah why?” she told her as she stood up. She placed the pup on the ground and it started to lick the remaining sap of her legs.

            They had all walked over to see what Amy was looking at. The sight was actually pretty scary. It was the bodies of a Beowolf and a normal wolf, and they still look pretty fresh. Their deaths could have only happened a few hours to one night ago. Amy had looked at the little pup and saw there was red on its paws that was more than red sap; she saw that there was blood as well.

“Poor little guy,” Rina said looking down at the puppy.

“Is it even possible for a Grimm to have children with a normal animal?” Blaine asked amazed by the sight.

“Can we keep him? Without his parents around-” she started before she was cut off by Miles.

“The both of them probably aren’t his parents. Chances are that this little guy was being chased by the Beowolf and its mother gave its life for him. I’m sure the father is around somewhere,” he interpreted.

“Still, I don’t wanna leave him alone…” Rina replied as she picked up the pup.

“What do you think boss?” Blaine asked Amy. She was the team’s leader after all.

“Boss? Well…” she said, crossing her arms. “As far as I know, I haven’t grown up with my parents. I remember happy events in my life with people, but I’m not sure who they are…”

“Amy?” Rina asked concerned.

“Sorry, I forgot to tell you guys. One year ago, I was found in one of the Schnee Company Dust mines. Doctors said I was down there for a long time, and I had lost a lot of my memories; most of them are really vague. The only people who showed up to see me in that hospital bed were either construction workers, doctors, or Headmaster Ozpin. I had no idea who or where my parents were,” she started to walk over to Rina and the pup, “Without Ozpin I might not even be here today; I could have stayed in that hospital forever or died a long time ago in the streets, fending for myself. I think we should keep him,” she then petted the puppy’s head with a grin on her face.

“I’m sorry,” Miles said to her.

“Don’t worry about it. If I can’t remember anything, I’ll just have to make new memories with you guys.”

“Who says we can’t accomplish both? I say we help you find those lost memories of yours,” Blaine told her, placing his hand on Amy’s shoulder.

“Thanks, Blaine,” she said to him. “So, what are we gonna name him?”

“Elucifer!” Rina yelled with excitement.

“You’re joking right?” the others said in unison, as the name was unfitting for its cuteness and made it sound like the puppy was secretly evil.

“Hey you guys! We’re about to head back to Beacon!” said a student from far away.

            Team AMBR had started to make their way to the Airship, so they could get back to school in no time. Rina had snuck their new friend, Elucifer the puppy in by hiding him in a backpack she had brought. When they arrived at school, they had immediately brought him to their room and fed him some sap from one of the extra jars Blaine had saved. The team had gotten a lot closer thanks to Elucifer.

“Rina!!! He peed on my pillow!” Blaine yelled when he felt something wet.

“Elucifer! Bad boy! That’s not a toy!” Miles yelled seeing him run around the room with one of his tonfas. It was the first time he had actually yelled at all.

“Maybe keeping him wasn’t such a good idea,” Amy said seeing how much trouble he had cause already.

“I can handle this, don’t worry. I’ve trained animals with worse attitudes,” Rina said reassuring everyone that they had made a wise decision.

            Meanwhile, outside the dorm building was a man, taking a stroll in the moonlight. It was Professor Styner, enjoying the night before heading off to his room. He stopped as he noticed a figure in the shadows, standing by a nearby tree.

“A bit late to be out of your dorm don’t you think? It’s passed your bedtime after all,” Professor Styner said to him.

“I don’t need sleep. Out of all people, you should know that I’m able to manage without it,” the figure said to him, “She’s here you know.”

“I am fully aware. Find her, and keep an eye on her every move.”

            The figure had vanished into the blanket of darkness and Professor Styner had continued his stroll.

Chapter 7: Professor Styner's Seminar

The next few mornings, Amy and the gang woke up to a good start. Elucifer was sleeping calmly in a bed of dirty clothes, which is a rare sight; normally he wakes everyone up with the presents of “lemonade” and “chocolate.” Rina did say she would handle him, and she did a good job. There’s still a lot of training to go through, but that’ll have to wait until after class.

            Dust Studies, a class in which the first years take to get a firm grasp on what the material actually is. So far, as the weeks have gone by, Professor Elena Maxwell has done a great job teaching the subject; most of it was just review on the basics, but a refresher is always a good thing. She was a young teacher, but understood a lot on the topic.

“…therefore,” Professor Maxwell wrote on the board,” Dust Crystals can sometimes work better than Powered Dust.” She turned back to the class and surveyed the classroom with her teal eyes, making sure everyone was paying attention. “Are there any questions?”

“Does that relate to combat too?” asked one student in the front.

“That’s a very good question. When you think of it like this…” she started to explain to him.

Professor Maxwell had turned back to the board erasing previous notes from the beginning of class; she had then started to write new information to answer her student’s question to her fullest ability. In the front row, Amy, being the good student, copied down all of the notes word for word while the others had stopped paying attention. Blaine was playing with his pencil between his fingers, staring off into space. Miles and Rina on the other hand had written a few things down here and there, but their minds had wandered elsewhere every now and then.

“…Which is why Mr. Azuria will now come up and give us all a brief review on today’s lesson,” Professor Maxwell had said as she walked over to Blaine. He suddenly reacted to her by dropping his pencil to the floor. He had stared at his instructor for a few seconds in shame, for he hadn’t been paying attention at all; he knew the subject very well, but compared to everything Blaine had learned beforehand, the class was falling a bit behind to his standards. Professor Maxwell had given him a smile as she looked at him, a very stern smile that showed she was a bit upset on the inside.

“Well, uh… you see… I have no clue. I’m sorry!” he said apologetically.

“As long as you’re honest, I’ll let it go this time,” she had looked at the clock and noticed class was about to end for the day. “So, I shall see you all tomorrow. Don’t forget to study up for your test tomorrow.”

Everyone emerged from the class and into the hallway. Blaine was the last to exit, because he had been asked to speak with Professor Maxwell for a bit about his attitude today in class. His grades were fine, so she didn’t keep him long; their meeting took only a short three minutes at the most.

“I know she’s a nice teacher and all, but I really wouldn’t recommend getting on Professor Maxwell’s bad side,” Rina said joking around.

“They don’t call her the ‘White Demon’ for nothing,” Amy said, noting the reputation she has.

“It’s not my fault if we should be passed this stuff already,” Blaine said shrugging his shoulders.

“As far as I know, you’re just a bit more advanced than the rest of us. I never knew that much about Dust,” Amy said showing them the few papers she had written her notes on.

“Excuse me, you four,” called a voice approaching them. It was the new teacher Professor Styner.

“Good afternoon Professor,” Amy greeted him.

“Did you need something teach?” Blaine asked him. Amy questioned his response, because it lacked proper respect for all teachers.

“Not necessarily. I just wanted to know if you would attend my workshop on Personal Skills.”

“Personal Skills?” Rina asked him.

“It’s like a seminar for a person’s Aura or Semblance,” Miles informed her.

“That’s correct. It is known that everyone has their own unique powers as well as an Aura; I’m hosting the seminar to take notes on what some students are capable of, so it will actually be a bit more of a demonstration rather than an actual discussion.”

“We’d be glad to come,” Amy volunteered all of them.

“Good,” Professor Styner said to them, “It begins twenty minutes from now in the assembly hall. You don’t have to arrive early, so do enjoy your time getting there.”

Professor Styner had walked off, leaving the four of them alone again. Blaine had pulled Amy closer to him as a sign that he was a bit displeased with her decision.

“I know you’re leader and all, but do we all have to go?!” Blaine yelled to her.

“It’ll be good for all of us to learn about someone else’s skills as well as our own,” Amy replied to him.

“That’s not the point. You haven’t taken our thoughts or plans into consideration,” Blaine told her.

“Yeah, I have to check on Elucifer every now and then remember,” Rina reminded her friend.

“I’m sorry, just got a bit carried away I guess.”

“Don’t worry about it, we can still go,” Miles said, “Just be a little more considerate next time.”

“I will. Go on and make sure Elucifer is alright Rina,” Amy told her.

            Rina excused herself and ran as quickly as she could to the dorm room. The last time Elucifer was left alone too long, he ended up making a mess of their room: papers all over the place, sheets torn, and Blaine’s bed stinking up the place. This time, Rina wanted to get there a bit early so she could take him out for a stroll. The others went over to the amphitheater, the place where Professor Styner’s seminar would be held. Not many of the students had come in, but there were enough for him to collect some data. There were about twenty students, not including Amy’s group, and was a mix of first to fourth years.

“Oh good, you made it just in time,” Professor Styner had greeted them as they walked in. “The first demonstration is about to start.”

“So how does this seminar work exactly?” Miles asked interested.

“It’s simple. I’ve set a timer for five minutes that will signal the end of the duel. Within that time, the two competitors will give us a small showcase of their Aura and/or Semblance. The goal isn’t to win the match, so I’ve asked everyone not to fight at their full potential,” he explained.

“Are you sure this is the best way to do it?” Blaine asked him.

“Of course. Since most students utilize their skills in combat, why not let them show us in the way they know how?”

“So who’s going up first?” Amy asked as she focused on the stage.

“So far, we only have one student who’s going up,” Professor Styner said making a gesture to a young woman wearing a light blue and beige dress with wavy light brown hair that reached down to her waist.

“I only came to watch, but Ryan insisted that I help out,” she said as she walked over. “Della Azure, nice to meet you,” she held out her hand to Amy.

“Amy Thysteine, and these are my teammates Blaine Azuria and Miles Marron,” Amy said shaking her hand.

“Nice to meet you,” Della said shaking the boys’ hands.

“Della, please stop trying to get out of this. If we’re going to break that streak of lethargy,” a blond young man in a green long coat started.

“We have to start somewhere, I know Ryan.”

“Just participate in one round, and we’ll buy you a whole chocolate cake,” said a voice walking over. It was another second year with short messy brown hair wearing a pair of brown leggings, puffy shorts, and also a white and rust shirt.

Bruno, the goal isn’t to bribe her,” Ryan said to his teammate.

“If I win, make it one of those expensive chocolate cakes they sell down at Confection Café!”

“A-absolutely not!”

“Ahem,” Professor Styner interrupted, “I don’t mean to intrude on your friendly quarrel, but we are running short on time.”

            Everyone looked at Professor Styner and remembered that they were using his time up. Since the seminar was for everyone to learn a little more about their peers, ability-wise and even to make some new friends, someone else had to step up to the plate. You’d have to think too that if everyone was too shy to participate in a short sparing match, then how would they manage in the world? It was then the moment where three other students walked in the assembly hall doors. Some familiar faces that Team AMBR had known for quite a while.

“Hey teach, I’ll go up,” said one of them. It was Raven Crim, entering with Verona Lyr and Noire Lansroh. “I’ve been eager for a fight all day, and teach these wimps a lesson,” he looked in the direction of Amy, Blaine, and Miles who all just glared at him.

“Then step up on the stage if you would,” Professor Styner said to him.

            Both Della and Raven walked up the small steps to the higher platform on opposite sides of the stage. They stood a short distance from each other and readied their weapons for battle; Raven would use his set of clawed-gloves and Della had her explosive crossbow. The clock was set, Aura gauges for the combatants were displayed on the walls above, and the audience was silent. Professor Styner had started a short countdown from ten seconds after seeing that both students were ready. Della and Raven took a deep breath, and waited for their signal to begin the match.

“Three, two, one, begin!” Styner announced.

A buzzer had sounded briefly and the countdown had begun. Raven lunged toward Della extending his arm outward to her.

“Too slow!” Raven yelled to her.

“I don’t think so,” Della had said playfully. She jumped high into the air to avoid the attack, while performing a short front flip over her opponent.

“Amazing! She dodged that perfectly,” Amy said in awe.

“So she has a Semblance that helps her to dodge attacks efficiently,” Miles analyzed.

“That’s it Della, show him what you can do!” Bruno shouted out.

“Stop hopping around and fight me!” Raven yelled as he turned around. He started to slash at her fiercely, but Della had dodged him with ease.

“You can attack all you want, but I can keep this up all day,” she said to him. Her dodging would soon come to an end, however, as her back had reached the wall of the amphitheater.

“You’re mine now!” Raven said closing in on Della. He readied his right arm and aimed at her stomach.

“Quite the opposite,” Della had leaped into the air one more time, higher than the first jump; she was about one fourth of the way from touching the ceiling. Della had then readied her crossbow Strolling Jokalope and fired a light explosive round at Raven.

            The buzzer hand sounded the end of the match, Della had landed on her feet a few meters from her opponent. Della had won the sparing match after dealing only about 5% of damage to Raven because she had held out until the end of the match.

“Nice strategy out there Della. Luring Raven into that trap was smart thinking,” Blaine congratulated her as she stepped off the stage.

“What was your strategy?” Amy asked.

“Well, to tell you the truth, I didn’t plan on winning, I was gonna get my cake either way. But there was a good opening, and I just had to take it,” she said giggling a little.

“Wait, so you didn’t plan this out beforehand?” Miles asked her.


“That’s our Della,” Bruno said giving her a thumbs up.

“I’m not done yet!” Raven said emerging from the clouds from the explosion, “Come on, let’s keep going.”

“No offense, but you’re boring,” Della told him, shrugging her shoulders.

“I won’t let you make a mockery of me!” he ran over to her getting ready for an attack.

“Mr. Crim the match is over,” Professor Styner yelled.

“Shut up!”

“Raven you idiot!” Lyr had sad.

            Raven had leaped from the stage. Everyone stared as he was ready to pounce on his target, but his effort was in vain. A wave of darkness had blasted him against the wall. Everyone looked at the entrance to see where the attack came from, and there was a lone figure walking thbrough the doorway. He was dressed in an all-black outfit, with a long cape, and had short dark blue hair.

"You're an embarrassment," he said.

Chapter 8: Encounters

“You’re an embarrassment,” said this figure who appeared at the door. “I would like to inform you, that your actions right now bring shame upon the name of Team RAVN.”

“But Altross!” Raven tried to argue, but all he got was a very unpleasant stare as a response. He backed down, and calmed himself as he walked down from the stage.

            The other members of Team RAVN followed him out the auditorium, as though they were ordered too. Amy had asked Blaine if he knew anything about this guy, seeing as he knew Noire, but he had no clue at all.

“That’d be Altross Royale. He’s the leader of Team RAVN,” Bruno said in a quite serious tone.

“He’s the leader of the team. How he paired up with a bunch of misfits and troublemakers, escapes my grasp of knowledge,” Ryan told them, giving off an opinion most of the second years had about the Team.

“Strikes fear into all of them I assume,” Blaine thought with his hand on his chin. “That power of his… it’s scary.”

“That’d be the young man’s Semblance at work,” Professor Styner started. “It’s hard to understand. In simple terms, he can manipulate shadows.”

“That looked more than simple manipulation,” Miles had observed.

“You have a good eye. As I mentioned before, his power is quite powerful; turning a shadow into a weapon of its own is quite a mystery.”

            Amy was intrigued by Altross and his skills, but the chance to ask him about them is no longer available. She didn’t want to get involved with Team RAVN again anyhow, after the impression that was made already.

            The Seminar had ended nearly 45 minutes later. Professor Styner managed to get a decent amount of data for the day, and said he might host another one when more people are willing to come. Everyone had departed from the auditorium talking amongst each other about the battles that took place. Bruno and Della waved goodbye to Amy and the rest, then discussed the issue of a certain someone buying them a chocolate cake right after; Ryan had of course protested as he didn’t promise her one. Rina popped in afterwards, after finishing her business and dropping Elucifer off back at the dorm, and noticed she had missed the whole thing. They were all now walking towards the cafeteria for some dinner.

“You get lost or something?” Blaine wondered, seeing she was gone for a while.

“Not really. I was kind of hiding from Ms. Goodwitch. She was walking around the school and almost caught sight of Elucifer,” her face was wide with a smile for some reason.

“I never read anything about pets being allowed on campus, so if she catches you, I doubt it will be much of a problem,” Amy said to the both of them.

“They let those animals come to class here, so what’s a few more?” a voice said creeping in on their conversation; it wasn’t a really friendly tone either. Everyone turned to see the face of Cardin Winchester, and his posse.

“I’m guessing you mean the Faunus students? That’s quite rude you know,” Amy started.

“Faunus are just like us you know. Just because they’re a little different doesn’t mean a thing!” Rina raised her voice slightly. She was about to tell Cardin off, but was stopped by Miles.

“Don’t even bother helping a lost cause. Ignorance isn’t something that can’t be helped sometimes.” He seemed a little irritated being around them.

“So you’re just gonna walk away then?!” yelled Russel Thrush, one of Cardin’s minions. He had a cocky smile on his face, but didn’t really have a reason to shout something so absurd; he did abandon his leader back in Forever Fall. Everyone knew about that incident, and it didn’t leave much of a good impression at all for CRDL.

Miles then made one final comment before directing everyone to their spot in the cafeteria. “If you can’t even back your leader up against one monster, then you have no place to say anything.” That last statement made a good impression on Russel’s face, one that shut him up for quite a while.

            Onward to the cafeteria, where AMBR stood in line to grab their dinner. It was pretty packed really, a lot of students were discussing the matters of an important upcoming event: the Vytal festival. It was on the minds of nearly everyone in there. Once they got to their usual spot, Miles had asked a peculiar question about what happened to their darling red head.

“What was with that huge smile from a while back?”

“Yeah, for someone talking about almost getting caught, you sure had a huge grin,” Blaine agreed, eating a spoonful of his dish.

“Well, it went like this... I was walking Elucifer around campus, in a few places I know teachers barely go to. Elucifer got off his leash, and I had to go searching for him.”


            She then set the scene, near the academy gardens. Not many students were around, but they didn’t pay Rina any attention as they were studying most likely. She was shuffling through bushes nearby, searched around tree trunks, and even in the fountain.

“Did you lose something Ms. Rouge?” a voice asked from behind.

“Oh, no I’m just looking for my-“she then turned around of course, remembering that voice clearly. “Professor Maxwell!”

“So you did lose something?”                                                

“Of course not! Just looking at the wonderful plant life; staff should really give the gardeners a raise for their work. Ha ha, ha ha ha.” Rina tried to laugh everything away, but she could tell it wouldn’t get by her so easily.

Elena then gave a small laugh, “Well, if you need any help, I’d be happy to assist you in your search.” and then walked away.

            Rina let out a big sigh of course, then heard the yelling of a female student in the area, shouting about someone’s lost dog. Of course it had to be Elucifer; Rina rushed over quickly and noticed he was tugging on someone’s long cape. She of course pulled him away from the girl, releasing his jaws from her cloak.

“I’m so, so so, sorry!” Rina apologized to the victim, eyes closed, and bowing down.

“It’s fine, there aren’t any clear teeth marks… That’s a huge slobber stain though!” the girl told her after examining her cape. “Hey, do I know you?”

Rina then looked up to see who she was talking to; it was a familiar face, she did give her that.

“Previous Signal Academy student right?” All Rina did was nod, seeing how she couldn’t recall anything yet. “You really don’t remember me?! Oh come on, the cape should make things obvious, and the hat too.”

            Rina then noticed the hat on the girls head; it was a top hat made out of a black silk. She then examined her whole appearance: the short dark green hair, vest under her cloak, and black skirt. The style for the one and only Olive Oakwood!

“Right! You were even in my class! Olive was it?” Rina concluded with a look of nostalgia.

“Correct! Oh crap, look at the time. I gotta go meet my teammates; I’ll see you around!”


            The others were a bit shocked at the end of her story, for a very obvious and misleading reason. The encounter she described would make someone happy; she did see an old friend after all who was in her class. It made Rina feel a little more at home.

“So your friend Olive,” Amy started to say, “She’s a magician?”

“Yup! Pretty neat huh? She’d perform every day before and after class. I can’t believe I almost forgot Olive; mention a hat and cape, and she’s the first thing people come up with.”

Blaine then stopped her for a moment before looking more at Rina’s past. “Wait so where did Professor Goodwitch come in?”

Rina paused for a moment, tapping her finger against her chin. “Oh right. After Olive left, she was walking by, doing some work on her scroll. I had to hide for a bit because some students asked her some questions.”

“That clears things up,” Miles said standing from his seat. He was just about to go empty his tray of food.

            The rest of the team had finished too, except for Rina who grabbed a bit extra for Elucifer. They all then went back to their dorm, discussing their plans on the Vytal Festival. It was supposed to be an important event  after all.

Chapter 9: Day in the City of Vale

Friday afternoons are just normal hangout days for teens everywhere; even Beacon students get to enjoy time after classes in the city, especially Team AMBR. They emerged from one of the airships and entered the city of Vale, and noticed there were a lot of decorations and such all ready for the Vytal Festival.

“You know I normally don’t like cities too much, but the preparations are going nicely,” Rina said as she walked around with her teammates. “So where are we headed exactly?”

“A Dust shop first; I need to get some more for my guns,” Blaine told her as he scouted for one. “Then we can go have some fun.”

Miles then tapped him on the shoulder, and pointed at the nearest one to them. “You might have to keep an eye out for one that isn’t a crime scene.”

            Police tape had been strung around the vicinity of this Dust shop, but the cops who were supposed to be there were nowhere in sight. Windows were broken, and it looked like the Dust supply had been stolen; from a closer inspection, it seemed like everything was gone.

“Bummer… It’s okay I know another shop just a few blocks from here,” Blaine announced to the team, and he lead his team to their next destination. However, when they got there, it was the same as before. “Okay, maybe not this one.” He started to rub the back of his head in surprise that this one had been robbed too.

“I know of a place, come with me,” Amy said walking down into a small alleyway.

            Everyone had followed her into the poorly lit alley; it was populated with a few bums, rats, and litter everywhere. It was a place you’d never imagine a young lady walking through, even if she needed to take a quick short cut. Amy stopped at a door in the middle of the alley, and knocked on it. An older gentleman, in his thirties or so, opened up and saw the four of them standing there.

“They with you?” He asked Amy in a suspicious tone.

“Yes sir.”

            He placed his hand on his chin and opened the door wide open for all of them. AMBR went inside and saw it looked more like someone’s home rather than a store of any sort. The man walked up a small flight of stairs inside and closed a door behind him, leaving the four of them alone for a while. Amy had sat down on a wooden chair next to a table, and the others just looked around the room.

“So what is this place exactly?” Blaine asked Amy, seeing how she led them here.

“It’s where I normally come to get my Dust,” Amy started. She then looked at everyone’s faces like she said something weird. “What?”

Rina had been eyeing the place, seeing how it wasn’t an official looking store. “Well… it just doesn’t seem like the place you’d come to.”

“It’s a legitimate place of business don’t worry. The Dust shop is actually upstairs; I just thought it would be faster to use the back entrance, and I know the owner.”

            Another man came downstairs, more elderly than the gentleman from before. He was carrying a small box, possibly about to store it away for safe keeping. He then noticed Amy and the rest of the team, and gave them a small wave.

“Are you here for your usual order young miss?” he asked looking in Amy’s direction.

“Not today Albert, we’re here because my friend needs some more Dust, and with the recent incidents and all,” she told him, getting up from her chair.

“Oh I see… yes, with all the recent robberies, I feel I have to keep more of my stock in storage down here. It’s hard to run a business with those White Fang hooligans roaming about.”

“The White Fang is doing all of that?” Miles asked out of curiosity.

“Yes, that’s what I’ve been hearing on the news anyway. What kind of Dust are you needing?”

Blaine had took a while to respond, as he stopped paying attention for a moment. “Oh, right! Crystal Azure, burn type please.”

            The old man went into the space where he stored that box from earlier and brought out a crate of a slightly larger size. Albert called Blaine over to grab how much he needed, and then continued on with his story. “There were more incidents this week, so I fear my shop might be targeted next.”

“It makes you wonder what they need all that Dust for,” Rina said in amazement.

“I prefer not to think about things like that young lady; keeps me from worrying too much,” Albert said to Rina, and then turned to Blaine when he started to take out his wallet. “No charge; just make sure you put it to good use against those corrupt Faunus; I know you might encounter them sooner or later.”

“You’re still too nice Albert. Thank you,” Amy told him before getting out of her chair.

            They all had waved and exited back into the alleyway. A few minutes later, they made it back to the main streets, and apparently a bit of a commotion was going on. Some of the citizens were complaining to a division of the Vale Police Department about how they felt like their homes and privacy were being invaded.

“Settle down! Settle down!” a male cop yelled trying to calm the crowd. “One at a time please.”

“They took my precious jewelry! Don’t tell me to calm down!”

“One of them has my cat; my poor little Snuffles!”

AMBR was confused to what they were going on about exactly; theft of course, but just a petty crime compared to other issues. Things were too loud, so many things were being said that it was hard to keep track of everything. The yelling soon came to an end though, right when one of the officers blew an air horn, deafening everyone in range momentarily.

“Now if I can have one person to tell me what exactly the issue is.”

One of the female citizens spoke, “It’s a monster! Just like those Grimm things the hunters fight; it has a mask and everything.”

“That’s impossible. Any and all Grimm are taken care of before they even get near Vale,” a female officer explained, but everyone else was a bit persistent to the fact.

“It’s no ordinary Grimm! It’s gelatinous and sticky and came in through my sink!”

Miles had been thinking how impossible it sounded, but there was a bit of an infestation going on in this area. “They’re coming in through the pipelines…”

“But that’s odd. I’ve never heard of Grimm like this before,” Amy told her team.

“This thing isn’t your average run of the mill Grimm,” a voice said coming from behind them.

            AMBR had turned around and saw a redheaded young man behind them; noticeable traits being his short black cape with shoulder pads and his loose white pants. He was accompanied by a young lady as well with long blue hair that reached her knees, a dark gray jacket with the right sleeve torn off, and a dark brown skirt with a light blue lining on the top.

“It’s not based off some sort of animal like a Beowolf, yet it has the same markings as any other Grimm,” he continued to explain. The citizens turned around, to hear his explanation in further detail. It was a good description, as everyone agreed that is what they’ve seen.

“How do you know all of this exactly?” Rina asked, seeing he knew a lot about this monster.

“Because, I’m a detective. Ivory Deitrich, investigation prodigy and leader of Team MAID,” he introduced himself.

Rina and Blaine started to laugh up a storm after hearing their team name. Ivory literally face palmed, after realizing he had forgotten to leave that last part out.

“Wait team MAID? First years at Beacon right?” Amy asked him, seeing how she heard that name come up at the ceremony.

“Yes, Team AMBR I assume? The four students given a special assignment directed by the headmaster himself; I heard a bit about your troubled start.”

“Yup! Professor Ozpin thought we were probably gonna clear that place with ease,” Rina told him blushing slightly. I never thought we would have a good reputation like that.

Ivory then continued his statement, “Actually, I heard that they didn’t have enough relics to go around for the initiation. Though you all made it out alive and well.”

“And I’m guessing she’s a part of your team right?” Miles assumed, looking at his partner.

“Just call me Noname, and yes I’m also apart of team MAID,” she introduced herself.

            One of the officers then cleared his throat, forcing everyone to focus their attention on him. He wanted to call everyone back to look at the matter at hand; there was something entering the pipelines, and it seemed more dangerous than a snake problem.

“If it’s a problem with Grimm, then you’ll need some Hunters to deal with it,” Blaine told the officer, as he started to walk away. “Shouldn’t be a problem for a few students.”

Miles had stopped him, by grabbing his shoulder, and then spoke, “Do you even have any idea where to start?” To be honest, Blaine didn’t really have much of a clue at all.

“The sewers,” Ivory told them all. “If they’re coming from pipes, then that’s the best place to look.”

“So we wander around in filthy water and waste until we find some clues? What if we get lost?” Rina started to imagine the horrible smells that come with a sewer, as well as the rats down below.

“I’ve talked with the VPD and received a digital map of the sewer system on my scroll. A good detective, must always be prepared,” Ivory told her, bringing out his scroll.

He then started to make his way, with Noname behind him, to the best location to enter the sewers from. Team AMBR had followed behind of course, as Blaine did announce they’d handle the problem. They arrived at a small bridge with a wide circular opening underneath, big enough for a person to walk inside. Ivory led them down a flight of stairs, to a small path alongside the calm flow of water coming out from the entrance; luckily they wouldn’t be getting their shoes wet so early.

Chapter 10:

Not Started.

ETP: Undecided

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