Fan Fiction:
A Choice
Author Thedrag0n22
Genre Whatever you make of it.
Perspective first
Fan-made Characters you. the curator.

Description: This is a little thing I made in my spare time. The people who have read it say I should upload it so here it is, enjoy. Also please note that this is not completely done, there are still things I wish to change and add soon. My one request for if you make a branch off, please keep it clean....please.

A Choice have come. Welcome to the hall of hunters, who am I? Well I am the curator, maintainer, and protector of this place, and why you ask are you here? Do you not remembe-...oh of course you wouldn't, take a seat I will explain everything. 

You are here because of your heroic act of defending vytal from the Grimm; you are the greatest huntsman our world has seen in years. 

You slayed all of them singlehandedly, and how did you get here? Well as I said I will explain everything but back to where we were. 

You had defeated every single Grimm that had attacked, only one other person has done that...and yet you have no memory of this? Well then it must have been much worse than I ever imagined... but my rambling aside.

You saved them all, your team, and all the people of Vytal...but one of their teammates is currently missing, they are searching want to help? But you can't I mean, how can you help them find y-...I have said too much. Now calm down I will explain what happened, after the battle with the were killed.

As you stood in the midst of the corpses, one beowolf remained, it got you by surprise and before you could defend yourself it inflicted a fatal wound, your team killed the beowolf and are searching for you but it is too late, you are already dead. 

And here you are, in the hall of hunters, you can stay here with me, help maintain the statues and story's of the past, you can read the story of Ruby Rose, read of how she stopped Roman Torchwick from destroying us. 

Read of Jaune Arc who died saving those he loved, of Cardin Winchester the great betrayer. Or you can move on, I don't know whats out there but I can tell you it will be new, and fresh...So which do you choose hunter?

branch off's and continuations

I will be putting all branch off's and continuations I find in this area, if you have one please put "A choice" in the name so I can find it and add it to the list here.

A Choice: White Night By The_White_Shadow_218

A Choice: Blue Moon BY  The_White_Shadow_218

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