-Written By The_White_Shadow_218

-This is a branch/continuation of "A Choice" by Thedrag0n22 I in no way claim ownership of the original idea.

-I am posting the consecutive stories of the White Night series on this page as well (at least until I decide otherwise [if I do])

Silence fills the room as you sit there, fear gnaws it's way up your stomach crawling up your spine. "Dead?" you think to yourself "but..." your eyes slide out of focus as you see a lone figure surrounded by shadows. You blink trying to clear the haze surrounding the person slowly bringing the shadows into focus. The area starts to fade into sight as a dark red forest is gleaned and a full bulbous moon shines in the sky.

A figure clad in white armor lies on the grass staring into the azure blackness lost in thought. Jaune sits up straight, years after the trials at Beacon, the skirmishes with various Grimm, with many other tribulations and hardships having been lain on his being he now radiates an air of peace and confidence in a way that gives even the blackest void hope. He sighs as he slowly gets on his feet brushing off his jeans and smirks as a soft rustle of grass sounds behind him. "Glad to see you made it." he rumbles in a baritone, "I think you have the wrong person" the new arrival whispered taking another step closer bringing the beckoning shadows ever closer. "Have you come to talk" Juane probed as he turned to meet his companion eye to eye, "Or just to say goodbye?" he finished as he finished turning revealing a gaping wound in his chest, blood pouring freely.

The figure took a step back shocked by the sight, Juane shook his head and drew Crocea Mors from it's scabbard and raised the hilt to his opponent. "If you would do a dying man a favor?" Juane inquired as the figure raised it's gun. Holding the weapon outstretched pointed directly at Juane's chest the person nodded slowly. "Keep them safe." he whispered softley before the trigger was pulled and the life was torn from Jaune's body. Hitting the grass with his eyes still wide open he searched for the man who shot him. And as Ren knelt over his body he grasped Juane's fading grip and replied "I will." Juane smiled, a ghost of a thanks still haunting his corpse as Ren laid him out. Drawing up the hood to cover his comrades closed eyes and laying Crocea Mors at his friends side once again, Ren walked out of the clearing fading slowly out of your view.

Your vision returns as the last traces of a memory drift away leaving you to sit there and wonder if you even have the heart to continue...


A Choice: White Night I

"Breathe, breathe, just try to relax and get your bearings." The curator hovers over you as you start to become aware of your surroundings yet again. "What..." you begin but you have no idea how to ask your question. "That was what I was talking about, memories of times forgotten, events yet to come. But I am getting ahead of myself, how do you feel?" You moan as you put your head between your knees feeling just drained. "Hmm... I see." the curator trails off leaving thoughts unspoken.

You sit there for an unknown amount of time thinking, trying to remember anything, trying to make sense of everything. "What were you thinking?" You lift your head to see who's talking. All that greets you is an empty room that suddenly seems chillingly foreboding. "Hey are you listening to me?" the voice calls again. You search for the curator hoping for an explanation but he is nowhere to be found. The room starts to fade, "No not again..." you moan trying to fight the event. But it seems to to do nothing as your vision changes even faster, silhouettes surrounding you faceless and featureless. "Answer me already!"

A girl shoves Juane in the shoulder accidentally knocking into some passerby's. Jaune smiles at them sheepishly "Sorry about that." he turns to walk away only to find Pyrrha blocking his path, arms crossed greeting him with a scowl. "Wha?!" Jaune exclaimed looking shocked to see her there. "Well?" Pyrrha pressed, "Well what?" "What was with that last mission?" "Nothing," Jaune shrugged "there was a Death Stalker on our backs and I chose to take care of it." "By yourself, without telling anyone what you were doing!" Pyrrha scolded gesturing outward towards Jaune "I thought I could handle it." Jaune replied distractedly frustrating Pyrrha even more. Pyrrha exploded "You were almost killed! If Nora hadn't noticed you were gone and helped you..." "But she did and I'm fine." Jaune cut in finally paying attention to the conversation. Pyrrha's expression softened "Jaune it's not just this mission, you seem to have a death wish on almost every assignment we get." "It's fine." Jaune reassured her trying leave again. "Jaune..." Pyrrha interrupted still concerned. Jaune stopped and faced Pyrrha fully "I swear to you I am not trying to get myself killed or prove myself to anyone" Jaune added before Pyrrha could voice her theory, "It's nothing more than coincidence." Jaune put his hand on Pyrrha shoulder and gave her a sincere smile "I promise."

Pyrrha finally relaxed "Okay just please try to remeber there is more than just you next time." she finished relieved of nightmarish fears and turned to follow Jaune to his next class. Entering the classroom there was a sober note in the air. "What's going on?" Jaune asked Ren and Nora as they got to their seats. Nora looked down and cried into Ren's shoulder, "Guys?" Jaune pressed further anxiety clawing at him. Ren looked up and slowly stated, "Velvet's gone..."


A Choice: White Night II

"W-what?" Pyrrha stammered shocked at the news, "How?" "Her team was on patrol in the Forest of Forever Fall," a classmate cut in "she lagged behind for a second and her team heard her scream. When they turned around she was gone." "They searched the Forest for hours and found nothing but a pack of Beowolves, search parties are still out there but the outcome seems pretty grim." another student finished. "O-oh my..." Pyrrha paled as she listened, Jaune held her around her shoulders "Poor Velvet" she buried herself in Jaunes chest trying to hide her tears. "It's okay Pyrrha, they'll find her everything will be okay." Jaune patted her head trying to comfort her "Everything will be okay..."

The scene starts to fade at those last words, you relax thankful that the ordeal is at least temporarily over, but something is wrong. You notice that instead of returning to the curator's room you now stand on a roof of a familiar place you can't place. There is a clocktower in the distance with multiple green glowing orbs lighting up the morose night. Jaune and Pyrrha sit on the edge of the roof staring out into the night sky, each sorting out their own thoughts. Jaune leans back resting on his elbows trying to relax enough to get a clearer head. Pyrrha just sits there cross-legged staring intently into the distance, eyebrows furrowed in intense concentration arms holding her sides trying to keep all of the swirling emotions bottled up and in check. Silence hangs thickly in the air not just on the roof but over the entire school as they all ponder the events that occurred and try to cope in their fashion with the sudden reminder of each persons own mortality.

"Jaune..." Pyrrha finally broke the silence in a small voice. "Yes?" Jaune replied turning to face Pyrrha fully. "You and I have known each other for quite a while now right?" "Yeah?" Jaune raised an eyebrow confused on where this was going. "It's just today with what happened to Velvet..." Pyrrha continued still talking very quietly. "We will find her." Jaune said firmly "You have to believe that." saying it with more certainty than he felt. "It's just well... um... I do-... ca-... help..." she cried meekly trying to find the words to say what she felt. Tears stream down her face as she looks to Jaune and searches desperately for support. "Pyrrha. I know." he smiled a partial smile and stared deeply into her eyes. "Ho-?" she started to say "Just relax." Jaune replied calming her and leaned forward, Pyrrha closed her eyes and...

The scene started to fade again, instead of the clean pure white void of the curator's room however you are surrounded by darkness, empty and cold. "I'm sorry to do this to you..." a high voice calls apologetically. You search around for the source of the noise when you spot a form off in the distance walking calmly towards you, the voice starts again "... but I need people to know..." "....what really happened." the figure finished in a sultry tone and stepped into the light. She was dressed in a uniform of some sort again you feel as if you should know it but it just barely escapes you. Then you notice the ears, the rabbit ears. She holds out her hand and says "A pleasure to meet you... I am Velvet."


A Choice: White Night III

"W-what?" you stare wide eyed trying to grasp what was going on. "Oh for the love of-" Velvet grabs you by the shoulders and gives you a firm shake. "Calm. Down." she rolls her eyes as you inhale deeply fighting the rising feeling of fear. She looks at you with a mixture of pity and condescension. "How did you even make it this far?" she asks incredulously as you straighten yourself out. "They just got here." a familiar voice calls out of the darkness. The curator steps out opposite of Velvet, stress and wear showing on his face.

"That's why I told you to wait." he scolded Velvet as the curator stands next to you providing his hand on your shoulder. Velvet lets out an exasperated sigh, "Well then what do you propose we do now?" The curator glares at Velvet for a long time before slowly responding "That... is not my choice." The curator looks at you with curiosity "How do you wish to proceed?"

You stand there for a while then you slowly nod your head. "Yeah..." you say "I'd like to know the whole story." The curator gives you a weak little smile "if that's what you want..." gently guiding you toward Velvet who quietly waited for you to make a decision. You look and see she is on the verge of tears. "Thank you." she chokes in a small voice.

"So what now assassin?" the curator shoots the question at Velvet leveling his gaze steadily on hers. Your eyes widen at the statement taking a step back you rapidly start to rethink your decision. Velvet glares at the curator, she turns to you grimacing "Like I said it's... complicated." "Years passed since I disappeared, many were certain I was dead, there are times I wish I did..." Velvet trailed off looking into the distance. The blurring of the edges in your sight warn of the visions before they start.


please note the next story is an abridged version the full story can be found here.

A Choice: Blue Moon

Velvet lies in a room, medical equipment shoddy and cobbled together hang in various spots grimly recording each passing moment. Her eyes fly open nightmares unremembered still linger in her gaze as she bolts up confused and dazed. Velvet stumbles from the bed reaching for the door in a panic. The door swings open before she grabs the handle allowing 2 masked people inside, they grab her and force her back onto the gurney. "Wait stand down, stan-" a blade appears in front of one of the masked people. Drawing a trickle of blood from their neck Adam menacingly challenges "Are we ready to listen now?" "So-sorry" the man chokes as he holds his hands up desperately trying to appease the testy redhead. "Leave" he gestures towards the door retracting and sheathing Blush. Velvet silently watched this spectacle with a mixture of awe and fear wondering what in the world was going on. An awkward silence hangs in the air, muting Adam as he slowly turns and grabs a chair. Setting it next to the bed he leaned forward over the back of the chair. Looking Velvet straight in the eyes "So what now?"

A Choice: Blue Moon II

The "Grey's" were roomed in a nearby hotel, and upon reaching their room Velvet collapsed on the bed hugging the pillow sleepily. Adam limped in behind sore and still hurting. He grunted as he shut the door he slid down the door leaning against the wood in exhaustion. "3 years..." He muttered "... 3 years and we still haven't figured out who attacked you. 3 years of dodging constant assassination attempts. 3 years of constantly moving. 3 years of-" "Listening to the same speech every day." Velvet cut in. As she rolled over on the bed stretching out and sitting up she grinned at him. Adam weakly returned the smile, Velvet got up from the bed strutting over to Adam she helped him up and into the bed. "Thanks." he mumbled as he drifted off into sleep exhaustion finally winning out the battle. Setting Wilt on the bed next to him Velvet opened the door and looked back at Adam. Sorrow overshadowing her normally chipper features she closed the door behind her and stalked down the hallway.

Grim determination stood outside the bar, exhaling Velvet entered dreading the possible outcomes of digging up her past again. She slowly walks in taking note of every detail, watching every shadow. Upon reaching the bar she shifts her full attention to the barkeep, light skinned, stocky, and completely ignoring her. She slammed her fist on the counter, staring him down she growled "I need to see the owner."

Your head swims as the scene starts to change again...

Velvet stood on the cliff overlooking a dark eerie complex. The ex-huntress let her burgundy coat flap in the wind, hands in her pockets she clenched her fists in grim anticipation. There they were, the ones who had attacked her, hunted her, and hurt her. "Hey..." a ghost reached out from the past, haunting her present Jaune asked "Are you sure you're okay with doing this, it's alright to just walk away." "No, we honestly can't." Adam shoved Jaune as he came up over the crest. Adam glared as he came up behind Velvet, wrapping his arms around her .

Jaune rubbed his shoulder shrugging off the gruff faunus' reaction, just pre-mission jitters... he thought turning his attention to the complex. Only an entire army of trained and paid for assassins, mercanaries, and various killers all compiled in one area. All of whom were targeting Velvet and Adam. Sighing he wondered what possible reason anyone could have to throw that much firepower at only a couple of people. A voice buzzed from the scroll on Jaune's belt "It's time..." Nodding at Velvet, Jaune sprinted off ready to take on the complex.


A Choice: White Night IV

Your body sags as Velvet finishes her tale. Rubbing your forehead you sink to your knees just drained from the exertion of multiple visions. Sighing the curator walks over to you offering his hand. Grateful for any kind of help you take it as he pulls you up and lets you rest on his shoulder just barely standing on your own. Leaning down he whispers into your ear, "You have to finish the story you know..." You wearily nod your head, mustering whatever strength you have left. You hear the memory long before you see anything.

Jaune walked down the empty echoing hallway, not a sound was heard save for his shoes hitting the cement floor and the occasional puddle. The rusted pipes running down the halls providing no rythymic beats as all activity in them had been ceased long ago. Jaune stared straight ahead going in a straight line towards the middle of the complex, fighting to keep all of these distracting thoughts away from his head. Then he noticed something, something he had not seen on his entire way down here. Jaune saw a light over a doorway, and it was on. Just sitting there inviting anyone to enter and find out who, or what, was inside the door.Comtemplating this as he reached the doorway Jaune drew only the blade of Crocea Mors and cautiously let his weapon lead the way inside.

When he entered the room all he found was a blank ciruclar space and a doorway on the opposite side. As he crossed the floor the lights flickered off and moments later a figure stood in front of him, wielding a crimson blade.

Adam raised his blade halting Jaune's progress, the uneasy silence holding both of them still. A voice echoed from the darkness, chilling and foreboding. "You know what you have to do..." Clenching his teeth Adam flipped the sword into a reverse grip and rushed Jaune aiming a vicious blow at his opponents neck. Jaune ducked instinctively and rammed Crocea Mors into Adam's abdomen winding the faunus. Following up the blow with a sharp kick in the chest Jaune propelled Adam across the room. Slamming into the wall Adam dropped Wilt to othe floor as he stood shakily, trying to regain his balance and breath at the same time. Jaune drove his blade into Adam's shoulder pinning the redhead to the wall he had leaned on for support. "Why?" Jaune gasped, confused and searching for any explanation that would make sense. "To spare myself." Adam growled shoving Blush into Jaune's chest and pulled the trigger.

Jaune dragged himself over the hill, bleeding and panting, wincing at every step. He fell to his knees, coughing up blood as he reached for his scroll. Activating the device Jaune paused as he considered his thoughts and nodded faintly as he reached a verdict. "Calling a members of Team JNPR..." he croaked, voice caked with blood and resignation "... this is Jaune Arc with my last will and testament."

You inhale deeply, the darkness of your vision quickley fading away. As you exhale you manage to clear away the toll and exhaustion of the day. "So you made throught the first trial..." the Curator mused, pride beaming through in his tone. You manage a small smile at his encouragement, not quite catching on to the meaning of his words. You are just glad to have a purpose again, something you feel you were missing for a long time...


The story will be continued...


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