Please bare with me, this is my first Fic.

Part I

Jerk, Bitch, Loser. All names that Elizabeth had heard over the last few years. At least I'll only have to hear them for another week. She though. Graduation is only a few days away. Elizabeth sighed as she layed down alone in her dorm. Her father's legacy of trickery and hatred had continued to follow he where ever she went.

Elizabeth's last 4 years at Sanctum had been almost a complete hell. Her only saving grace was her best friend Selena. On her first day Elizabeth had been scorned by most of the entering class because of her father's sins. Selena McCauly was one of the few people who had shown her kindness.

Her thoughts were interupted as the dorm door creaked open. The person who steped inside was her shy roommate Nevaeh Navajo. Nevaeh had never shown her distrespect or insult, but Nevaeh didn't show anyone much emotion. She was one of the few people Elizabeth could stand.

She sat up quickly. "Where have you been?" She asked Nevaeh. It was uncommon for her to be out in the middle of the night.

"I went out to train." She responded "With Graduation on Friday, I thought I'd use the training grounds as much as possible. You don't know how much time they'll give us to prepare at Beacon."

"That makes sense" Elizabeth said quietly. They went back to their normal silent converstations. They would ignore each other until they absolutely needed to ask for something. Elizabeth layed down on her bed and was about to drift to sleep when a knock sounded on the door. "I'll get it." Offered Elizabeth.

Outside Selena was waiting for her. "So are you ready?" Selena asked

"Ready for what?" She said groggily. 

"You don't remember?  Gah, your so forgetful!" Selena's dog ears wiggled in annoyance. "Remeber those guys asked us to go to the Graduation Party?" 

Elizabeth's eye's shot open and her sleep immediatly went away. "Hold on, I'll be out in a second."

Part II

As they walked through the quad, Elizabeth began to notice the amount of people that were around the bonfire. She felt her heart start to race as she thought about getting insulted by that many people. There were a lot of people that she recognized at the fire. Then she noticed the keg that was on one of the benches.

Oh, great. She though Now I get to deal with drunk highly trained fighters who all hate me. Woopdie freakin doo.

"Hey, I'm going to hang out over there" Selena suddenly said. She pointed to a group of cute Faunus boys. One of which was a wolf Faunus named Jake that Elizabeth knew Selena liked.

"Ok, I'll go sit over there" Elizabeth went and sat over in an abandoned area of the Ampitheater. She watched as Selena walked over to the group. Selena said something and most of the boys laughed. All Jake did was stare and frown. This seemed to unnerve Selena. Then Selena began to blush and asked Jake something. This time Jake did laugh and said something in return. Selena immediatly turned around and walked quickly towards the dorms.

It took Elizabeth a second to figure out that Selena was crying as she was walking and immediatly ran towards her. "What's wrong" She asked her.

"I-I did something stupid" She gasped between sobs. "I asked Jake if he wanted to go to the movies tomorrow. He said 'Why would I go watch a movie with a mutt like you?" Her dog ears were pressed against her head in sadness.

Elizabeth felt a surge of anger. "Don't worry about it. He's just a drunk asshole. You can find someone better than him." 

"You think so?" Selena looked at her with hope.

"Yeah." An idea hit Elizabeth. "Just watch this." She walked away from Selena back to Jake and his group. She pressed the button on the inside of her wrist to unsheath Sombra's blades. Elizabeth marched right up to Jake and pushe dthe blades against his throat.

"Hey, I'm the best friend of the girl you just reduced to tears. You are very lucky that I'm just a few days from graduating or I would cut your head off right now." She pressed the blades farther into his throat. A bead of red blood welled up around the cut. "The sitaution being as it is, you get a warning this time."

Jake just smiled and said "You seem to forget something. You don't have many friends here, so you seem to be quite outnumbered."

Elizabeth looked around. Everyone else at the bonfire had noticed what was going on and had drawn their weapons. The blades were already being pointed into her back. She immediatley released Jake.

"I wouldn't try anything like that again if I were you" said Jake "If I were you I would walk away. I wouldn't speak to anyone here ever again, but hey that's just me."

Elizabeth just gave him a cold stare and backed away. She walked over to Selena and escorted her to her room. Nevaeh was asleep on her bed. They spent the rest of the night just sitting in Elizabeth's room in silence.

Part III

When Selena left the next day, Elizabeth had never felt more alone. She had no suport as she made her way to her classes. When she finally got the one class she had with Selena, Grimm Studies, Selena was sitting at the front of the classroom instead of their normal spot at the back. 

Looks like I fucked up this friendship too. She thought. Somehow, by confronting the guy who had caused Selena pain, she had just ended up pushing her farther away. For the rest of the day Elizabeth was alone, silent, and somewhat sad. 

Later that night Elizabeth heard a knock on her door. She wondered who it was, because Nevaeh had said that she would be out until at least midnight. It was only 8:30. Elizabeth walked over to the door and opened it up to find Selena McCauly standing behind the door. 

"Selena!" Elizabeth gasped in surprise "What are you doing here? I thought that you were avoiding me?"

"I know" She started tearing up. "I'm sorry for avoiding you earlier. I was just scared after yesturday when they threatened you." Tears started falling down her face. "I thought that if I talked to you, they would hurt you. Then I realized that your tough and can handle it if you have friends."

Selena walked into Elizabeth's room and sat down on her bed. "Now I have to make it up to you. I came up with an idea this morning."

"What's your idea?" Said Elizabeth. Then she noticed where Selena was sitting "Sex? Cause I might go that way but, I'm pretty sure you don't."

Selena's jaw dropped when Elizabeth mentioned sex. "Gods No!" yelled Selena "I was going to prank Jake. Sheesh I didn't realize you were a pervert as well as a killer."

Elizabeth giggled. "Well what's you plan then? We only have 2 days to work it out."

They sat on the bed plotting, until both of them drifted off to sleep. Side by side.....

Part IV

When Elizabeth woke up in the morning, she felt something warm nuzzled up against her front. She didn't open up her eyes, but felt where the objec tbegan at her chest. It was warm and covered in long hair. She felt a triangle covered in short fuzz with her fingers and began to rub it. Down at her legs she felt the object start moving in a back an dforward rhythm.

Elizabeth's eyes burst open as she realized what her arms were wrapped around. Selena nuzzled up against her chest with her leg bouncing up and down as Elizabeth rubbed her ear. She laughed at her friend's behavoir. Just like a puppy. She thought.

Elizabeth heard a laugh in the corner and quickly looked up. Nevaeh was cracking up in the corner, her eyes tearing up with laughter. "You guys make me laugh so hard!" She said between gasps.

Selena shot up and immediatly began blushing furiously. "What do you mean? We weren't doing anything?"

"It's not that anything happened." Said Nevaeh "I'm just remembering when I walked in last night and you two were at opposite ends of the bed. I'm wondering how long it took for you guys to end up in each other's arms." She laughed and walked out of the room.

Elizabeth and Selena looked up at each other and blushed. Then they both got serious. They had a long day of work tosday.

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