Prologue: Forged in flames

I was born in a place of flames. Heat and fire surrounded my body, my body forming itself from the molten material it had once been. Eventually, I reached my current form, as I formed myself through thought. I decided on this form, and it was the first thing that I had ever done. I was quite proud of myself. Then, the giant came.

My creator, she pulled me from the flames I had been forged in, allowing me to keep my current form. She is a great creator. She looked at me rather oddly, before laughing. I believe she was pleased with my form. Then, she applied my armor to me. I could feel it covering my body, protecting me from those who would do me harm. I knew she cared for me then, protecting me as she had. I wished I could have stopped her, and done the job myself, as my beloved Creator should not have to do this herself, but I had not formed the appendages required. This saddened me, and I sat in silence as she did so.

Another great one walked through then. He was huge and bulky, and walked over to see what my Creator was doing. I believe he may have been Death, for he pulled another smaller one like me from a hollow tree, and after checking its body, ate it. It did not move during the process, and I believe he was dead. But he was also kind, for he smiled at me, before giving my Creator a kiss.

After my Creator finished applying my armor, she stared at me for a while. Then, a smaller great one approached. They spoke to me in their way, but I could not understand, and only shivered. I feel sorry for not thanking them, but I was stricken by awe. Then, the smaller great one picked me up, carrying me towards a huge forest. As we walked, he spoke to me. I could not understand what he said, but he smiled at me.

Reaching down, he forged me arms from the remains of others like me. I felt joy at what he had done, allowing me to carry myself. Once I was placed at the giant forest, I knew my purpose. This great one wanted me to prove myself through battle to my Creator. He was War. As he turned his back, I nodded to him, before charging into that darkened forest. I would make him proud, and in turn, my Creator. For I am Yossele, the created one.

Chapter One: A Birthday Surprise

It was a bright morning. Messer sat up in bed, stretching his arms as he did. Yawning, he scratched his head. Looking around sleepily, he noticed the calendar, today's date circled. His grogginess instantly cleared, Messer smiled as he looked at it. Today's the day that sis is coming back for her birthday! I better be ready with my prank if I want to get her.

Jumping out of bed, Messer got dressed as fast as he could. Dashing downstairs, he sees his mom working on something at the kitchen counter. His brow furrows at the sight. I've never seen mom try to do anything with the kitchen. Usually aunt Delena cooks everything. I wonder what's up? “Mom, what'ch ya doing? Where's dad at?”

Turning around, she was covered in batter. “Your dad is already outside practicing with the rest of the family. You just missed him. I was trying to bake a cake for your sister, but it seems I have no talent for cooking after all. Probably should have left it to my sister, but I wanted to make this special.” Turning back towards the counter, she grimaced at the sight. “I succeeded in making it special all right.”

Peeking around her, he stares at what should have been a cake. “How'd you get it in that shape?”

"I don't really know. It just is."

“And what's that gro...”

Interrupting him, she said, “I don't know that either, or where it came from. Maybe I used too much yeast.”

“Is it...moving?”

"No, that's just gas escaping from it. Or, at least, I'm pretty sure it is.” Sighing, she stood up. Messer couldn't stop staring at the strange blob like thing. Giving him a dirty look, she handed it to him. “Here. Throw it away already, and stop staring at it!” Grumbling as she walked away, she yelled back, “I'm going to practice!” As she got further away, Messer could hear her saying under her breath, “This is why I never cook."

Staring down at it, Messer sighed, “Well, why don't we take you outside, where you can live with all the other animals.” Carrying it outside, Messer headed towards the forest edge. As he carried it along, Messer decided to mess around with it. “Why don't we give you a pair of arms. You look just like you are alive, and living things need arms.”

Noticing other cakes that had been thrown out the window after they failed, Messer bent down and picked up two tube like pieces, scraping off the icing on the side of the cake to attach them. Looking at his handiwork, Messer grinned. “There you go! Two arms!”

Hearing a cracking sound, Messer looked around to try and figure out where it came from. Finally, he noticed the cake. Poking it, he could tell the icing was hardening. “Whoa, it's like armor! Hehehehehe, you're pretty cool Mr. Cake!”

Reaching the forest edge, Messer placed it down. “There you go. Now go on, I've got some work to do.” Turning around, he started walking away, when he heard a bush rustle. Looking back, the cake was gone. Hmm, guess an animal got it that fast. Poor guy, he's going to have a bad stomach ache. Shrugging, Messer continued on his way. Seeing the big tent already set up, Messer ran towards it.

Messer walked into the tent, seeing his family already practicing. "Hey uncle Vinny! You're not gonna miss the catch tonight, right?" Vinny, who was swinging through the air at that moment, flipped off the trapeze bars, laughing as he flipped towards the ground.

Landing in front of Messer, he reached down and ruffled his hair. "Please, you know that's part of my act. Besides, what would your cousin Maarah do if she didn't get to catch me. She'd never get the limelight!"

Maarah, who was at that moment climbing up the tower, yelled down to him. "Please, you're the one who needs the light. My skills are enough for me to get it!"

Vinny started laughing again, his handle bar mustache moving up and down as deep belly laughs roared out of him, seeming to shake everything around him. Vinny always had a larger than life presence, despite being a rather skinny man.

"Vinny, are you picking on Maarah again?” Messer turned his head towards the front of the tent at the sound, covering his eyes as the light streamed in from the outside. “Hey dad, what's up? You ready for sis's birthday?"

Laughing, his dad looked at him with a fake stern expression. "When am I ever not ready? We have it all planned out. A great show, dedicated to our daughter coming back! The real question is, are you ready?"

Looking sheepish, Messer toed the ground. "Nah, haven't really prepared much. Though I do have a cool prank planned!"

Laughing, his dad pushed on his back. "Well, you better get started then. She should be back in a little over an hour."

Running outside, Messer went to prepare.

(Will add more later)

Chapter Two: Pride Falling

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Intermission: The Story of Yossele

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