Warm Hearts

Charles (revealed) and "Undine"

This story is for both Charles Daorenzhidun and "Undine" Pulcherrimam.

"Charles stood, in an awfully tall manor. "Why are you crying, miss?" he said. The girl looked at him, a bit scared because of his wolf hood, then turned around in spite of fear. As he was hearing it, he said, "Please... Don't cry..." The girl spoke, in a small, petite voice, her rabbit ears over her face with her hands. "I-I don't like it here... W-Why did I even come...?" She squeaked. Charles knew he had to comfort her, so he took his wolf hood off, and put his arms around her, showing his way of how to comfort those who're troubled. She felt this and blushed, her hands away from her face and rabbit ears perked up, mouth a bit open. "I won't let anyone harm any other on my watch." He said, close to her ear, in the softest tone he can so she feels more calm, still blushing."

A few years after RWBY, a boy wolf Faunus and a girl rabbit Faunus did not know what lies ahead of them. They met on the first day of Beacon, and became partners during the team assignment. Who will tamper with their friendship, how will they interact with each other and what will lie in the path they take? Find out more as you read this story.

Chapter List

Chapter 1: How Charles arrived

Charles Daorenzhidun, a Wolf Faunus at an early age of 6, lost both of his parents, his dad one way, his mother the other. His brothers went off to become very famous or known figures, not even giving a single acknowledgement of his presence. He went where the wind took him, aging with the guidance of only the clouds stars and the broken moon, hunting Grimm after Grimm for food with the heirloom of a bladed shield his father and a golden knife from his uncle, and it led him to Beacon. This was only the beginning of his journey.

As a first welcome, he met a man named Schimugia Hasegawa, a weapon smith. Schimugia was surprised to see that Charles was wearing a menacing set of clothing, along with a wolf hood made of real wolf hide and even eyes of a Beowolf. "Woah, you shouldn't go around Beacon wearing that." He said. "Why? You one of those who wants to kill me?" Charles said with a snarl. "W-What I mean is that your clothes are torn to shreds! I can give you a new set with the same hood, and your first weapon modification for free! How's that?"

Charles calmed down. "Please... Make some changes on my shield..." Schimugia went to the back of his shop, and placed a big package on the counter. Here you go. Now, there's an empty room in the back. I'll have your shield, and your knife." After a few minutes, Charles came out, his clothing fit him like a glove. "Ah, your new weapon is done! Come take a look!" He went to him, looking at his shield. "It doesn't look different on the front..." He said. "That's only the front, look on the back." He does so, only to see a gauntlet with a dagger sheathed and a mechanism similar to the Hidden Blade. "What's with all of this?" Schimugia chuckled, and told him how it all worked.

"Though I never asked you a question..." Charles said. "What is it?" Schimugia said back. "What's your name...?" "Schimugia Hasegawa." "Mine is Charles Daorenzhidun..." Schimugia's eyes widened. "Daorenzhidun? That means Bladed Shield in Chinese." "I see..." Charles walked away. "Wait, Charles. You have a place to stay?" He stopped by the door, looking down. "... No... I don't..." Schimugia became shocked. Who was he, he thought, an orphan, a runaway kid? The list goes on. As he was about to say something, Charles already left. And that, made him sign Charles up at Beacon.

Chapter 2: How "Undine" arrived.

(This is in script form)

Kingdom of Cards

????(Female): Princess! Come downstairs! Time for tea!

????: Alright, coming!

A teen girl walks down to the living room, dressed in red, white, black and pink, the colors of the playing cards.

????(Male): Oh, you look so lovely, my darling!

Teen: May I ask something?

Both: Sure.

Teen: Why are we having tea time, on Friday, at noon?

????(Female): Well, we've seen you watching those movies and saw that you made yourself a weapon.

Teen: It's a PDW, a personal defense weapon, how else is a princess supposed to keep herself safe?

????(Male): And because of that, we're sending you off to Beacon Academy.

Teen: But why? I like Signal Academy better, daddy!

Dad: Well, um... Olivia, can you lease tell her...?

Olivia: Well, we want you to be able to fight all sorts of things, like the Grimm you heard and dreamt of, and you'll be able to make even more friends, Alicia.

Alicia: But what about Adrian and Naoto!?

Dad: They'll be sent with you, I promise.

Olivia: Augustus, you forgetting something?

Augustus: Oh right! Alicia, I forgot something that I should give you.

Alicia's rabbit ears perked up

Alicia: What is it?

Augustus: Here, It's my prized possession.

Augustus gives her a deck of cards which has a hefty weight on it

Alicia: Dad, I'm not a gambling shark like you.

Augustus: Oh, but these are not your ordinary playing cards. These are made of thin steel, and they can be thrown at anyone who tries to attack you, making them halt in place. But use them sparingly, there is only 52 cards as usual.

Alicia looked at the cards, having different numbers, suits, and yet, the two jokers, which had a clouded design

Alicia: Thank you mom, and thank you dad. You two are the best.

Both: And we're thankful for having such a sweet daughter like you.

Alicia gave them a hug, then notices that time is short

Augustus: Oh, better get dressed, packed and going.

She does so, and after a few minutes, she came out, carrying a pocket watch and a suitcase

Alicia: I'm late, I'm late!!

She dashes off to the ship, just before anyone else got on

Alicia: Whew... Man that was close... Now... where is it...?

She puts on a headband with a small little hat tilted to the side, and placed a pink heart on her left cheek

Alicia: Ah, there we go.

The students look at the announcement, showing about the protests that's still going on by the Faunus.


Alicia: Hm... that seems a bit strange... Curiouser and curiouser...

Boy: Hey baby, what's your name?

Alicia: Oh-! Um...

She pondered a bit, then thought up of a cover name

Alicia: My name is Undine Pulcherrimam.

Boy: Undine, huh? Sound pretty cute, but not as cute as you.

The boy got closer to her, and she became nervous.

Undine: Uh... P-Please step back a bit... I'm... Kinda nervous about outsiders...

Girl: Hey, what are you doing with Charles's lemon squeeze!?

Boy: O-Oh, your the wolf boy's love!? O-Oh, I'm so very sorry! B-Bye!!

He runs away full of fear, Undine confused about what happened

Undine: ... Curiouser, and curiouser...


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