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"Eat my prosthetic"
— Aaron Randall

Aaron Randall
Age 17
Gender Male
Born September 22
Handedness Left-Handed
Complexion Tanned
Hair Black
Eyes Silver-Gray
Height 6'1"
Weight 230 Pounds (Plus Prosthetic)

170 Pounds (Without)

Additional Info
Emblem Aaron's Emblem
Likes Sushi, fighting, checking out new dust prosthetic models
Dislikes Muffins
Special Skills Hand-to-hand combat
Weaknesses Water


Aaron is a muscular boy at the age of 17. He has a serious face which is slightly tanned with piercing gray eyes and smoothened black hair. He has a scar in the middle of his face and a mild smile. His arms are long, lean, and suntanned, which are very prominent through the muscle shirts he wears. Underneath his jeans, though, lie his secret. Two metallic prothetic legs which he uses to fight with, also filled with dust cartridges.


Aaron is stoic, prefering not to socialize with people, but has a certain charisma about him which gravitates people towards him. He has a few friends, but none are Hunters, as he was born into wealth and his friends are snobs, but he doesn't care, although he doesn't like showing his wealth off himself. He channels himself through the way that he fights, making himself fight with his entire heart and soul. He enjoys fighting, it is his reason for existance, not particularily what he was born for, but he enjoys fighting. When Aaron fights, he loses himself, and will utterly destroy his opponent if he gets hyped up enough. He never regrets anything that he does in his fights, once shoving his prosthetic leg down a person's throat in a moment of pure euphoria. 

Weapons and Abilities

Aaron fights using two prosthetic legs with dust cartridges embedded in the quads, thighs, and kneecap areas for 

Prosthetic Leg

One of Aaron's prosthetic legs, supported by a stand.

maximum amount of dust possible. He can also channel his aura through his legs, making them more durable and his kicks deal more damage. He is adept in hand-to-hand combat, using a variety of martial arts and his strength to take down his opponents. He generally uses kicks to fight, and his hands to block attacks, but can also punch if so minded to. 

His prosthetics have many element dust in cartridges, they go as follow.

  • Impact, located in his right quadricep area.
  • Fire, located in the left quadricep area.
  • Lightning, located in the right knee area.
  • Water, located in his left knee area.
  • Ice, located in his right thigh area.
  • Sixth slot is empty for one more element of dust. Aaron has not decided which.


Aaron was born into a rich family of lawyers and doctors. His father was the owner of a private law firm that operated in his city and his mother was a nurse in the hospital in town. He was born the youngest of 6th children, all of whom became leaders of a path that they chose. his oldest brother became a businessman, his oldest sister, a sports star. His 2nd and 3rd brothers became doctors respectively and his youngest sister, but still 7 years older than him, became a lawyer like their father. 

From a young age, Aaron displayed a unique ability in hand-to-hand combat. efforlessly mastering many martial arts, but even at that young an age, realized that his kicking technique was one that made him unique, not his punches. He appeled when he was 5 to his father about become a master fighter, the first in his family, and after much consultation over the months, he agreed. 

For 8 hours a day, everyday, Aaron would recieve private training from the best instructors available, although none of the teachers at Signal, Beacon, or Sanctum would budge to teach the prodigy. His teachers were impressed, and his sister, who had won the lightweight boxing competition in town, had to keel over to her baby brother when faced with his techniques. His father was pleased.

When he turned 8, Aaron decided to go train in the wilderness afterward. A commune with nature while he practiced his moves on the many trees around. He had outgrown training and decided to spend time working on his own style. He pummeled everything until he eventually deveoped a sense of being one with natre. He could control his kicks easier, his blocks more accurate. He was far from perfect, but from using nature as an example, he had outgrown his past self. He didn't want to fight for glory anymore. He now wanted to fight until he reached a point where he could eb one with nature. One with earth. And through using that power, he would truely become the master of fighting.

When Aaron turned 9, his hopes of ever becoming one with nature, almost vanished. After just arriving at his favourite spot in the forest, Aaron started doing his regular workouts and such, when a pack of Ursas came and started attacking the unfortunate boy. Aaron had heard of the Creatures of Grimm, he had seen pictures and had heard of Huntsmen and Huntresses, and had heard of what they did to defeat the beasts. But the Creatures of Grimm did not reside where he lives. this pack had obviously come a long way, and Aaron could hear it in the ragged breathing patterns. At this point, Aaron had not unlocked his Aura yet, and thus, when the Ursas attacked, he was helpless to defeat them. He gradually tired out, and his once so powerful kicks that could knock a teenager over, failed against these beasts. The Ursas finally cornered him, and started pummeling him. 

It was by pure luck that while fighting, he had wandered over to a shed in the wilderness. A shed of a previous Hunsman who came to the forest to live on his own, to forget the many battles and such. Upon seeing the boy, however, the man grabbed his old weapons and came to his aid. 

When Aaron came to, he noticed that his legs were heavily bandaged and that he was back home. His face, chest and arms were barely scratched, but his legs were hopelessly damaged beyond repair. Soon after he would learn that a hooded man had come with him, explaining what had happened. He was believed, as many people had heard the cries of the ursa and could see the noticable claw marks on Aaron legs. 

A few weeks later, Aaron had to have his legs amputated, the bones were smashed to bits in many areas, the muscles scarred, torn, and dead. the nerves had been damaged too, it was a miracle that no other body parts were damaged, but he fell into a state of depression. his hopes of ever fighting again were slim to zero.

But even in the darkest hours, there is always a ray of light, no matter how small they may seem. 

A man by the name of Hardier Searfeld came to town one day, and with him, a babble of excitement. Hardier had recently managed to give a boy a fully working prosthetic arm that also acted as a weapon. Aaron heard of this man, and asked his father to call him over. 

Hardier came, and by looking at Aaron, immidiately proclaimed that he would make the boy prosthetic legs that he could use as weapons as well. He asked Aaron what he wanted. a kneecap that could fire rockets? Toes that could retract and fire bullets? Blades on the quads and thighs? No, Aaron wanted dust cartridges. 

It was a resolution he had made shortly before Hardier had arrived at the house. To repay the man for saving him, he would use his new legs to fight the Creatures of Grimm. He would become a Huntsman, and when the day came, properly go and thank the man for saving him. Anything before then would be pointless. 

Hardier said afterwards it was the fire in the boy's eyes he saw that made him decide to do the job, that and also for free. 2 months later, Aaron got his prosthetic legs with 6 cartridges in total for 6 different kinds of dust. Aaron thanked Hardier profusely, but before he could put them off, Hardier left, saying that he had other things to do.

Recuperation took Aaron a solid year. His legs were adult sized, and unfit for his body, but later, with the use of duct tape, he was able to wear and walk in them, the nerves all hooking up nicely. He wouldn't be able to walk without using the tape until he became 14 though, when his body stopped growing suddenly, the perfect size for his legs. It seemed that Hardier had anticipated this and made the legs eprfect so that he would enver have to come and do maintainance on them. Regardless, Aaron was able to walk, run, and kick once again. He then later applied for Signal Academy. He would become a Hunter, no matter what. His father, seeing his resolve, wisely did not argue, although he often told his wife that their son wa sbeeing very foolish.

Aaron packed his bags 4 years later. Having graduated from Signal, he was now going to Beacon Academy to get further training in becoming a Hunter. His newfound dream would not be shattered. But he had not forgotten his commune with nature. Aaron would forever hold that experiance near and dear to his heart, and when the time came, go back to it once more.


(To be added)


"Father, I want to become a fighter."

-Aaron pitching his dream to his father.

"I've outgrown training, I wish to commune with nature to hone in my skills."

-Aaron after beating his master.

"Call this Searfeld over, I wish to have a word."

-Aaron after hearing that Hardier Searfeld was in town.

"I want dust cartridges."

-Aaron after Hardier asked what buffs he would like in his prosthetics.

"i have found the solution! It is duct tape!"

-Aaron finally able to walk with his prosthetics.

"Eat my prosthetic."

-Aaron beating up a person in sparring in Signal.


  • Aaron's prosthetics have the word defeat engraved on the kneecaps.
  • Aaron's favourite food is sushi, he says he enjoys the texture.
  • Aaron will inherit 2 million after his father passes away.
  • Aaron wants to buy the house the Hunter lives in so that he can force him to help him train.
  • Aaron dreams about pigs at least once a week.
  • Aaron translates to shield, which can be attributed to the colour white, as well as the fact that his prosthetics are white in colour, and act as his shields.

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