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"The Pale man who doesn’t fear the blade shall embody that of which is feared most of all: Death itself."
— Abbandon Tomb
Abbadon Tomb
Age 17
Title Pale Mercenary
Alias The Pale Rider
Nickname Iron
Status Active
Color White
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Species Human
Born December 12th
Handedness Left
Complexion Pale
Hair White
Eyes Pale Green
Height 6’4”
Professional Status
Affiliation Mercenaries
Partner Zilar Ander
Occupation Mercenary & Student
Job Types Assassination
Jobs Mercenary
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
Additional Info
Likes Getting the job done & Being Alone
Dislikes Not getting the job done & Being with people
Special Skills CQC, Dust & Aura
Weaknesses LRC, balance & the past
Character Theme

Abbandon's Theme


Iron as he is nicknamed, is a very cold man who seems to have no feelings for anyone, but for completing his goal. As one like this, he sees others as partners or targets to be cut down. He doesn’t care about the details or a challenge, but eliminating another person off his list.
Iron may be indeed heartless and seems to give no interest in others unless it may help him down the road in his work. Iron’s tolerance is no more than that of a military sergeant who will make his entire force pick up more work if they do anything incorrect.Iron has even admitted to sacrificing those who were partners to get the job done.
Iron does hide his past as it seems to bring up memories that can make him enraged and expose that he does have some emotion left in him. When it does surface, he will not go against harming others to calm his nerves as they send him into a psychological fury that leads to physical violence.



Iron often adores a white t-shirt with a pale green X that appears on his right shoulder. Iron’s shirt is ruck into his pale black camo cargo pants. The pants are held up by a belt that holsters multiple dust cartridges for Plague. Each cartridge is marked with a different color X associated with the dust in the cartridge. The belt itself is white. His pants are tucked into military style camo boots with a metal plating over the toe area. Both metal plates are a silver color with a pale white x on them.


Iron is a tall limber male whose hair is kept in short and matches his pale green eyes. The male’s skin is often ghostly in complexion that would be similar to one who wasn’t exposed to the sun very often. His body has faint traces of scars. His muscles are very lean and cut as they appear to be very toned. The male’s hands and fingers are very long in appearance, while his palm is very wide compared to most. The male’s legs are also similar to his arms, but his feet are flat giving him a bit of a balancing issue.

Weapon & Abilities


Plague - The Plague is a weapon heavily based off the Nodaichi with the ability to make use of dust. Unlike most Multi Action Dust weapons, Plague has to be manually loaded dust cartridges made for pistol weapons via through the butt of the hilt. It has limited use do the swap in ammunition, the effects seem to have a more powerful effect as the hilt has a trigger that once pulled activates the ammunition. When pulled, Plague glows the color and after a use of the dust, the shade of that dust lites up one of the letters of Plague inscribed into the blade. When six different dusts have been used, Plague can activate it mode through the use of the wielder’s aura.
  • Pale Harvester - When Pale Harvester is activate, the letter glow the wielder’s aura hue and grants the user to make use of thee dust effects left over from the shells in the weapon. In this state, different effects can occur, but the wielder’s aura becomes visible. In this state, the aura can take on the effects of the dust and influence the entire body of the wielder without harming them. This mode does have a limit of five minutes at most, but when finished, the wielder’s stamina has been severely drained and his strength weakened.

Combat Style

Iron is a close range combat type who makes use of a variety of dust types, though through the use of manually unloading and reloading different cartridges. When combining different Dust, he can make use of Pale Harvester which can end a battle rather quickly as his use of aura with it seems to provide use for a defense. His aura knowledge also aids him if he is unarmed and can be useful when Plague isn’t viable. His balance issue is made up for him often keeping on the move and using the weight Plague balance him.


Iron’s best qualities lie in his ability to make use of dust and aura as he is a remotely stable close-quarters combat fighter. His long blade weapon can also close a distance rather quickly and his dust cartridges supply him with a viable source of dust for quite some time. Even unarmed, his training in combat also seems to aid him and his flexibility can be very helpful.


Like those with a bad history, his past can be a trigger to one of his hidden emotions: wrath. He can become rather violent and destructive to those on his side and reveal multiple weaknesses. Even more, his dust and aura use can drain his stamina after some time and if he uses the same cartridge for some time, he may lack that particular dust. His Pale harvester can also physically impair his strength and weaken him further. His flat feet also subject him to a balance issue which may throw him off his stance and cost him.


Iron’s past is rather kept in darkness, but their are tiny hints that reveal it. His symbol belongs to the group known simply as ‘The Four’ who are said to be connected to a Hunter Superbia, the Cruz family, MTL Industries and a smaller faction of mercenaries known as ‘B.L.D.E’ who trained Iron as indicated by the other branches not matching. His psychological state is also linked to a painful childhood and his scar tissue seems to have been done to him a decade ago. Given his military-style training, it resembles the training from ex-soldiers who were known for being psychopaths. Even more, some of his catchphrases indicate that he has killed from a very young age including those who had fought beside him. Though, details are hidden, Iron seems to keep to himself and block people out.



  • Introduction “I’m Iron. . . that’s it.”
  • Entering a fight “Please do not prolong this more than it needs to be.”
  • Winning “Sadly you’re going to die shortly.”
  • Losing “I may have to use it after all. . .”
  • Pale Harvester activates “I must say. . . death has shown itself.”
  • Vistory *Last prayers target?”
  • Lost “Spare me and I’ll only come back to finish you. . .”
  • Aiding an ally “Pathetic. . . I’ll provide you with little support."


  • Iron was given to him due to Iron often be cold
    • It may be a joke on how he remains the same as Iron does until heated up like him enraged.
  • Iron has never been seen smiling in any record.


  • His first name means ‘Destruction’ in Hebrew
  • Abbadon is based on symbols of death
    • Death the Horseman was the Pale Rider
  • The Harvester in Pale Harvester is a play on Death’s weapon in Darksiders
    • Harvester is a scythe which harvests the souls of Death’s victims.
  • Plague’s name references disease which is often paired with death.
    • Plagues are a sign from god in many myths.
  • His pale green eyes are a color often paired with Death.

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