Name: Abbey Sutora

Team: JAKE

Colour: Blue

Theme: In another life, when we are cats - Maybeshewill
In another life when we are cats

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race: Faunus (Cat)

Height: 160cm

Weight: 47kg

Complexion: Pale

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Likes: Glazed Donuts, KITTIES! :3, Sleeping, Jacob

Dislikes: Onions, All Spiders, Waking Up Early, Etna


Abbey is a young girl of below average height and weight. She has blonde hair, bright blue eyes and pale skin. She has a fringe that covers her forehead down to her eyebrows and a long ponytail that is similar in appearance to that of Weiss Schnee's. She wears blue thigh-high stockings, a loose-fitting striped blue jumper and a striped blue scarf. Her three most prominent features are her black cat features, near constant blush and her decently sized chest. Her symbol is a blue and white cat intertwining to make a Yin-Yang symbol.

Maintaining balance has never been so adorable.


Abbey is very much a split personality. On one hand, she can be incredibly shy, with a paralyzing fear of social situations and severe paranoia. In this "white cat" state, she is much more loving, and almost kitten like in attitude and how she treats her loved ones. On the other hand, she can also be very manipulative. She uses her "feline charms" to infatuate both men and women, and can get away with almost anything. She also tends to act much more sexual in this "black cat" state. These states can change at random times, due to environemental factors or due to Jake's presence (In Jake's presence, Abbey always retreats into her "white cat" mode). Her split personalities do share some traits however. Both are stubborn, refusing to forego their beliefs. And both have an obsession with Jake. This lead to somewhat of an internal rivalry, the "white cat" winning him over with love and affection and the "black cat" winning him over with being too god damn sexy. Her personality types are ISFJ (Introvert 100%, Sensing 12%, Feeling 38%, Judging 11%) and ESFP (Extravert 33%, Sensing 50%, Feeling 12%, Perceiving 44%)


  • 'Kaze and Kasai: A pair of Melee-Oriented Dust Wheels '(MODW), Kasai and Kaze take the appearance of traditional Chinese Wind and Fire Wheels. The handle in the centre of the wheels is cylindrical, capable of holding different types of dust to be used for offensive purposes.
  • Aura: Abbey has a strong Aura, and can boost her offense, create shields and heal minor wounds.
  • Semblance: Abbey's Semblance is Dissociation. Dissociation causes some of Abbey's Aura to manifest into a clone, taking on her appearance and whichever personality is not in play at the time. It uses identical weapons, but its fighting style changes depending on its personality.

Fighting Style

Wind Fire Wheel01:11

Wind Fire Wheel

A demonstration of movement with a single wind/fire wheel.


I will be releasing a few chapters of a fanfiction about Team JAKE within two weeks, and her history will be explained in those. 


  • Sutora comes from the Japanese Romanji Sutoraikā, meaning striker.
  • Abbey has an obsession with Schnee Company glazed donuts. Both of her personalities unanimously agree that "they're the only food worth getting fat for".
  • Abbey's split personalities are both equally obsessed with Jake, to the point where Abbey uses her own Semblance to physically fight herself over him.
  • Abbey is an avid PC gamer, and a self-entitled member of the "PC Gaming Master Race".
  • Abbey can spin about 13 times per second, assuming she spins 360 degrees. This means a total of about 26 hits per second. She can maintain this level of velocity for about 18 seconds, for a total 468 hits.

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