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Sometimes I wonder why I threw away my nobility. But I have no regret. Someone have to do something about the world crisis even a little.
— Abner
Abnerael Gusto Camus
Weapons Prismazeit
Nickname Abner
Color Platinum
Gender Male MaleIcon.png
Age 40
Handedness Left
Hair Silver
Eyes Slate Blue
Height 6'4"
Weight 83
Professional Status

Abnekhos Foundation




Akos De'Grande


Huntsman, Engineer

Personal Status
Status Deceased
Relatives ♦Shirley Windya (Wife)

♦Ambryn Valerie (Daughter)
♦Symin Elise (Daughter)

Additional Info
Likes Trusted allies, poetry, cooking, animals
Dislikes Overdozing nobility pride, Grimm on the loose, fruitless effort


Abner is rather muscular, he looks like someone who have been working in a workshop. He has high cheekbone with mustache and a medium beard. He has quiff hairstyle and they are silver colored.

The way of his dressing is mostly represent a middle class social rank, but somehow a little traditional noble attires are in mix to it.

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Abner was known for his philosophies and his hardworking demeanor. He was a kind father who try his best to took care his family despite his full schedule of work. His philosophy was his charm to attract people into him. Because he often to spout it during an appropriate moment upon interaction with other, be it an advice or motivation boost. He learned his philosophy from various poetry.

Abner loves the smile of those who enjoy his cooking. Therefore, he is motivated enough to improve his cooking skill if his free time is supportive. He is unlike his youngest daughter, he don't get mixed up his engineering skill into cooking.

One quirk of his, is that he often to crack an unfunny jokes if he runs out of his philosophy. Awkward moment often to occur at this point but he usually stop it by resuming the topic that originally being talked about.

Alongside with that, Abner is determined to help both human and faunus to evolve through technology in order to anticipate the terror of Grimm even though he self-proclaim that his contribution is a mere small fry. Despite that, he insist doing what he believed is right as he strongly believed that a big change comes from a little change. That, he volunteer himself to do a small change.

He was meticulous when doing his research to the point leading to perfectionist. But this leading him into doubt that he might not succeed because there are lot of his creation aspect that needs to be perfected. Then again this lead him to pass down his knowledge to his eldest daughter. He hoped that someone on the next generation realize his dream.

Abner aware that his reputation as engineer is renowned by the people of his region. There was a time when he become very strict that he don't trust stranger easily. Especially when he know he had designed a blueprint of destructive fire power. He is afraid of the wrong hand misusing his design for their selfish purpose. But that wasn't the only thing he afraid of. Underneath the ground of where he and his family lived, lies a dust mine. He feared that people with greed for fortune would scheme the destruction of his home and family just to claim the dust mine. Therefore, he had to keep it a secret and devoid of people awareness especially the high class people.

Abner himself had never harvest dust inside that mine. He had no idea he had built his house above it from the first place. He usually acquire dust through normal procedure such as buying them from a dust shop. It was done to keep him on low profile. As a loving father, he doesn't want the memorable place he spent his time with his family vanished. Which is the reason he is very strict about his turf.

Weapon and Abilities

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Abner was originally a noble. During his childhood, he spent his time hanging out with his friend namely Akos. It was a joyful moment as they played together.

One day, they venture into a hill where they could view the outskirt and saw a terrible things. The Grimm attacked a village and murdered many innocent lives. Horrified, they went back to town to seek help in order to save the village. But it was a conceited respond that they got. The noble in their town refused to help because the low class aren't worth for saving.

At first, it horrified Abner. But as he grow up, he is increasingly fed up with the noble's pride of high class. He sense greed and selfish will among them. He wished he could do something about it. That last until one day he saw a group of huntsman who stood before the Grimm, wielding their astonishing weapon. Abner was inspired, and that is the beginning when he is willing to become a huntsman.

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  • The name Abnerael is derived from "Abner" and "Ael". "Abner" comes from Hebrew language which means "Father is light". Meanwhile "Ael" is another suffix of Angel.
    • "Gusto" comes from "Gustav". Which means "Mediating staff".
  • Gauth's philosophy was actually originated from Abner's. It was passed down to Ambryn in which Gauth memorized whenever she spouts it.
  • Symin's silver hair was inherited from Abner's.
  • Abner has relation to both of Brizio and Philbert's parent.

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