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Oh, you want to dance? Well, I'll show you how to really dance."
— Alizarine Prochorus
Acacia Prochorus
Age 17
Nickname Ace
Status Active
Color Alizarin
Gender Female
Race Human
Hair Brown
Height 5'8"
Weight 120
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team MAUV
Partner Vie Tontlawald
Additional Info
Weaknesses Shoes, Vain, Self-centered
Acacia Prochorus is on Team MAUV. Her rivals are Team FRST


She is extremely vain, always looking in mirrors or reflective surfaces as she passes by. She has a thing for shoes and seems to always splurge on shoe outlets with her father's money even if he can't afford it. She loves quality things not quantity. She has a knack for spotting if something is real or not which can be as small as a watch or as big as a holographic projection if that is the person's semblance. 

Her partner, Vie Tontlawald has a carefree attitude always speaking about her dreams in grandiose ways. This snaps Acacia out of her self-centered ways and observe her life. This is why she wanted to become a hunter. She wanted to repent for being selfish and help others. 

She is seen  dancing in her free time since that is something she loves to do. It clears her mind of all her selfish thoughts and she focuses on the music and the beauty of the dance. Her fighting style is very whimiscal and is based off of her flexibility and her skills at ballet and other art forms. 


  • Acacia is a flower and one variety blooms deep red. 
  • Prochorus means 'leader of the dance' in Greek.
  • She loves to dance this is a nod to the Han Christian Anderson's fairy tale "The Red Shoes ." The girl she is based off was so vain about her red shoes that they were cursed so they would dance forever. 

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