So, this is kinda like a fanfic speculation about how I think Adam should be introduced in the actual series. It is a WIP, so please bear with me.

Part I

Blake could not take it much longer. She was being attacked frm one side by a huge Ursa, and on the other side by Roman and Crimson. She alternated between striking at the Ursa and Roman and Crimson, but she already had gashes along her stomach and face, and she was beginning to tire. Leaping up onto a tree branch of the Red Forest, she readied herself. If she leapt at the right time, she could land a death blow on the Ursa and fling herself at Roman and Crimson.

Now! Blake jumped, flinging the katana of Gambol Shroud at the Ursa's head, making a clean cut. She turned, ready to strike at Crimson and Roman when....

Crash! Roman's blow from Candy Cane hit her on the chest, flinging her backwards into a tree. Blood welled from a head wound, where her head had collided with the tree trunk, and she couldn't stand up.

A voice sounded from behind her. "Blake!" She recognised that voice, but she couldn't think properly. Who was it? At that moment, she remembered. The memory brought pain, much strobger than any wound she'd ever had. Abandoning him was the hardest thing she'd ever had to do....

"Adam!" she cried, before it all went black.


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