I'm just a farmboy. But that doesn't mean I can't kick your ass.
Adrian D'Ambert
Age 17
Nickname Rian, Addy, Damber
Status Alive
Gender Male
Race Human
Species Human
Handedness Right
Complexion Olive
Hair Purple
Eyes Blue
Semblance Decoy
Height 5'11" (180cm)
Weight 176lb (84kg)
Professional Status
Partner Xylia Feldberg
Occupation Student
Jobs Farmer
Personal Status
Relatives None, family killed by Grimm
Additional Info
Likes Helping people

Hitting on attractive women

Dislikes Creatures of Grimm

Mention of his past

Special Skills Assault rifle mastery

Exceptional use of battleaxe


Adrian essentially evokes the image of "cool", or at least, he likes to think he does. His hair is a dark purple, his eyes are light blue, and his skin tone is of an olive persuasion.

Adrian wears a green buttoned shirt, coupled with a purple vest lined arround the collar with white fur. He wears purple gloves that extend up to the elbow, and the left has a customized mount for his Scroll. Adrian also wears tan-coloured pants, and purple boots. As an accessory, Adrian likes to couple his "cool" attitude with sunglasses, which rarely work.


Adrian projects a cocky, cool-under-fire attitude, always having a one-liner for any situation. Usually, this annoys his enemies to no end. But despite this, he does understand the concept of honor, refusing to attack those who can't defend themselves, and unwilling to kill anyone if he can help it.

But when faced with a Grimm, Adrian's devil-may-care attitude drops, replaced by a more ruthless persona. He attacks with more force, and is overcome by a bloodthirsty desire to continue attacking until his enemy is in pieces.

Weapon and Abilities

Threaten the kid with the military-grade assault rifle? Do you have a death wish or something?

Empyrean Defender - An assault rifle coupled with a double-ended battleaxe, the Empyrean Defender is a weapon that is difficult to master, but can make enemies stampede for cover. Adrian has modified this weapon to allow for a faster firing rate, and a lighter weapon which can still offer a heavy hit.

Semblance: Decoy - Powered from his own Aura, Adrian can create up to four decoys to distract and confuse his opponent. However, the more decoys he creates, the less time they can stay active. One decoy will last several attacks, but multiple decoys can take less attacks.

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