(Aegis is a poet, a stubborn one that wanted to write his own profile, so if it seems over dramatic, that is the point.)


He wears yellow. (TBC)


Aegis is eccentric. No matter the situation, he is always in character. Dramatizing everything, to the point of minor irritation. He loves to present his weapon, whenever he can. He thinks of it as a mother would think of her child, and often calls it his greatest creation. 

Despite calling himself SkyBorn, and fawning over his weapon, Aegis is not arrogant, he often recognizes the strengths of his enemies, and friends, and wastes no time in stating as such. He loves the thrill of combat, and considers it one of the greatest forms of art.


The winds of unhalted sorrow rang through the skies of Vale. On that ever so fateful day, the forces of the jealous one, mother nature herself, struggled to keep the joy of the people at bay. But nigh was her will strong enough, for on that day Aegis! The man of thunder! The Skyborn! Crawled out of his knave mother's womb, and there was much rejoicing. The proud woman looked upon the fruits of her labor, and declared, that this small child, no, small man! Shall be named Aegis, after his father. 

The life of this man in childs form was an eventful one, if not tragic. The father could not stand the sight of the boy. The way he walked, the way he talked, his obsession with method acting. He thought that this was no way for a man with such a powerful name were to act. He quickly departed his physical form from the boy, at the tender age of five. But the love of the man had abandoned the boy long before then.

His mother looked at his interests as nothing more than a evanescent fad, a phase, as every boy goes through. How wrong she was, she did not know, for whatever femininity that was assumed of him, was counteracted by his formidable fighting prowess.

The skill in which he wielded a blade was paralleled by few in his community. The dual and single bladed techniques he created surprised his entire community, with its inventiveness. Little did they know, the very activities they scorned were the building blocks of what they praised him for. Great writers inspired his weapons, his fighting styles, every aspect of his being.

Eventually, he realized that he could grow no more in his small community, and enrolled into Signal, hoping to spread the joy of art through combat. He was met with rejection, as the people there did not understand his love, and assumed he was weak. Calling him derogatory terms. No matter how many times he proved his fighting worth, they would still doubt him.  The title Aegis the SkyBorn he had in his community meant nothing here.

Until he joined the Festival of Knowledge. An organization for the sole purpose of spreading literature through the land. They made quite a large profit, spreading their influences through small communities, selling copies of literary classics. People began to respect him due to the group he was apart of.

But not all good things are as transparent as we would like. The sheer amount of money this group received was grossly disproportionate to the amount of product it sold. And the practices of the business were put under investigation. The quickly uncovered that the Festival was nothing more than a front for Mercenary related practices, and that it was subliminally spreading anti government influence. The leaders and other members of the group were arrested. Aegis was let go, due to being a minor, but the stigma of being a part of this group traveled with him for the rest of his time at Signal.

When he graduated, he immediately enrolled into Beacon, hoping to leave his past behind, and spread the joy of literature again.

Weapons and Semblance


Tempest is a five foot long broadsword. It stores a lightning dust crystal in its pommel. When activatedm it gives the sword electrical properties, and it is able to give his opponents a 1 million volt shock.

Weerlig and Donder

This is the split form of Tempest. When activated tempest splits completely down the middle, from its tip to its pommel. The larger lightning dust crystals inside each half of the hilt activate, creating what he calls lightning rod form. Each blade channels out a long range blast of lightning clocking in at 2 million volts each. It has the destructive capacity to smash through stone walls. When he doesn't use lightning he is just as formidable. Using a dual sword style  he read about in a book, he sends an arc of lightning with each swing. He holds his swords in an X form when defending, so the arcs of lightning travel up and down, forming a sort of barrier. 

(more to be added)

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