Aeterna Lumina
Aeterna Lumina Simple View

Vesta Lionheart


Crystal Trigger Dust Blade


Melee, Dust

Weapon Derivation

Sword, Dust

Aeterna Lumina is Vesta's custom made weapon. It is a Crystal Trigger Dust Blade (CTDB) - A weapon that works like a sword and uses the power of Dust to conjure the elements.


Aeterna Lumina is an average sized sword with the main part of the blade being purple. The hilt is made up of a gem which shows the Dust that is currently being used. The gem changes color when you insert Dust into the chamber at the bottom of the handle. It has four ways of how it can be used which changes the capabilities of Aeterna Lumina. The first it can do is use dust. The main types of Dust which are used vary from Red, Blue. It can also be used to switch how the blade is shaped. It has the Defensive form, Offensive form and Piercing form.

The blade itself is wide yet it is not really thick. It isn't heavy so Vesta can easily and gracefully swing it. Its best function would be the cartridge-gem system allowing Vesta to conjure the elements to attack. There is a flaw within the weapon though. It can explode if there is a mix of dust in it. If the cartridge isn't completely used up before you put the next one in you can create an unbalance mix which explodes.

Special Functions

Aeterna Lumina has two main functions.

The first is when you pull the trigger. The trigger changes the form the blade is in. It has three forms, Defense, Offense and Piercing. Defense is the basic form where the guards are out at the side of the hilt being able to cover her hands. Offense is the second form where the guard goes up the hilt to be next to the blade giving you more variety of slashing attacks. Piercing is the last form where the guard goes into the hilt and the blade it self can extend outward giving you more reach and more piercing attacks.

The second is when you insert a dust cartridge. The dust in the carrtidge then flows into the gem in the middle of the hilt. The dust then changes the colour of the gem showing what it currently has. This allows the blade to have one of the two current types of elements it can use. The abilities these elements can use can change depending on what form the blade is in as well. The color of cartridges widely changes the abilities that it can use.

  • Silver - The basic cartridge that uses no Dust causing no changes. This is just used to make sure nothing gets into the chamber and blocks it off when not in use.
  • Red - The first cartridge that uses dust. This coats the blade in a flame which can be used to hurl blades of fire at people within a certain distance or many other ways.
  • Blue - The second cartridge that uses dust. This coats the blade in a sharp ice which can be used to cut through almost anything and shoot shards of ice when swung.

As the Dust is used up more and more the gem's color begins to fade going back to the silver color it was before.

There is one flaw though which Vesta can actually use to her advantage.  If the cartridge isn't completely used up before you put the next one in you can create an unbalance mix which explodes. It would try to coat the blade like the other types of dust but due to the unstable mix instead of coating the blade it would just explode. This in turn launches the user in the opposite direction of where the blade is facing. This can either hurt the user or help them. They can use it to help fight or try to move it around faster or even propel yourself in the air. This flaw can be used like a double edged sword.


  • Aeterna Lumina are latin words. In a literal translation of it you would get "Eternal Moonlight". Aeterna means Eternal while Lumina means Moonlight.
  • Vesta originally named it Aeterna Lumina because of the explosion caused by the mix of Dust. The first time she saw the explosion she noticed the moonlight glow in it so she thought of Lumina when she saw it. Aeterna was thought up because she felt that this would be her weapon for all of eternity.

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