"Like the phoenix no matter how many times I fall , I will always rise again.Aidan Phoenix

Age: 17

Symbol: a tornado writhed in fire

Character Theme: The Phoenix; Fallout Boys 
The Phoenix Lyrics Fall Out Boy


Aidan is a 6 foot tall teenage boy of the age of 17 that weighs 175 pounds. On his head he wears a grey fedora with red trim that frames his ember red hair that has ash grey streak for highlights. On his torso he wears an red t-shirt underneath a grey leather duster that has red trim with his symbol on the back and the brest pocket on the left side. On his legs he wears standard, ash grey combat pants and his feet are covered by ash grey combat boots with ember red trim. Due to the experiments done on his body Aidan's eye color has changed to different colors. His original eye color was an ash grey, but now only his left eye is ash grey as his right eye has changed to an ember red color.


When Aidan was 10 years old he was found by a hunter in the streets of Vale. He had amnesia and was unable to remember anything about his past years except his first name and how to speak. Several days later Aidan fell ill. However, this was a strange illness as no medicine Aidan took would work and the symptoms seemed as if Aidan was going through a form of withdrawal. Through exstensive research the hunter found a chemical composition that made it so that Aidan was feeling healthy again, but after a few months he had to take another injection. Now that Aidan was fine the hunter took the opportunity to look into Aidan's past to see if he could find anything about the boy and maybe get him back to his family.

The hunter was later found dead in a back alley in Vale. On his body was found a letter to Aidan showing what he had found out. Aidan had been subjacated to experiments to try and make it so that he could control the elements without a Dust catalyst. Unfortunately, Aidan was a failure and had severe consequences. His memory had been lost from after he escaped and his eyes had been turned two different colors, as well as now Aidan required an injection every week or else his body would go through a withdrawal and probably kill him. 

Aidan, wanting to pay back the hunter for what he did for him, attended Signal academy. There he built his own weapons and learned how to fight with them. After he graduated he applied for Beacon and was accepted and now attends in the hopes of becoming a hunter so that he can help people the way the hunter helped him and so that he can learn the hunter's name which he never found out so that he can properly thank the hunter for the help he offered Aidan.

Weapons and Abilities

Aidan wields two Semi-automatic Dual Action Machineswords that he either uses at the same time or one at a time depending on the skill level of his opponent. The swords look identical so he often switchs which one he is using to confuse his opponent because he uses different fighting styles for each blade and is an expert at each one. When wielding both his skills become much more refined as he as trained himself using both more than when he wields them by themselves. These swords are named Dawn's Blaze and Dusk's Fall. Both swords use a combination of red and white dust to fire incendiary rounds. When using Dawn's Blaze he uses a style a kin to Kendo and when wielding both he uses this sword in his right hand. Dusk's Fall is wielded in his left hand and when using it he uses a style a kin to fencing.

Aidan's aura is an ember red in color and his Semblance he uses when he uses both of swords. His Semblance allows him to manipulate fire to a lesser degree. He can't do stuff like cause a fireball to shoot at you, but what he can do is coat his swords in fire causing them to have an increase in cutting power and making it harder for the opponent to allow to the sword to get closer as it could catch them on fire.

Personality and Miscellanious

Aidan, though he doesn't look it, is a very self critical person. He is always critiquing himself so he can become better. He believes in always doing the right thing even if for the wrong purpose. This has lead him to treat all as equals and to help whenever possible and to the best of his ability. He also has an unbending will that has him never giving up in anything, no matter how many times he fails and gets knocked down he gets right back up and tries again no matter how hard the challenge he faces. He values his friends above all else because he doesnt remember his family so he considers his friends his family and protects them.

Aidan tends to act as an observer, never actually doing anything unless it turns into something bad, trusting the involved parties to work it out themsevles. He tends to have a flare for the theatrical so whenever he does do something it will get noticed and he will get recognition for what hes done good or bad.

He earned his name Phoenix at Signal Academy. It started as a nickname due to his never give up attitude but eventually he adopted it as his surname making his full name Aidan Phoenix.

He seems to have a strange affinity for music and enjoys all kinds no matter the instrument. He believes that something in his past was centered around music and he strives to hear as much of it as possible hoping it will bring any memories of his past to the surface. Whenever he hears a talented musician he asks were that person learned to play and makes note of who taught them if it wasn't a family member.

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