My goal, you say? Ahuhuhu. I want to create the Ultimate Stage of battle, where the greatest heroes -and me- will gracefully and fabulously fight the Grimm. With perfect training, preparation, and beauty, not only will we be revered as heroes and regain a patch of human land, but we become icons of valour, beauty, and human perseverance. This is why I want to be a Huntress. This is why Hunt and Actress mix so well with me.
— Akamizu
This OC belongs to Jester Mad. Do not Steal! >:C
Akamizu Shibai
Age 18
Title Ocean Dancer.
Nickname Akami (from Berde and her friends) Mizu (other friends)
Status Active
Color Brown
Gender Female
Race Human
Handedness Left
Complexion Fair
Hair Black
Eyes Yellow
Semblance Flow
Height 5'5"
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy

Team ARGT Anti-Honeybee (in alternate reality)

Partner Tiffany Twisted
Occupation Leader of Theatre Club


Additional Info
Likes Acting, action movies, swords, having fun, reading and writing scripts.
Dislikes Plot holes, actors who are in it for money, things that are not going as she expected
Special Skills Arcade game master, Acting, dancing
Weaknesses Low defence, reliance on mix-up, average Aura, average health
Battle Theme

Kaede Castle Boss

Akamizu Shibai is the leader of Team ARGT. A kind actor and a lover of joy, she wields her Multi-Purpose Dust Nodachi known as Umi-no-Korosu with deadly precision and skill.


Akamizu is a woman of average height with fair skin and long black hair. Her bangs are straight, giving her a princess-like appearance. Her rounded eyes are yellow, which commonly mix well with her smiling face. She has a slightly rounded face.

She mostly wears a yukata with a short skirt mixing with her thigh-high dark blue stockings with red trims and heeled sandals. Her yukata is white and has a tsunami design on it albeit coloured rust red as a nod to her name. She has a black sash wrapped around her waist, which goes over her white brown obijime. A long sheathe rests on her back, which houses her Nodachi.


Akamizu is flamboyant, fun-loving, and commonly very active. Her acting skills and love for it makes her quite popular and comfortable with a large crowd. She's also quite an attention-seeker, given her love for acting. She likes to make her friends and her fans as joyful as she could.

Akamizu knows of a Huntress's duty and is not oblivious to the people who can't protect themselves. While she wants to use her Huntress status to set up a grand stage and have her name known throughout the whole world, she still genuinely cares for those who can't fight, making her surprisingly humble.

Behind it all, Akamizu usually houses a great fear of people not cheering for her, and commonly develops a great doubt. She's emotionally sensitive whenever a crowd isn't entertained by her, causing her to go into great episodes of crying.

Due to her joyful attitude and her skill in acting, it's sometimes hard for even her friends to determine whether she's putting up a mask to hide something deep. She's also quite bitter and distant with her emotions sometimes, which results in her lying just to keep people happy. Because of this, she has some trouble expressing her genuine feelings, mostly due to it being gained from her parent's disapproval of her dreams. At times when she knows she's been hit right at the mark, she feigns confidence to hide how she truly feels: afraid. She shares this similar feeling with Berde, yet the latter isn't more subtle in hiding it due to his honesty.

Despite her flamboyancy, she's in no way a pushover in battle. Her mixture of power and speed as well as grace make her quite an opponent. She's sharp minded and uses her observational skills in acting to pin-point patterns or movements from her opponents. She's also a capable leader, able to inspire and able to instruct clearly.


Akamizu was born to a wealthy family of Huntsman in Mistral who are assigned to protect their home out of tradition. She also has a little brother.

The village she came from was beautiful. It's most famous sight were the cherry blossom trees in the spring and the reflective and clean waters.

For an heiress of a wealthy family, she was quite skilled, independent, but also outgoing, humble, and lacking a care of any social stigmas, immediately making her respected by people of all classes in her village.

She was already chosen for the path of the sword. While showing good skills as well as her Semblance making her a deadly swordsman, she was bored of training (despite the latter, she had a good deal of losses from older swordsman, yet still won some of them). One day, she encountered paper drama of an ancient swordsman during her journey back to school. Inspired by how inspiring and beautiful these stories were, she not only increased her passion in swordsmanship, but wanted to learn more about acting.

In her free time, she'd commonly find more paper dramas, then soon, actual dramas. She also started to watch action movies to learn more about acting. Her parents were quite proud of her improving her swordsmanship through various sources, but disapproved of her learning acting, as they found it a useless skill.

Her little brother grew up learning how to wield a sword, but unlike Akamizu, was more focused and diligent despite him having lower skill than his sister.

At the age of 12, she was supposed to be inheriting her father's sword, but after discovering that her room was full of books and movies on acting, she considered her unworthy of inheriting it. Despite this, her father did acknowledge that her sword skills were great, yet, to wield the sword, it must be passed on to one who dedicates her whole life into their art. Akamizu wasn't worthy. She was disowned for pursuing acting, and her father's sword was now given to her brother.

She then went to her family's trusted friend and blacksmith, Hakuzo Hattori. She told him that since she was disowned by her family, she will take a journey outside of the village to learn to become a Huntress on her own right. Hakuzo then built Umi-no-Korosu, a black nodachi modified with a Revolving Dust Cylinder over its Tsuba. She wondered what it was, but Hakuzo insisted she'll learn through her journey.

Before she left, her father approached her. She asked if she still wanted to be a Huntress, to which she said yes. He asked why she was also interested in acting, and she answered that she wanted to be as inspiring as possible. Though he didn't want her daughter being the new head of the family, but even while she disowned her from the sword, he sensed her passion of wanting to learn acting also. Taking her best interests at heart, her father allowed her to stay with their trusted retainer, Midori Kusanagi. Midori Kusanagi: trusted friend of the Shibai clan and renowned guardian of her village, agreed to watch over her during her tutelage in Sanctum. At 13, she and Midori travelled to Sanctum and settled at the city.

Midori was a strict teacher, but she showed no disgust to her spending time to study acting. She even helped her by teaching her certain things to overcome common actor pet peeves like stage fright (dancing) and speaking loudly and clearly (kiais).

Fitting in was quite hard at first due to her being a rich person from the "boonies". She was usually made fun of, and her attempts at acting or entertaining usually ended up with ridicule. Midori, though cold, was always the shoulder for her to cry on and the sage of her teenage problems. She joined the Theatre Club -despite its low amount of members- and met Harlequin Lucy, the Theatre Club leader. She was a daughter of a famed actor, who also wants to pursue a mixed lifestyle of hunting and acting. Harley (she likes being called that) influenced her greatly, and showed her more on how acting and being a Huntress can work: to fight to protect and inspire, and to entertain, also inspiring). She told her that Huntresses work to bring comfort, positivity, and hope in to other people, and acting can do that too. Being both might be hard, but she loved acting and inspiring people so much that she wanted to just fuse both. She told her of Doctors that are Huntsmen, even Engineers.

Akamizu's image of a Huntsman changed that day. She thought they were just guardians and "special" soldiers meant to fight Grimm.

At 2nd year, Harley graduated into Haven. Akamizu, her closest friend and special disciple (there were a few people there) took the torch. It started out rocky at first, but she soon put her amazing acumen and creativity to the test. Their first act resulted in "laughs, then tears, and finally relief and content". She soon started working harder, even to the point of overwork. Midori, and her club members were there to lend a helping hand whenever she planned scripts, gathered supplies, or watched over choreography.

The Theatre Club soon became the talk of the school, anticipating certain acts or shows. Popularity and glory didn't get into her head; she still proceeded to do incredibly well in school as well as be one of the top ranked in sparring, rivalling Alvis and Gram (though, she didn't talk to them much as they were too caught up in either the Gramvis War or Naga (in the case of Gram)). Despite being offered to be in some promotional material, she declined, wanting merchandise of her as soon as she graduates her "second" academy (i.e Beacon, Haven etc.).

Then came the age of 16.

Of course, with every act, expectations started to rise, causing her to be less confident on her own decisions despite her role as leader of the club. It was then that she developed her false-mask. Whenever people were worried about her, she kept up a deceptive smile that even the actors found hard to see through. Midori started getting a lot more worried, and soon, she caught her in a very depressed state in her room.

She found it hard to cope with acting, but Midori told her that to overcome this problem is to not dwell in the negativity and worry, but to keep learning. Being an Actress, being any other job was like being a Huntsman: While they graduate and stay on the job, they still have a lot more to learn in their jobs, only if they continue to move forward. Through highs and lows, that's what jobs and life is like.

At 17, she still continued to be the leader. Some say she was one of the best leaders they had. Ever since she recovered from that false mask, she improved a lot and her shows became a lot better. When asked about where she'd go, she got a letter from Beacon suggesting she'd take the Entrance Exam. This got her wondering if she should go to Haven with her friends going there, or go to Beacon to achieve higher learning and gain greater fame from graduating and learning from such a prestigious academy.

She chose Beacon, but was still uneasy of her decision.

During the meeting, she announced she'll be going to Beacon. Despite the sudden silence, they cheered for her leader. She was expecting boos, but she was surprised by how supporting they were in her choice. She thought that they would dislike her for choosing something prestigious over being with friends. They encouraged her to be a great actress and great Huntress; she was one of their biggest inspirations in both. She then cried tears of joy from this.

As she took the exam, she passed quite easily at a favourable mark. Midori agreed that if she'd pass, she'd move to Vale with her in any case she needs council. After all, Midori was honestly getting bored of Mistral.

Entering Vale, she was a bit nervous, but optimistic. Her adventures at Sanctum were over, but she knew it didn't mean that there were no more adventures left.

For one year, she enjoyed and is still enjoying her adventure in Beacon with Team ARGT. As a leader, she provided the usually stoic team (Regalia was too focused on work, Gram was too focused on training, and Tiffany was brooding way too much) with the needed joy and comic relief. She's also the leader of the Theatre Club, which immediately rivalled one of the top clubs: The Academy Huntress Project. With her friends by her side and an optimistic and happy view of the future, she hoped this adventure will be worthwhile.



She's incredibly skilled in the art of the sword. While wielding a nodachi, she wields it with surprising grace, agility, and strength. She's able to fight with her sword in various stances such as reverse-grip, one-hand, or two hand. She can mix it up with her martial arts skills and Semblance to make her a tricky opponent.

Martial Arts/Physical Strength

She's skilled in Aikido, which she can use in conjunction with her sword techniques. While its fighting style is mostly focused on grapples and tosses, she's able to throw kicks or punches, though the latter isn't common as she mostly prefers palm strikes, which she mostly combines with her Aura.

She's quite strong herself, able to shatter brick with a single kick unassisted by Aura.


Her Aura is above average. Due to her mostly offensive focus, her Aura is mostly used offensively, mostly with her palm strikes. She's able to produce blue cutters by swinging her sword in an arc, acting as a sort of projectile.


She's the 2nd fastest in her team. Her attack speed and mobility is only dwarfed by Tiffany, the assassin of the team. She's able to swing her nodachi incredibly fast, and while she can parry effectively, she's adept at dodging strikes, and her dodging compliments her Semblance, in which can provide tricky escapes and repositioning.

Dust Mastery

She's quite adept at using Dust with her sword due to its special modification. If she does a roundslash with her sword, she's able to create a quick tornado around her that blows away opponents, or a tornado that moves forward with Wind Dust. She's able to use it defensively such as making pillars of ice or earth to obstruct opponents.


She's the 2nd smartest in her team. While Regalia is smarter, she mixes diligence with experience which makes her a great leader and tactician. She's quite analytical in both academics and combat and is quite good at predicting her opponent's next moves through scanning their patterns or techniques.

Semblance: Flow

Flow is a Semblance that allows her to "cancel" her attacks, allowing her to immediately take another action after she does said action. If she throws a swing and misses, she'd have to go back into position to ready herself to attack or for another attack, which takes a considerable amount of time. With this Semblance, she's able to immediately go back into her standby position or transition into another attack.

She has 8 "charges" of Flow. Each time she cancels a move, she consumes a charge. There's no downtime in between using charges, meaning she can string a series of moves quite quickly. The recharge rate of the Flow charges are around 30 seconds, meaning she has a total of 240 seconds, which means it takes 3 minutes to recharge all of her charges.

Using Flow and recharging Flow uses up Aura. Given her Aura, without being hurt too much, she has a maximum amount of 24 resets in a fight before exhausting herself.

When she uses her Semblance, it has a vivid red water effect as if she was wet. When she cancels a move and goes into another move, it seems like she's temporarily encased in water. This is purely cosmetic and has no elemental property.


She's a very offence oriented character, so hitting her will already promise great damage. While strong, fast, and graceful, she's only good on strength. Having 0 Flow is one of her biggest weaknesses as it won't provide her the "safe" attacks she needs and it exhausts her Aura as she recharges it.

Weapon: Umi-no-Korosu

Meaning Sea of Killing, it's a black nodachi with a red hamon (the sharp edge of the blade) and a revolver cylinder above its Tsuba. The cylinder contains Dust cartridges, which allows her to use Dust on her weapon. While the katana itself has a trigger, it has no hammer; the cartridge above the back of her blade simply inserts itself into the sword. When the Dust is cleared out, it automatically ejects out of the chamber. The sword is 1 meter long and compared to most katanas, it's rather straight. The tsuba has a flower design. Umi-no-Korosu's scabbard is dark blue.

Other Skills

She's an experienced actor and great orator. She also has an uncanny skill in arcade games, usually winning prizes. She's also a great dancer due to her love for theatrics, mostly preferring traditional kinds of dancing. While able to survive travelling, she's a horrible cook, and her only good dishes are sushi and sashimi.
Akamizu Shibai's Stats :

Primary Role Fighter
Secondary Role Assassin
Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo
Battle Skill
Semblance Mastery
Social Charm


  • Her name means Rust Water in Japanese. It also has the words Aka and Mizu on it, which mean Red and water respectively.
  • Her name is a reference to the Kamishibai, a paper drama show akin to puppet plays. Coincidentally, a Kamishibai inspired her to take acting. After all, she's Akami(zu) Shibai.
  • She was partially inspired by Sasaki Kojiro.
  • Initially starting as a minor character in Jester Mad's fanfiction, he'd later flesh out her character fully.
  • She has a crush on Berde.
  • According to Jester Mad, if his OCs were in Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons, Akamizu would be a bachelorette option for Berde.
  • Her favourite action movie is Kill Quill, which would probably be RWBY's version of Kill Bill (would work; Bills might be evocative of bills (duck) or what you need to pay for people's services (phone bills etc.)
  • Her Semblance can be compared to Cancelling in Fighting Games. While it's inspired by Roman/Rapid Cancelling from the Arc System Works fighting games, Jester was mostly inspired by DFO's Muscle Shift and Dry Out skill, which allows the character to cancel their skills into another skill.
  • Her Scroll Ringtone is Grip by Every Little Thing, specifically at the beginning of the chorus. [1]

Comic Relief

  • She usually makes jokes based on acting or arcade games.
  • Cooking anything aside from sushi or sashimi results in the kitchen being either destroyed or lit aflame.
  • Her acting skills involve changing into costume quickly. Depending on the situation, she changes outfits. When she's serious and disciplinary, she wears a prefect uniform complete with coat cape. When she's giving a lesson and there are males, she changes into a "sexy" teacher outfit. When she says that she'll be the judge, she'll wear a long coated school uniform with a hat that seems to look like it mixes with her hair.
    • Adding to the above, she comically has a multiple personality disorder.
  • Akamizu hilariously tortures Tiffany as her Camerawoman.
    • Whenever someone asks for training, she always shouts "Tiffany, turn on the Montage Music!", constantly playing montage music while Tiffany videotapes their training. Whenever she's done, she shows her trainee the montage after Regalia edits the whole montage.

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