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They say beauty can kill. . . hopefully mine doesn’t kill you right away dear~!
— Akane Date
Akane Date
Age 17
Title The Runner
Alias The Grimm-Eater
Nickname Red
Status Active
Color Violet
Gender Female
Race Caucasian
Species Human
Born April 15th
Handedness Right Handed
Complexion Pale
Hair Desire Red
Eyes Phlox Purple
Height 5'9"
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team N/A
Partner N/A
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives The Date Clan
Additional Info
Likes Teasing Guys, Children, Strong men and dancing music.
Dislikes People seeing her blush, people seeing her softer sides and music with no beat.
Special Skills Swordsmanship and Aura Defense
Weaknesses Low Pain Tolerance & Vulnerability to damage
Character Theme

Akane's Theme


Akane at first can be the hot-headed redhead with some sass, but that only hides her true power as this woman has style. Akane seems to like using her body to lure her prey in before striking them down and she loves to flirt despite her short temper. Akane could fit the wife type who runs the relationship and seems to never take ‘no’ for an answer as she can be very forceful.
Akane may come off as the tough one, but she does have a sweet spot for children or those below her often carrying pieces of candy for them as she loves the smile on a child’s face. She can be the very motherly type, but it is short lived as she can treat her friends and enemies with the same exterior often placing them under her blade.



Akane’s main attire is a blue short-kimono that is wrapped around her torso and is held against her by a crimson red corset that reveals a bit of her cleavage. The back of her corset also bares a violet flower.She also appears to sport a long-skirt that is opened on the right side that allows her to move more freely. This also gives way to her brown boots with red vines along them that also have clogs built into the base of them.


At first glance, Akane has long red hair that meets her shoulders and her purple eyes seem to pop. Her red hair has some waves in it and in many cases, her right eye is covered by her long hair, but her pale complexion only brings out her beauty. Physically, Akane has some slim curves with some bold features that pop rather in her chest and waist area. Her abdominal area displays some light abs as her limbs show more presence of muscles. Her legs are rather long and her upper legs have some thickness to them which often give off to her appeal.

Weapon & Abilities

Tosuka Surugi

Tosuka is heavily based off the Odachi, a large version of the katana. This weapon often appears to be in a sheath that is in cased in a violet sheath. The hilt appears to have a royal purple color to it with the hilt being a bit slimmer than most hilts. When drawn, the blade is actually encased in a blue hue metal. The blade is is rather light, but the weapon’s design also seems to be paired with it’s sheath as it can sheath the hilt and be given a longer hilt. The hand guard which is in the shape of a feather also seems to click into the sheath. This longer hilt is thicker and has some defensive purposes, but the weapon can discharge small rounds at a high speed similar to a submachine gun. The blade will also flip onto the top and act as a tool to defend with the tip of the feather being useful as an iron sight.

Combat Style

Akane uses a style of elegance and raw power in her style as Akane has some degree of dance steps in her style. Though she is very agile, her large blade is often used after draining her enemy’s stamina and opening holes in their defence. She will often study her opponents by egging them on and using their own anger against them. This doesn’t go without saying Akane isn’t skilled in aura. As a way of defense, she uses this if disarmed and wants to regain her Tosuka.
  • Dancing Sakura Wind - When using this stance, she can be seen twirling around as she draws her blade and making quick strikes as she twirls.A gentle breeze is often formed when she uses this move.
  • Gentle Rain Storm - A move that is used against larger enemies which she will often get above them and make multiple strikes from above with grace and speed.
  • Elegant Glass Spear - When the sheath is combined with her hilt, she will dash in and create an aura barrier around herself as she pierces her opponent. She will unlock the sheath and pull it off as she grab her sword’s hilt and begin to jab her opponent with the sheath.
  • Soaring Falcon Strike - When in the air she will often combined the hilt and use the gun mode to move herself before she unloads the fire backwards to add speed before she slices her opponent and continues to unload, until she passes her opponent.
  • The Ten-Fang Dragon - This move is a move was taught to her by her mother, which is a move which comprises of different sword strikes that land on the same spot, but followed up by a jab to it with her hilt and combining the two to unload one shot which deals the final blow. Eight sword strikes, one jab of the hilt and a bullet from the smg mode.


Akane’s ability to drag out and weaken her opponent without much assistance from her weapon displays her strength as a tactician. Even more so, she doesn’t need to rely on her weapon solely to fight an opponent. Her ability to understand and read an enemy’s weapon may even lead to her finding weaknesses in the weapons and break them.


Akane’s weakness may come in the fact that she doesn’t wear any armor which could be an issue if her opponent is a brute or one who can attack her from a blind spot. Even more so, she doesn’t have much offensive power without her weapon meaning she will drain herself of aura rather quickly if she were to rely on it. Her overall strength isn’t too great and she can easily be defeated in hand-to hand combat if one were to get her if she doesn’t respond fast enough.


A citizen of Vale, Akane comes from a family of huntresses who were known to be very beautiful and very deadly. The Date Clan was originally a clan of women who were to be married off and be supportive wives, but her grandmother, Lyudia went against this and began to strive as the first huntress in her family. Sure enough, her daughters did the same and went on to become huntresses as well.
Akane being the third generation in the Date clan to follow her grandmother’s footsteps wishes to become just like her. Even more so retaining the style of the family and wanting to advance it. Deciding it was needed, she began to improve her grades and impress her peers as she wanted to attend Beacon Academy. After tiring years of doing her best, she was accepted into Beacon.



  • Akane in Japanese means brilliant red whereas Date in Japanese means gallantry or showy
    • Her name in formal Date Akane could mean “Courageous Red” the names could reflect this.
  • The candy she carries is flavored cherry.
  • She often cared for her younger sister which may be the reason why she carries candy and loves children.
  • Her grandfather was noted to be a powerful swordsman, but died saving her grandmother.
    • He own twin katanas that were not special in any way, but he was known to be a beast.
  • She is well versed in different styles of dancing, but is rather shy about being complimented on it
  • She also appears to be very knowledgable about decorating, though she also seems to get shy about this.
  • Despite being a seductress, she seems to get shy around guys who are able to beat her in combat.
    • She has lossed to one man who was larger, than life in a competition, though he never told her his name, she often recalls that he wore a white camo.


  • Kenjutsu is the art of understanding which is what influenced her style.
  • Date is the surname that belonged to the General Date Masamune
    • This also reflects in Akane’s swordsman skills and possibly a reference to the Sengoku Basara version of Masamune.
    • Her grandfather is based upon Masamune in the same way Masamune was known as the One-Eye Dragon
  • Totsuka-no-Tsurugi is the name of Susanoo and Izanagi.
    • The name means Ten-Fist Sword
    • Modified name due to Japanese name not being prevalent in RWBY
  • She was inspired by a mix of Lie Ren and Weiss Scnee from RWBY
    • Taking in her elegance and aura use.
  • Her looks were inspired by Jessica Rabbit of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Erza Scarlett and Parasoul of Skullgirls
    • Which may of inspired her sass, though jessica contributed to her seduction
  • Her appearance is based on Magoichi Saika from Sengoku Basara and Ikaruga of Fairy Tail
    • Both of which also have influences in her combat style and personality to an extent.
  • Lyudia was the short variant for the famous female sniper during WWII
    • Even more so, that a sniper in Borderlands franchise was named after her
  • Her alias Grimm-Eater references women being called Man Eater’s.
  • The candy she carries is a reference to Mifune of Soul Eater
    • Mifune being a skilled swordsman also reflects upon her character
  • Zoro of One Piece and Yamamoto of KHR were originally intended to be the basis for a male swordsman, though this was rejected due to Dao Tu, but still have some relations
    • Yamamoto’s playful side and Zoro’s cocky nature seem to be present in Akane’s Two-Face personality
  • Akane’s weapon is based off Maesa Keiji’s of Sengoku Basara

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