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I will fight you tooth and nail to break you, Fang.

Akasma Spia
Age 18
Alias Fang Breaker
Color White
Gender Male
Race Faunus
Species Wolf
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Fair
Hair Black/blue
Eyes Copper
Semblance Dull Fang
Height 6' 2"
Weight 175 lbs.
Professional Status
Affiliation [REDACTED]
Team Team ARKS
Partner Ragnhild Gnishilda
Additional Info
Emblem Akasma Symbol
Character Theme

Asking Alexandria - Poison
Battle Theme

Avenged Sevenfold - Natural Born Killer

Akasma Spia is the team leader of Team ARKS.  He hails from faunus territory and the White Fang, wielding his own custom-made Cleavitars named Assa and Sino - Soul Shroud Gun Blades (SSGB) that fire 30-06 ammunition and detach with aura.  Akasma has an assumed idenity, his alias - Fang Breaker - that undermines the White Fang.


Akasma is a tall, 18-year-old boy with a muscular body.  He has a fair complexion, with scars scattered over his body - a result of his past in the White Fang.  Most noticable is a scar that runs from his right eye to his chin, from one of his original missions in the organization, and a tattoo - the emblem of the White Fang - on his right bicep.  He has black hair that turns to blue at the ends, and copper eyes with specks of blue, green, and gold in them.  His wolf ears are hidden by the hooded coat her consantly wears.

As Akasma, he wears a long, hooded coat that's white with red and silver accents.  He wears oriental metal bracers on his forearms over the coat, and a large belt buckle with his symbol engraved on it.  Across his chest is a procective breastplate.  Underneath this is a maroon shirt.  He wears black jeans with frayed slits cut at the knees.  Akasma wears black/red combat boots on his feet.

As Fang Breaker, he wears a long, black trenchcoat with a high collar and white stitching/lines, adorned with various straps and buckles.  He maintains the breastplate and bracers, but adds shoulderpads to complete his armor.  Fang ditches Akasma's belt buckle for a simple buckle, but the belt itself is studded.  Also, Fang wears black gloves to keep his fingerprints off a scene, and boots with a different sole than Akasma.


Akasma was born into a militaristic family who fought for faunus rights against humans.  They held high values and morals, being greatly respected in the community.  His father was a retired General, his mother an experienced fighter.  He grew up knowing tactics - how to attack, where to place hits, learning how to use the terrain to his advantage, among many other things.

For many years, he attended protests, thinking it unfair that they were treated like lesser beings.  Akasma thought he had a say in the world, and he could make that difference.

Spia became so devouted to his cause that he joined the White Fang in the rebellion against humans.  He was sent on many details for the organization, quickly climbing the popularity ranks.  Akasma ran like clockwork - effective, efficient - everything the White Fang could ask for.  

Over time, Akasma began to wonder about his cause.  Had it really been all in his head, creating violence to obtain answers? His family had taught him better.  Were their minds warped to fit the brainwashing? He decided it wasn't right - killing to get a point across.  And he hated himself for taking lives in the past.  Akasma swore he'd take out the White Fang, no matter how long it took.  But going into a fight would be foolish.  Hence, he kept his agenda secret from the organization.

One day, he was approached by his commanding officer about an opportunity - a chance to go undercover in Vale to assassinate an extreemist.  Akasma took the offer gladly.  It was time for him to begin his actual work.

Spia never did carry out the detail.  Instead, he faked his death and told the man to run, that the White Fang would soon be crushed.  But he asked for his signature, which the man gave to him.  Then and there, Fang Breaker was born.  Using the signature, he applied for Beacon with applications he previously 'borrowed' from a Signal student.

Akasma spends his spare time undermining the White Fang, keeping Akasma Spia and Fang Breaker separate.


Akasma Spia is devouted to the things he cares for - so much so that's he's willing to risk it all to save someone, even if it means his life.  Spia is in constant need of something to occupy his time, and cannot spend a great deal of time on one thing.  However, in combat, this feeling goes away.  He's collected, calm, and calculative.

Also, Akasma is incerdibly wise, albeit he talks more than your average scholar.  His past serves as his reference for many things, taking experiences and turning them into morals, lessons, and things of the like.  He is open to people and is not afraid to speak his mind.  Despite this, he's witholding, and will not let a secret out unless heavily swayed, save revealing Fang Breaker's idenity.

When he's anrgy, he tends to get very heated, almost to the point of killing them.  But he's always brought back by his history, and how he promised killing to get a point across was wrong.

Akasma has developed a split personality over time due to Fang Breaker.  When he's under this alias, he's ruthless, and would like nothing more than to see the world burn.  He is stealthy, but is not afraid to go loud when he needs to.

Akasma does his best to keep the two separate, which has worked so far.  On occasion, Fang will spill over into Akasma, usually during combat or when he's angry.  

Abilities & Powers

Akasma's Semblance is what he refers to as 'Dull Fang'.  When he activates it, his damage goes down by half for an increase in speed. There's a 45 second cooldown between each use.

Akasma has a naturally large amount of aura.  Spia's Aura is black in color.

When Akasma runs his aura through his weapons, the blades hang suspended by his aura.  Because of this, he does not feel the weight blades and can move the weapons faster, but still feels their drag.  Think of this as swinging a yo-yo.

Fighting Style

Akasma is naturally fast and agile, able to easily evade most attacks.  He likes to combo his weapons in deadly fashion, using the blades in different modes to create crushing attacks.  Listed are some of his favorites.  Note that some of these can be used with both blades, as opposed to a signular blade.

  • Two-One Step - Akasma comes in close, shoots once, stabs, and follows up with another shot.  This move is performed by a single blade.  This move is easily comboed.
  • Ying-Yang - Spia concentrates his aura to one weapon, changing its form.  He often will use this in conjunction with Two-One Step.
  • Gunslinger - Akasma backs off, firing off bullets to suppress and strike an opponent.  He will sometimes charge in and combo afterwards.
  • Blistering Fang - Akasma executes a series of slashes, follows up with close-range gunfire, and runs his aura through his weapons, following up with more slashes.

Akasma is calm, precise, and calculative.  Because of his tactical backgroud, he'll rethink strategy if he needs to.  Regardless, Fang Breaker tends to spill over into combat on occassion - where his agression takes over for a short period of time.

Because of his weapons, Akasma can do range and close, giving him an advantage over an opponent.


Akasma's weapons of choice are a custom built hybrid sowrd he likes to call Cleavitars - half cleaver, half scimitar - called Assa and Sino.  These Soul Shroud Gun Blades (SSGB) have the straightedge characteristic of a cleaver with the swiftness and lightweight build of a scimitar.  This straightedge is slightly rounded to provide the barrel for the rounds shot.  The hilt has a built-in hook that contains a sharp edge.

The end of the blade is staggered on an angle to provide a stabbing addition.  As the edge progresses to the cheek of the sword, there's a gut hook that also serves as the ejection chamber for spent rounds.  Past the gut hook, the blade angles into the hilt with secondary lines meeting just above the connection.

When Akasma runs his aura through the weapons, their blades detach from the hilt and remain suspended a few inches away, his black aura shrouding the weapons.  This is a result of Spia's aura in offensive mode.  While in this from, however, he cannot fire bullets.

Magazines load into the curved handle of the weapons, resting flush against the surface.  Found between the hilt and the handle is a hair trigger.  Each magazine holds 15 rounds of 30-06 ammunition.



  • Akasma is Turkish for 'White Rose'
  • Spia is Italian for 'Spy'
  • His clothing is based off of Ezio Auditore of Assassin's Creed and Kirito of Sword Art: Online

Photo Gallery

  • Akasma's symbol, done by the ever so talented Flora.

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