On this path

Where nobody else travels

An Autumn Sunset.
— Aki Kaede
Aki Kaede
Aki Kaede-Head
Age 17
Color Amber
Gender Female
Race Human
Handedness Ambidextrous
Hair Maple Brown
Eyes Amber
Height 5'2
Weight 120 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team N/A
Occupation Student


Aki is relatively short for her age, much to her chagrin, and sports an athletic build. Her hair is long, layered and stops just short of her hips, with shorter, uneven, strands of hair framing her face, or sometimes covering her left eye. She prefers to keep her hair down, but will sometimes tie her hair up in a messy bun while out in public. While her face is pretty, she has the eyes of a troublesome tomboy; you will often find her with a mischievous grin if you speak with her, as if she knows something you don’t.  But rarely, if you spot her alone, you can catch her with a faraway gaze.

Her usual attire consists of a sleeveless, reddish brown oriental dress with a gold sash around her waist that fits tight to her figure, stops mid-thigh and splits down the sides starting from her hips. She wears black cloth pants that are fitting around her thighs, but puffier at her calves and stop at her ankles. She wears dark brown high-heeled ankle boots that are covered by the cuffs of her pants. Over this, she dons a black, short sleeved, hooded long coat that stops around her ankles and is gray on the inside. She also wears dark brown, wrist length, fingerless gloves that are padded at the palms and have a modified Dust crystal embedded on the back of each hand.

Aki has two peculiar Dust crystals in her possession, one on the back of each glove. From them, she is able to store the smaller Dust crystals she uses to power her folding fans. She stores her fans in holsters that are strapped against the side of her thighs.


Aki is very proud in her appearance and her abilities, often coming off as arrogant to those willing to converse with her. Unless she has witnessed and acknowledged a person’s strength, she will think of them as weaker than her. She is very self-reliant, and will rarely, if ever, ask for help from anyone. However, she also very playful and enjoys teasing others. She does not easily become angered, unless someone has lied to her. She enjoys the thrill of a fight, but dislikes foul-play.

However, underneath her arrogance, Aki seems somewhat lost. She willingly distances herself from people and brushes the people who try to approach her away, but only because she has grown to distrust everyone and everything due to her past of being betrayed over and over again. She’s not completely cold-hearted, as she seems to have a soft-spot for orphans, as she was one herself. Despite her ego, her heart is honest and she is always truthful (no matter how bad it hurts).


Weapon: Projectile Dust Winnower Blades (PDWB)

Type: Ranged, Melee

Acerial are Aki’s weapons of choice. They are Projectile Dust Winnower Blades that resemble Japanese Tessen fans. As such, Aki is a practitioner of tessenjutsu. They are made of the same material as the Dust crystals on Aki's gloves and are several shades of dull silver. At the hilt of the fan is an opening where Aki can insert smaller Dust crystals that give Acerial an additional effect when thrown. Acerial are held in holsters strapped to each thigh. 


A trained hit woman, Aki is agile and relatively strong. Her short-ranged fighting style consists of landing several slashes with her fans in quick succession in order to take her target down. She has mediocre ability in hand to hand combat, in case someone was able to catch her. In long-ranged fighting, Aki throws her fans which spin rapidly and become disk-like blades. As long as they don’t embed themselves into something, Aki can easily control their movements by using her hands. She can draw small Dust crystals from the crystals on the back of her hands which she can insert into the hilt of her fans or use as small bombs.

Sadly, her arrogance often gets the better of her, landing her in traps and several close calls. However, her arrogance also plays a part in her manipulation of her enemy. 

Backstory (This probably will be subject to change)

Aki grew up in the city with her parents. Her mother was a Huntress who had died in the line of battle when Aki was 4. Her father was initially devastated, but he got married only a year after, much to Aki’s displeasure. However, her stepmother was actually very caring towards Aki and her father, and Aki soon warmed up to her. But one day, Aki’s stepmother disappeared, leaving Aki and her father penniless and deep in dept.

Aki clung tight to her father during that time, but he couldn’t afford to provide for the both of them. To make matters worse, the debts were becoming larger and larger, and soon Aki’s father was receiving death threats from the debt collector. In a desperate attempt to save his own life, he sold Aki to a scientist in a remote quarry and never returned for her.

Aki initially thought she had been sold into slavery, and acted bitter towards the scientist. However, he was very patient and calm with her, and she eventually grew less wary. Soon, she worked more as his assistant, hovering around his Dust experiments. One night, thieves broke into the laboratory and attempted to steal the Dust there. Aki tried to fight them off, but was knocked unconscious in the process. When she woke up, the scientist had treated her wounds and recovered the stolen Dust. He never told her how. He then gave her gloves with a modified Dust crystal and trained her in the use of Dust, revealing the crystal's ability to retain different types of Dust at once. The scientist noticed that whenever Aki used her Dust, the modified crystals would react. So he forged twin fans out of modified crystals and gave them to Aki as a gift for her services.

Aki trained herself to fight with her fans. She used the trees surrounding the lab as practice dummies and would cut off tree limbs with deadly precision. She discovered the ability to control her fans' movements by accident when she called them back to her after being embedded in a tree trunk. The scientist soon discovered her training sessions, and aided her in it.

He would show her prisoners from behind a one-way glass wall and read off their various crimes. The scientist would then release them into an enclosure and ordered Aki to kill them. Aki's first kill was her hardest. She couldn't find the strength at first, and decided to quickly slice his throat, refusing to watch them struggle. Killing afterwards became easier, and soon, Aki even looked forward to it.

It was only when the scientist gave her a Dust user that she questioned the scientist. The prisoner didn't beg for his life like the others, or try to bribe his way out. He didn't even seemed shocked that his executioner was to be a young girl. The only thing he said to her before she killed him was to question everything.

And she did. Without the scientist's consent, she sneaked around the archives and data files about the people he had her kill. To Aki's complete horror, she found that while most of them had been prisoners on death row, the more recent ones had nothing. They were just innocent people who died at her hands.

When Aki questioned the scientist about what she had found, he was unmoved. He claimed that the people he killed deserved to die, not for what they did but for what they didn't do. He refused to explain it all to Aki, saying that a weapon like her didn't have the right to talk back to its wielder. Enraged from being used and lied to, Aki killed him on the spot.

Her whereabouts after the scientist died is vague. However, it is known she willingly fulfilled requests from some shady clients, but she refuses to touch upon this part of her past.

How she was accepted into Beacon without attending any primary school is a mystery.


-Her name translates to ‘autumn maple’

-A winnower is a device that removes undesirable parts.

-Her fans’ names are a combination of Acer, the genus of maple trees, and Aerial, meaning airborne.

-Her ability to draw smaller Dust crystals from one on her body is based on shard casters from KI-BA.

-Aki's quote is a translation of a haiku by Japanese poet Matsuo Basho.

This page belongs to Kristen Blue.
Aki may not be completely original, but she's still my character :)

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