heat! thank skóni̱!
— Akiva
Akiva linwell
Age 17
Title sand walker
Status missing
Gender Female
Race human
Hair dark brown
Eyes crimson
Height 5"6'
Weight 109 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation beacon
Personal Status
Relatives Vina linwell
Additional Info
Likes heat,knowledge,dust
Dislikes cold,not knowing
Special Skills mapping,stealth
Weaknesses attacks from abov


Akiva is a slender young girl that is of taller then average hight for her age. She has crimson red eyes, unsettling I know. Her hair is dark brown and rugged, it looks uneven the cause of this being she cuts it with her saxe knife. She wears a brown short sleeved tunic with a white sash going across her torso. She wears shorts that change from day to day. her clothes are made for hot weather, so she hates the cold.


Akiva is a rude and uncaring girl, she only shows affection for loved ones. She is very spiritual in that she will show her love for religious belief is many ways, the god she worships is not known well her gods name is skóni̱ meaning dust. Her religion has impacted her greatly making her interested in the applications of dust. Akiva is very sneaky, because of this she tends to have more information then expected. She hates talking to others out of fear that they may ask embarrassing questions. Al though uncaring she is determined to live long enough to make a difference in the world hence her attending beacon.

Weapons and Abilities

miss Akiva has four 'cuffs' for lack of a better word. These cuffs latch upon her wrists and ankles after which she can use a combo of two dust crystals to modify each ones use. Her favored combination is red and yellow, the red propels her fists and legs (this function may not work in some environmentsI.E. underwater) while the yellow electrocutes the enemy. The way she activates these functionalities is that she hooks them triggers attached to fingers, this way she flicks say the index finger and it fires the propulsion mechanism. Her innate ability to stay quiet gives her the element of surprise against others. On top of this she is a great traveler, as in she maps out any place she goes. This helps her plan for ambushes and choke points etc.


a house in the middle of the desert. This is were Akiva was born with her twin sister,Vina. after her birth her house was soon burnt down. They were saved by a group of nomads that left them with a new family one year after. Both trained with each other to fight grimm because it was “fun” with that there step parents would not let them fight. Vina's response was running away, but were following Akiva she stayed with them. She grew to about 15 and she left for vale, a city she had heard about their combat schools. She went aboard the 's.s. Clonmel' this is when things get interesting. A group of bandits got on the ship and took over. A few hours of nothing the bandits jumped off. And the front of the ship blew up soon after, in her panic she managed to get people onto the the life rafts and to shore of vale. She then enrolled at signal were she found her sister and they graduated to beacon. “we have a miracle in our hands and we will use it!”

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