Just because they're down doesn't mean it's over. Let's move.
— Albus, after the team takes down a group of Beowulf, giving orders.
Albus Bayeux
Albus Bayeux
Age 17
Status Inactive
Color White
Gender Male
Species Human
Born Jan 4
Handedness Right Hand
Complexion Light Brown
Hair White
Eyes Green
Height 5'8"
Weight 185 lbs.(No Armor)
250 lbs.(With Armor)
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team AEGS
Partner Saffron Cimmeria
Job Types Paladin-in-training
Jobs Defender and Healer for Team AEGS
Personal Status
Relatives Father(Unnamed, age 44)
Mother(Unnamed, age 43)
Grandfather(Unnamed, Age 71)
Additional Info
Emblem Albus's Emblem
Likes Nap Time
Sleep Time
A Silent meal
Dislikes Loud Noises
Special Skills Superb Defense
Focuses on AoE Defense and Healing
Weaknesses Limited Attack Capabilities
Slow to move due to heavy armor
This OC is the property of Zelkstone. Use of this OC is prohibited unless given permission by the owner.
 Albus Bayeux is an original character based on the RWBY-verse. His Partner is Saffron Cimmeria and the Leader of Team AEGS. He was created on December 10 and is the property of Zelkstone.


Albus Armor Set

This is not Albus, just a model.

Albus is about 5'8" and has a slightly muscular build. He has a semi-long white hair that he dons in a small ponytail and blue eyes. For normal occasions, he wears a white collar shirt with sleeves that reach the elbow, brown long pants, a brown belt, and gray shoes with red trimmings. For battles, he wears a white undershirt, brown short pants, and the same shoes. He then puts on flexible body armor, and armor guards for his shoulder, arm, forearm, thigh, knee and legs. All of the armors are made out of hunter-grade materials.


Albus's personality is like the two sides of a coin. When out of battles and stressful situations, he's as laid back as he can be. While he is diligent in his studies, as soon as the teacher leaves, he props his head on the table for a nap. If there is an essay/assignment/group project to work on, he will work tirelessly until it is finished, and when it's over he heads to any comfortable area and proceeds to take a nap. If studying for a test, he will study and review all the way to the test date, and after the test is finished, he'll turn over his paper then head back to his chair and sleep.

On the other hand, when a battle is taking place, his personality flips. He becomes alert and serious, studies his surroundings, the enemy and their positions, and directs his teammates on what to do based on their capabilities. But overall, he prioritizes the well-being of any person caught in the crossfire, the survivability of his teammates, and the destruction of the enemy.


Albus's parents were owners of a large weapons manufacturing company. While it focused more on quantity than quality, they were still able to satisfy their customers needs. They produced guns, swords, shields, maces, rifles, axes, staffs and whatever striked your fancy. While these products couldn't compete with those custom-made weapons made by the youth of today, they were sought after by people looking for a much simpler, and cheaper weapon to use.

Eventually, they decided to step into Dust production. Even though they couldn't compete with the other Dust Companies in regards to overall profit, they hoped that this would give them a boost up in the economic world. After much research, they found out that they had large veins of Dust on their territories, and proceeded to mine them. 

While all this was going on, Albus was being raised by his parents to eventually inherit everything. He spent the next 6 years studying in a private elementary school. As well as the basic classes, he was also taught on Finesse, Tactics, Social Interaction and A number of sports. After reaching 12, his parents hoped that he would still be able to learn more when he attended High School, especially on Dust.

Which is why they were shocked to find out that not only did he not enroll to the Private High School they picked for him, he went and entered himself to the Religious Order a few kilometers away from the city. They rode all the way to the Order and demanded to see their son. One of the priests directed them towards the training grounds for Paladin's-in-training and their shock intensified even more.

There was their son, covered in mud, wearing clothes you would find in a peasant, swinging a mace with the left hand while holding a shield with the right. His sparring partner was giving him a formidable fight, until Albus found an opening and disarmed him of his weapons. They then bowed to each other, it was then during that moment, that Albus raised his head and saw his parents.

At his private quarters, Albus and his parents were having a heated discussion. His father demanded to know why he chose to betray their expectations and ended up here. Albus calmly told his reasons: During his elementary school years, he would always here someone mention of families being killed by Grimm, people being abused by a certain organization and the ongoing discrimination of Faunus. He wondered what he could do to help when, during a field trip set up by the private school, they traveled outside the city and entered the Religious Order. They were given a tour of the place, when Albus saw a group of students, with Shield and Mace in hand, training hard under a strict teacher. Albus asked the one who conducted the tour what those students were training for. The priest said that it was training to become future protectors of Vale, and that those who finished could enroll into Beacon Academy, a Prestigious school for Hunters and Huntresses.

Albus then said to his parents that the determination he saw in the students who underwent that training was the final push for his resolve. He had heard about Beacon, and knew what they did. So he decided to study in this Order, and make sure to earn the right to enter Beacon. The determined look in his eyes stunned his father. His mother approached his father and said to give him this chance, since this was the very first decision that Albus made on his own. His father was still pondering on what to do when Albus said that he wasn't gonna abandon them and the family business, but first he must be strong enough to be able to protect them all, including those that worked in the company and anyone who needed help. After a few minutes his father finally agreed, and said he would support his son in his decision. His only condition was that Albus would come home every once in a while. Albus gave a small smile as he shook hands with his father, then gave his mother a kiss on the cheek and a small thank you. He then picked up the Training Shield and Mace, and walked towards the training grounds.

After 6 months had passed, the Order was facing a crisis. A pack of Beowolves attacked, and everyone was sent into panic. The defenders were doing all they can to keep them at bay, but they were slowly losing to the Grimm. Then, when all seemed lost, a young man suddenly appeared and made short work of the Beowolves. After the battle, the Head of the Order personally thanked the young man. He introduced himself as "Torrent" and said that it was nothing. The Head of the Order, seeing the potential of the skills Torrent used during the battle, asked if he would be willing to teach his students some of his fighting techniques. Torrent agreed but stated that he would only do so for a few years. The Head agreed and they shook hands on it.

The next day, Albus and the other students woke up as usual and headed to the training grounds. All of them were quite surprised when someone else was accompanying their trainer. He was a tall man, with black hair, dark blue eyes, a light brown complexion, and was wearing a weird assortment of clothing not found in the city. Their trainer said that they have a new teacher for today, and gave the floor to the young man next to him.

The young man thanked the trainer and took one step forward. He said that his name was Torrent Messorem, and that their Head had asked him to teach them some of his fighting styles. Since he saw that they were required to use the Shield and Mace, the best style he could teach them was the "Narasimha", a Grimm Chance style based on the Narasimha Grimm. A student raised his hand and Torrent gave him a small nod. The student asked how long would they need to learn this style, and Torrent replied about 15 years, but as he only plans to stay for about 2 years, he'll only teach them the basics of the style. He then told everyone to get ready, and including the trainer, they readied themselves for a good hard training.

2 years and a half had passed since Torrent left the Order. He prolonged his stay for 6 months to ensure that everyone learned the basics of the Narasimha style. His parting words were to always improve themselves and, if they wanted to learn and master all the techniques of the Narasimha style, they would have to seek him out in the wide open world. Albus spent the rest of his remaining time strengthening himself, going home to his parents, and making his own custom-made weapon.

After graduating from the Order, Albus and a few others were planning to enroll into Beacon, the rest were planning to stay in the Order, some were planning to search for Torrent for more lessons, while others planned to move elsewhere. Albus returned home, greeted his parents, then headed for his room. There, propped up on a table, lay his own custom-made weapon. Albus hoped that with this weapon and the teachings he'll acquire in Beacon would help him protect not only the people important to him, but everyone else that needed saving.

Combat Style

Having learned the Narasimha style, one of many styles in the Martial Art, "Grimm Chance", Albus specializes in countering his opponent's attacks while defending himself, his teammates or allies, or anyone who aren't able to defend themselves. He would occasionally expose "openings" to his opponents, hoping that they'll take the bait and be ready for a very devestating counter. However, when they are still a good distance away, he'll fire a few rounds off Aegis in it's "Minigun" mode.


  • Aegis
  • Horus
  • Aegis going into Shield mode(Top View)
  • Aegis going into Shield mode(Side View)
Albus's Weapon, given the name Aegis and Horus, is a Dust-Powered Shield Minigun(DPSM). Using Hunter-Grade materials, and with the help of his father's weapon's manufacturing facility, this weapon was created as a prototype, with a capability to be upgraded if Albus chooses to do so. Aegis has two forms:

A. Minigun mode - This is the default form of Aegis. It has a Length of 2' 6"(including the blades) and weighs in at around 40 lbs. It has a theoretical rate of fire of 1000 rounds per minute, but it's "ammo box" can only hold 200 rounds. The one thing that differentiates this minigun from the rest is that it's "ammo box" is actually an energy cell(Dust in Powder Form), to power up the motor that rotates the gun barrels and provides the energy for the creation of it's "bullets". The bullets are laser beams with power equivalent to a 7.62x51mm NATO round. A handle can also be found at the right side of the weapon. Even though this can be used to provide stability to the weapon, this handle can be detached to serve as a grip for Albus's second weapon, a sword-mace named Horus.

B. Shield mode - The second form of Aegis. Albus presses and holds a green button near the top of the trigger for 3 seconds. A small "ping" sound can be heard, then Aegis changes into it's Shield form. 1.)The 6 gun barrels goes to the left, then separates to different positions. 2.)The "blocks" at the barrels muzzle twists, 3.)then extends towards the center, leaving behind plates. After it reaches that position, Albus then switches the energy cell for a special one, and using power from that particular energy cell, 5.)plates then form to cover the necessary areas. This form renders firing with the gun barrels completely useless, as the barrels are placed in an awkward position. Instead, it uses all available energy to create the shield plates, and the shield can maintain it's form for 24 hours.

Albus's also has a sword-mace named Horus. This weapon, also made from hunter-grade materials, is an auxiliary weapon that enables Albus to strike at opponets who lower their guard or are ripe for a counterattack. It's grip can be detached and serve as a stabilizing handle for the Aegis when it reverts to Minigun mode. To help with aiming, a Laser Sight is attached to the Aegis.


Albus's Aura is grey in color. What his aura does depends on his weapon and their form:

  • Aegis in Minigun mode: Aura strengthens the bullets for more damage and gives them a slight chance to pierce armored enemies.
  • Aegis in Shield mode: Aura strengthens the metal and energy plates, as well as every component of the shield. It also renders every part of the shield into a fixed state, as if the shield was made using a single mold.
  • Horus: When Aura is used at a precise moment(during contact with an enemy), Horus's blunt force power is increased by 300%. Extreme concentration is needed to pull this off successfully.


Semblance is unknown at this time.


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