I recommend putting down your weapons before I am forced to end this fight quickly.
— Xander speaking to an enemy

Alexander Orkid
Age 17
Title The Violet Blade
Nickname Xander
Status Active
Color Purple
Gender Male
Race Human
Handedness Right
Complexion Tanned
Hair Purple
Eyes Dark Blue
Height 6 Foot
Weight 180 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Aiki Dojo (Maja's Home)
Team AUOA (Aurora)
Occupation Leader of AUOA
Additional Info
Likes His mothers, his sword and his friends
Dislikes Grimm, bullies, etc.
Special Skills Fast, mastery of the Senchineru no ken Style
Weaknesses Sensitive


Xander is a taller man, with a long, sleeveless black coat with two purple stripes on the sides of the coat.  A platinum shoulder plate rests on his right side.  He wears a long sleeved shirt purple shirt with platinum bracers.  A black and platinum chest plate rest over his shirt.  Dark brown and black studded leather gloves are underneath these bracers.  The tails of the coat go down slightly past Xander's knees.  A belt is strapped around his waist, a pouch on the back.  He wears gray trousers with black rope tied around his thighs.  He wears black leather boots.

He has tanned skin and longer blonde hair tied back into a pony tail with a purple ribbon.  He is usually grinning lightly.  His dark blue eyes are calm and soothing.


Xander is a calm, level-headed, gentle spirit.  He prefers nonviolent methods rather than to violence.  But he will use it when necessary to defend the ones he cares about.  He is extremely compassionate, never able to turn his back  on anyone in need.  He questions everything around him, trying to find a much deeper connection with the world around him.  A scholar in the body of a warrior.  He is also rather sensitive, able to feel his emotions strongly but quiet in expression.

In battle, Xander keeps his head leveled and clear.  He is cold on the field, his mind focused.  He stays quiet unless issuing orders or issuing an ultimatum to his foe.  He tries to keep his emotions under control, but he can be easily trigger with his anger if one were to go after his friends.

Powers and Abilities

Xander is a proficient student, and the heir, to the Senchineru no ken Style of fighting.  Senchirneru is a sword style that is fast and allows for complete flexibilty and mobility on the battle field.  He is incredibly fast and deadly, moving with blinding speeds becoming a black and purple blur across the battlefield.  The reverse gripped style he uses allows him to move between defense and offense fairly easily as he moves across the field.  However, he lacks physical strength.  Xander has also master the art of Parkour to manuever the battlefield and his town in more effective ways.  He uses these skills in battle to use his environment to provide new angles for his strikes.


Xander, along with his sister were adopted by Maja (pronounced Maia) Orkid, a former member of Vincent's Beacon team or VEMN (Vermilion).  Raised up by Maja and her wife, Saffron, Xander was loved immensely.  He was thoughtful, inquisitive.  He took much after Maja in his quiet, thoughtful manner but had the burning compassion of Saf.  He grew up being kind and considerate, never thought to really be a warrior.  However, that all changed one day.  One day, when Maja took a six-year-old Xander and his five-year-old sister to the market when a barbotusk attacked.  Maja fought it but was disarmed and the Grimm went after the little sister. In that instant, Maja saw Xander take up the sword and defend his Faunus sister.  Though extremely inexperienced, Xander managed to hold back the Grimm long enough for Maja to finish the job.  Seeing potential in the boy, Maja began to train the heir to her sword style.

Maja unlocked his aura and at ten-years-old he went on to be trained.  Though hesitant around the idea of combat at first, Xander soon became much accustomed to the style.  He trained hard, so that he could protect his sister.  Soon, he became very proficient in the style, though not a master.  As a gift for his 16th birthday, Maja gave Xander an outfit (his current gear) made special for him.  Later that day, as he walked through town, he saw a couple of thugs shaking down someone.  Springing into action, Xander saved the citizen.  He was then nicknamed the Violet Blade.  A hero to the people and a protector.   Taking on this role to help the people of his home, Xander was soon joined by his sister in the fight.

One day, however, a wolf faunus came into town after a mysterious group of criminals showed up.  Xander went to intefere with this rampaging faunus and the two battled.  However, Xander managed to beat him and asked him why he was here.  The faunus revealed a criminal group intent on destroying everything good had arrived in town and the faunus had been hunting them for quite some time.  Joining forces, Xander had been working for the past year to uncover this mysterious threat and erase it.  Thus began the true tale of the Violet Blade.


Inheritance Ucolored

Inheritance and its scabbard

Xander uses a katana he named "Inheritance".

Inheritance is a steel katana forged by Xander.  It's back edge is dyed black while the front edge is purple.  Three holes are towards the black crossguard.  The one closest to the tip of the blade is twice the size of the first two.  A black leather grip with a purple ribbon tied at the end.  The scabbard itself is built to withstand a beating but has no special properties.  Much like his mother, Xander uses a a simple blade to do his work.


This is LordKeyZ 9th OC

This is what LordKeyZ envisions himself as a RWBY character

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