Alexander Wallace-Brown
Age 17
Title War
Nickname Alex
Status Active
Color Blood Red
Gender Male
Race Faunus
Species Ram
Born 2nd of April (Aries)
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Tan
Hair Black with red Highlights
Eyes Red
Height 6"2'
Weight 87 Kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon


Occupation Huntsman-in-Training

Alexander is a fanon character in the world of RWBY, a student at Beacon Academy and a future member of team APCY .


Alexander is tall and muscular with long spiked black hair with red highlights, red eyes, tanned skin and a pair of stone-silver grey ram horns just above his ears. He has a large scar across his face from above his right eyebrow and ending below his left cheek; he has another across the center of his mouth. Alexander wears a dark red leather half-length jacket, skin-tight around the arms, with black fur along the collar and end of the sleeves; a pair of black jeans and a pair of black skate shoes. He wears a silver pendant necklace on a black chain.


Alexander is a easy-going and friendly person, with a stubborn and overprotective streak. He has a short temper and will lash out violently and unpredictably, due to being discriminated against all his life, and will kick any and everyone's ass if his friends are hurt. A natural born leader, Alex takes everything thrown at him in his stride and works with it, often to his advantage.


Alex was born to an discrimatory, abusive, dominating human father and a timind, alcoholic Faunus mother, which led to a very poor childhood. Beaten, starved and often just ignored Alex learnt to take care of himself and his half-brother Patrick. At the age of eight he ran away with his brother to the 'Sultan's Palace', a home for orphanes, runaway's and the homeless. There they met a group of Faunus belonging to the White Fang, who were trying to recruit more Faunus from the home, one man in particular. When the White Fang left Alex asked one of the faunus why the once-peacful organization was tryring to recruit them. The man answered that he had gotten into Signal academy and wanted to become a Huntsman after attendeding Beacon so he could help and protect the people suffering on the street, and the White Fang want him to report everything about the schools to them, basiclly to spy; the man refused to be a pawn in their twisted schemes. Inspired Alex looked into Signal, Beacon and the Hunters, and a year after arriving at the 'Sultan's Palace' he, and his brother, aspire to become Huntsman. The caretaker of the home hears of this and sends the two to a foster couple who will put them through the two academies.

Signal and beacon

Alex attended Signal aged 13 and graduated aged 16, applying and getting into Beacon the next year at age 17.


Patrick Wallace-Brown



Alexander is well-versed in fighting, having grown up rough from his abusive father and from being discriminated against for hius faunus heritage. Alexander doesn't like rushing into fights without thinking, but if he is getting attacked he will plan out his strategies in fight. he is quite handy at making weapons.


Ezer Azur and Rayner

Alexander wields two short swords one slightly larger than the other, that can transform into two shotguns that he wields one handed easily, he can also connect his shotguns to make a Flame thrower.


  • Alexander is based off one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: War.
  • Alexander hates being called Alex

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