Character is designed by CaptainRAZOR322 with the help of CeroWest, The MB, and to others who are willing to help.

"I will always be by my brother's side. I will protect him with my life. But who said I can't have a little fun?"  -Alice Weston

Alice 1


Name: Alice Weston

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Race: Human.

Height: 6'

Weight: 125lbs.

Hair: Black with red streaks.

Bust: (Courtesy of Maki.) D

Eyes: Blue.

Relationships: Black's sister. Logan's acquaintence.


Alice wears a pair of black pants accompanied by a long sleeved brown shirt. A black jacket with white outlines covers her main frame, and she wears dark grayish boots. Her hair is black adorned with red streaks, and she almost always carries a red flower with a tiny skull fitted on her hair. Though she has a nice bust, she gets by in swooning her brothers to do something for her.


She acts extremely loyal and devotive when around her brother, Black. She does have her moments of blood lust and when someone gets in her way, she will fight back no matter what. This contrast of affection can sometimes borderline on the edge of creepiness when compared to her fellow Beacon students. She sometimes tend to be a little suck-up to her brothers and use her looks to her advantage. It works a lot in her favor.

Yet despite this, she seems to be very protective over her friends and allies, as she would do anything to defend them. She seems to cooperate fairly well with other people, but tends to be more compassionate towards those who know her personally, such as Team BLAM.

Weapons and Abilities

Alice's weapon is a double headed Dust Rifle Ax (DRA) It's 3' tall and the head is also 3' wide. The DRA has two firing modes. One is the regular mode were it fires on the top part of the head. The second part is the sniper mode, in which the head of the ax extends outward allowing the barrel to extend forward by 5" and a scope flips out for sniping reasons. The power of the gun is as powerful as a .50 cal rifle.

Her Aura glows red, and gives her the basic Aura abilities: enhanced speed, stamina, and strength.


She and her four sisters convinced their brother Black to apply for Beacon academy in order to better assist him. A few days later, she decided to join her brother in attending the famous academy. Both joined Beacon Academy to become strong and fight all kinds of evil, hoping to one day become full fledged Hunters and Huntresses.. They just recently joined the team now called BLAM.


Brother: Black

Sisters: Lara, Crystal, and Ashely

Mother: Jackie

Father: Tba.

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