Every Grimm will die while I live. That, I swear  


—Altair Kingston

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Altair Kingston

A) Altair Kingston
Age 17
Gender Male 
Species Human
Born February 15
Handedness right
Complexion Light tan
Hair Brown
Eyes Purple
Height 6'0"
Weight 175 Pounds

Professional Status

Affiliation Beacon Academy
Occupation Student
Additional Info
Likes Fair fights, History
Dislikes Grimm, Cheaters
Special Skills      

Calm in fights, strategic fighter, great swordsman, smart


Altair is a calm and easy going guy. He gets along with pretty much every one, with Cardin as an exception. Towards his friends he's really caring, but also jokes around with them. Altair is also calm in fights, but even though he's calm, he will slay every Grimm he sees without mercy. He likes to fight fair or does anything in a fair way for that matter. That is why he hates cheaters. Altair is really interested and fascinated by history. He's also really smart. He's the best in his team when it comes up to theoretical stuff. When it comes up to fighting they're all equals.


Altair has brown hair and his eyes have a purple color. He has a light tan and Altair is rather tall. He wears a thin black sweater with a white shirt underneath it. He rolls up his sleaves almost every time and does this also with his school uniform. He wears a grey pair of jeans and it's held up with a brown leather belt. Altair also has grey shoes. On his back he has his sheated Darkin Massacre. He is seen with a necklace that he got from his sister and a spiked bracelet on his right arm. 


Before Altair was born, his parents bought a house in an open field right next to a lake in the middle of a forest. The man who sold the house said there where no monsters of grimm spotted in the last 10 years. Altair was born soon after they both the house and a year later his sister. Everything went great for 17 years. They sometimes went out the forest to go to some cities. Altair loved where they lived. He didn't care too much there weren't people other than his family although he did feel lonely at times, but his sister helped with that. His father was a former huntsman and Altair trained with him everyday. He learned to fight with a sword effectively. His father also told him stories of him being a huntsman once. His mother thought Altair the things about nature. He learned how to make health drinks of certain things that you can find in the forest. 

One day they were having a birthday party for Altair. His 17th one. It was evening and they were making a lot of fun with just the four of them. Suddenly they heard something outside and Altair's father went to take a look. Altair followed him and saw about 20 beowolves standing in the rain. The grimm attacked them, but Altair's father tried to hold them back. Some of the Grimm got into the house and destroyed everything. Altair got hit on his head and fell on the ground. He saw his family getting hit too, but they fell on the ground while bleeding. Altiar then stood up and slowly went to his dad. He said that Altair had to go to the basement and shove the bookcase aside. He quickly went to the basement with 2 beowolves on his tail. He quicklly looked the door. He did what his dad said and shove the bookcase aside. There was a room behind it and in the middle of it he saw a triple edged sword. He picked up the sword and went back outside. The rage inside of him got out for the first time in a fight. He slaughtered every Grimm there was, and Altair himself was heavily injured in the end. The blood was scattered everywhere and suddenly all the blood got absorbed by the blade. He went to his father who was still laying on the ground. His father said Altair had to go and apply at Beacon Academy and then his father died. Altair had no family anymore and that was the day he sworn to slay every Grimm on the planet.


Altair's weapon is a triple edged sword that can also be used as a whip. This sword is called The Darkin Massacre. It is a sword that has three razor sharp edges. the sword has segments because it can extend and turn flexible so the user is able to use it as a whip. the sword doesn't opperate on dust, but instead on blood. It absorbs the blood from it victims and turns it in a power resource. Using that power resource the sword can catch fire for some extra damage. The sword can extend almost 3 meters further and that way when the user is not using it as a whip then the user can pierce through multiple enemies at once. And when in whip form it'll slash them up. The whip form is used for the extra range if an enemy is too far for the sword mode.


Metal Gear Rising, Monsoon's theme- Stains of Time Vocals Lyrics04:53

Metal Gear Rising, Monsoon's theme- Stains of Time Vocals Lyrics


Creator's Notes

  • Altair's weapon is inspired by Aatrox's weapon of League of Legends.

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