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Eryan Altonis, better known by his alias Altan, is a 23-year-old mercenary in the employ of the Nightshade Private Military Company as one of the Onyx Trio, the personal subordinates of The Stranger.


Altan has medium-length golden hair with streaks of scarlet running through it.  He hardly ever combs it, preferring to leave it rather messily over his head.  He is clean-shaven, and shaves every day.  His eyes are a very pale violet color, almost white, and he has a somewhat tanned skin tone.

Altan has a muscular physique.  Although not on the visual level of, say, a bodybuilder, his muscles are clearly defined and visible.  He is physically imposing not only because of his muscles, but also because of his height of six feet, three inches tall.

Altan dresses primarily in white, with a red undertone.  His primary attire is a white t-shirt and a loose-collared overshirt that he leaves unbuttoned, with a white outside and a red inside. The inside of the overshirt has a number of pockets and pouches, as well as four loops with syringes in them.  The pouches and pockets contain both his chemical weapons, as well as some tools for if he has to do field work on short notice.  He has a grey bandolier going from his left shoulder down to his right waist, which has more pouches carrying a large amount of spare dust for when his hammer runs out. He also wears relatively nondescript blue jeans, a black belt, and white shoes.


Altan, despite his intimidating figure, tends to be rather laid back.  He's not the type to act rashly, and spends a lot of his time relaxing and thinking.  He is seen by many as dispassionate, and is often difficult to be motivated.  His lack of enthusiasm is also a cover for his extremely jaded and cynical outlook on the world, as he understands that whatever bastions of goodwill exist in society will eventually be torn down by the self-serving who view personal gain as the sole reason for existance.

One of the few things that truly interests him is gathering knowledge.  He likes to be the most knowledgeable person in the room, and is willing to sink to whatever depths he needs to in order to gain information.

Altan doesn't usually pursue fights, only when they can be fought on his terms or when they are absolutely nessessary for the gathering of information.  He will do whatever he can in order to unbalance a fight in his favor.

He's not necessarily an bad person - in fact, he will often go out of his way to avoid making enemies, if only to further his own ambitions.  

Weapons and Abilities

When in combat, Altan takes the role of a heavy weapons user. He wields a High-Energy Concussion Hammer called Scarlet Oblivion.  The cumbersome warhammer is about four-and-a-half feet long, and Altan can wield it easily in either one or both hands. It has a large pommel at the base of the handle, and when it turns into its gun form that becomes the barrel from which the energy is fired.  The handle also has a black leatherlike grip 2/3 of the way up. When in its hammer form, he can bring it down for a concussive blast wherever it collides, courtesy of Lightning-type and Impact Dust.  He can also accelerate the swing via the usage of Gravity Dust.  Its gun form is capable of firing powerful bursts of energy, which he can adjust the power of.  The major downside of Scarlet Oblivion is its high energy usage, which he attempts to compensate for by carrying a large supply of dust.

His semblance is Attraction and Repulsion - the ability to apply forces to himself and objects to either attract or repulse them to him.  For example, using attraction, he could run along a wall or a ceiling, or using repulsion he could push aside a piece of falling debris. The amount of energy that his semblance uses is proportional to the mass of the object, with smaller objects requiring less energy, and larger objects requiring much more.

His combat style often focuses on using both his semblance and Scarlet Oblivion in tandem, doing such things as Repulsing Scarlet Oblivion in its hammer form at an opponent, and using Attraction to bring it back to himself.  His combat style places a strong emphasis on mobility, which his semblance aids in by allowing him to Attract himself to various locations in a battlefield, such as a ceiling, or a wall, or even on the side of a tree. He doesn't stay still for long, always making it difficult for an opponent to get a shot off on him.

Apart from Scarlet Oblivion, he does carry an array of grenadelike devices designed to deliver various chemicals of his design to opponents, such as knockout gas or a hallucinogenic.  He carries a gas mask with him for when he has to use these, and is also prepped with four syringes with cover-all antidotes for the chemicals.

He is physically very strong, strong enough to weirld Scarlet Oblivion with ease. His speed surpasses that of most opponents he comes in contact with, and he has deep reserves of stamina and is able to fight for hours on end without break.

He's well-practiced with his Aura, and when it is visible it is Scarlet in color.

He is a capable pilot and has a large airship containing a research laboratory known as Vethrfolnir.


Eryan Altonis was born and raised in a suburban family in the Kingdom of Vale.  His mother raised him mostly on her own, with his father only coming around sporadically.  Eryan grew to bear some resentment towards his father, but he preferred not to think of him much.  After the first few times his father came around, where Eryan didn't feel much compassion from him, he started going out of the house when he knew his father was coming, spending more and more time at the local library. Eventually, he started going to the library whenever he had free time, always reading more and trying to learn.  He was especially focused in chemicals and what kind of effect they might have on the human body.  When he reached the required age, he managed to convince his mom that she didn't need to try to care for him anymore - he would go off to Signal.

When he began his tutelege at Signal Academy, he quickly learned that a combat school was an odd fit for an intellectual like him - he wasn't very physically fit or active, and a fellow student by the name of Damasc Saran began to bully him.  

Deciding he had had enough, Eryan began to research further into the production and development of Dust-based weaponry, and eventually created a powerful hammer, Scarlet Oblivion with which to fight. Unfortunately, he had failed to properly account for the weight of the weapon, and wasn't very effective for him to use in combat.  After searching for an alternate solution, in his fourth year of Signal he began to undergo a more extensive training regiment, coupled with the first stange of an enhancement drug he began to develop based off of a collection of formulas he had learned about in his research.  By the end of his final year, he had caught up and even surpassed most of his classmates, and easily graduated with flying colors.

He tried to go home and celebrate with his mother, only to learn that she had moved away while he was at school, and the new homeowners had no idea where she had gone.  A bit saddened, Eryan applied to and was accepted in Beacon Academy.  During his initiation, he was partnered with Damasc, the same student who had bullied him during his early years of Signal Academy. Eryan truly detested his newfound partner, despised him as the scum of society and was of the opinion that accepting such a student was an insult to Beacon.

Despite his issues with Damasx, Eryan enjoyed his time at Beacon, growing to love the idealistic nature of the institution, expanding his strength and learning of his Semblance, continuing to improve upon and better his enhancement drug, and even beginning a romantic relationship with one of his new teammates.  

His new world, however, came crashing down around him when, in his third year, he found his girlfriend beaten and bruised, and learned that it was Damasc Saran that had done it. Upon confronting him, Eryan learned that she had been cheating on him for most of their relationship, and Damasc had been beating her for months when she didn't satisfy him. Eryan, finally having had enough, waited until Damasc's back had turned, then smashing him in the back of the head with his hammer. Although his teammate's aura had saved him from the initial blow, it wasn't nearly enough to protect him from the hail of blows that rained down upon him in the moments that followed. Eryan didn't kill him, though. He restrained himself just that much, just enough so that Damasc would have to live a cripple, a ruined husk of his former self, to live to hear the disgusted cries of children when they see the wretched being that was once an up-and-coming hunter.

Stumbling outside, Eryan collapsed against a wall, sobbing. The only person he had cared about was broken - he could tell that much. She would never walk, let alone fight, again.  He contemplated taking his own life, and it was in that critical moment of change that The Stranger came to him, explaining that he had watched him for several years, and offered him a position in his organization. This was offered under two conditions: First, Eryan would contribute all of his knowledge to the organization. The second was that he abandon his identity as Eryan Altonis, and take up the title of Altan.

Altan readily accepted, becoming the first of what would be the Onyx Trio at the age of 20.  He contributed his knowledge and potential towards Nightshade, including the further development of his performance enhancer, which was later used by his fellow member of the Onyx Trio Pallas when she joined two years later.  He also continued his physical training, surpassing the level of combat ability seen in the average Beacon graduate.

He's gone on to become the head of research at Nightshade, as well as the most powerful of the Onyx Trio.  He's not exceptionally cruel, but he is driven when he is motivated towards a goal, and doesn't mind who he runs down on the way to it.


  • Altan means 'Red Dawn' in Turkish and 'Golden' in Mongolian, as referenced by the duality of his hair.
  • His color is Scarlet

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