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The members of Team RAVN were created using ChibiMaker.
The idea for the character is still there, so please don't use him without my permission. Thanks!
Name: Alton Royale

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Race: Human (Experimented on)

Height: 6' 0"

Weight: 153 lbs

Hair: Royal Blue

Eyes: Red

Team: RAVN

Color: Royal Blue


Alton sports an all black outfit, including a top, pants, and a cloak with hints of blue. Underneath his shirt, Alton wears a pendant with a Royal Blue Dust crystal inside. He has dark blue hair and red eyes that make him look menacing. He never smiles and usually has a blank face.


Alton is the silent type that gives you the chills when you see him. The only reason he seems so dark is because he has no emotions at all. He doesn't get angry, show compassion, or even laugh. His silence is a good intimidation tactic and he's also good at giving orders to his team. However when Altross talks, it's usually in a monotone voice. When Alton tells you to do something, it's best advised to do it or else he'll give you quite the evil stare. His teammate Raven Crim learned that the hard way. Verna Lynn and Noire Lansroh know better than to get in his way. Alton isn't a bad guy, he just looks like one. Although he doesn't have the capability to show emotion, he does know the difference between what is right and what's wrong.

Weapons & Abilities


Alton uses an all black blade he calls Nightmare. In the center of the guard, there's a dark blue Dust crystal inside that allows him to fire a wave of dark energy toward his opponents. It can reach long distances, but the longer the distance, the weaker the wave.

Aura and Semblance

Alton's Aura comes in a royal blue, nearly black, color. It provides slight defence like any basic Aura.

His Semblance is black and gives him the power over shadows. It works in many ways, sort of similar to Amber Thysteine's. He can manipulate the shadows around him, to surround his foes in complete darkness, making them blind to his attacks. It can be used to protect him like a shield from certain attacks, and even has a counter attack mechanism to it. Whenever he uses his Semblance, however, Alton loses a lot of his strength and becomes very frail; it was one of his flaws when he was experimented on.


Just like Amy Thysteine, Alton has no memory of ever having a past, but he knows more of his origin. He was part of an experiment to fuse artificial life-forms with Dust to extend a person's life-span and abilities. He was still a slightly flawed creation because his body was fused with Dust improperly, so he gets really weak after using his powers. Regardless of that, he was still a great test subject, so his master enrolled Altross into Beacon Academy. His reason for being there is unknown, but Alton will make use of his talents just as he was ordered. One thing is for sure, he was not there to make friends, but allies did come his way when he met the other members of Team RAVN .

Current Events: After Alton reveals to Amber her origin, he also tells her that there are more like them out there. The majority consist of test subjects who could barely sustain a human form and thus turned to Dust themselves. Including the two siblings, there are only four experiments who can be called "nearly perfect." The other two are defending their creator, as he developes a perfect being. Alton tells Amber that he needs her help before the 5th experiment is created, otherwise destruction will fall upon the world.

Altross's Themes

Dark Souls OST - Pinwheel02:14

Dark Souls OST - Pinwheel

Altross's Theme

Tales of Vesperia OST - The Final Showdown - Duke Battle (First Two Forms)04:32

Tales of Vesperia OST - The Final Showdown - Duke Battle (First Two Forms)

Altross's Fight Theme

Extra tidbits

  • First name Alton is from an English surname meaning "town at the source of the river". Last name is a variant of royal, derived from Latin regalis, meaning king.
  • Color reference being based on the river part, commonly seen as blue in media and along with his last name can be considered "Royal Blue".
  • Even though the team is named after Raven Crim , Alton is the true leader of team RAVN because he has the talents for it.
  • Alton doesn't usually fight because his powers take a lot of energy to use. He becomes very frail after every battle he uses them in.
  • He shows no emotion at all, because they aren't "programmed." He does learn to show admiration for Amy Thysteine in the future.
  • He's tied down by his creator's demands, but desperately wants to break away.
  • Alton and Amber are essentially siblings because they were made by the same person and share similar abilities.
  • Alton and Amber are also related to the other two current experiments as well, the fifth one will be the youngest of the bunch.
  • For now, when weilding a sword I'm thinking of him fighting somewhat like Duke from Tales of Vesperia. (A fight with his second form pretty much the same fighting style.)
    • The way Alton talks is similar to Duke's voice as well. Not the tone, but in the same manner.
  • Alton is Amber's big brother because he was worked on 1 year before she was, and had stayed useful to their professor.

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