"Hello, Beacon, and what good chance you stumbled across my little portion of soundwaves, reverberating through the air in a beautiful and invisible manner. I am not the voice from above, or below, unless that happens to be where your radio is currently located. I am Alyysa East, and so long as you choose not to change the dial on your radio, I'm going to deliver you the happenings that you may not know, or don't know that you don't know. Welcome... To Under the Vale of night." -- Alyysa at the start of her first Beacon broadcast.


Name: Alyysa Lakra East

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race: Faunus
Cutiebutt aly

Height: 4'11"

Weight: 110

Hair: Orangeish blonde, straight and shoulder length


Alyysa is firstly, a really small girl. It's easy to mistake her for being as young as thirteen, much to her... Outburst. She wears headphones around her neck near constantly, and her big tiger ears poke through her hair, her orange tinted flash reduction goggles sitting on top of her head, though it seems that some days for no reason whatsoever, she'll have them over her eyes. She has light skin, with just enough tan to know she has spent a fair share of her days outdoors. Around her neck is a necklace with a little cartoony alpaca on it, homage to her own upbringing and her way of remembering her old life.

She's small, yet somewhat muscular, as she's used to transporting equipment for her parents, and her own equipment for her radio show. For clothing, Aly wears a beige tank top, and jean short shorts. On her feet and legs, she wears tight boots reaching halfway up her calves, brown in colour, and white stockings reaching lower thigh with red diamonds down the side. 

Something bizarre very few are aware of, is that she is almost ALWAYS wired. She likes to record her days, just in case something interesting should happen. She can easily use this to blackmail, remember information, and in general, be a reporter. She often keeps the Inside Scoop, her weapon/camera, on a small loop hanging off her pants.


Alyysa is a very eccentric person by most standards; full of energy, and never beyond expending it. As a faunus, she has been regarded with some racism, but she admits her show has protected her from most of it. There have been a few times a fan outraged against her, claiming to never listen to Under the Vale of Night again upon meeting her. Heavy on the heart, but Aly is the type to look forward, and forget pain, to make happy memories all that remain. 

Also of note is Aly's conviction. Nothing can bring her down, nothing can stop her, and nothing can slow her from getting that perfect story. Or even defending her team. That said, Alyysa's intellect is also extremely high, where many of her other attributes are no more than mediocre, besides her exceptional charisma. 

Dedicated and hardworking, Alyysa strives to make the most of the chances life has given her, knowing herself to be far luckier than most.

Weapon and abilities

The Inside Scoop

The Inside Scoop is Alyysa's main tool. In its default form, it's a small cylinder, about six inches long and two inches wide. When enough force is exerted outwards, the staff slides into full form, a four foot quarterstaff. Both ends of the staff contain two mechanisms, a camera and a small high caliber pistol mechanism. The canister containing these mechanisms in the three inch by two inch cylinder on either end is largely filled by a thick, but clear gelatin. This gelatin converts all the weight to the ends of the staff, ensuring momentum makes up for the mass lost by the weapon's compaction. In addition, it protects the more breakable camera and pistol.

In addition, the ends of the staff has a bright flash for pictures in the dark, or simply disorienting enemies. She can set it to single flash, no flash, strobe, or (As she has written next to the function) "DROP DAT BASS". Strobe makes the light flash once every second, and DDB makes a flash every millisecond.

Semblance: Enhanced awareness AKA "That funny feeling" "Reporter-senses a'tingling" or "Woman's intuition".

With her aura, Alyysa's natural aura sense that warns her of danger is enhanced to greater distances, and is far more sensitive. This means she is aware of any potential scoop the moment it happens, camera at the ready. Unfortunately, this diminishes her realization of genuine danger, as she will see her aura's warning more as a heads up for a good story than her life being at risk. Obviously, this is different when she is somewhere that an interesting story wouldn't really be. This sense tells her direction, and that's about it, it's up to the tigress to react to and interpret the threat, should there be one.

Under the Vale of Night

As odd as it may sound, her radio show is a powerful weapon. Despite being a faunus, a fact that few of her listeners actually realize, she has quite a few fans, and the ratings for the show are high. If she so desires, she can easily sway her listeners into certain opinions via propoganda. She's by no means going to be commanding any army with it, but a megaphone in many homes across Vale is a powerful weapon.


Our tale begins near the outskirts of Vale. Just close enough to be safe from the Grimm, and just far enough out for a simple, easy life. Alyysa's parents were Alpaca farmers, and Alyysa was happy to help them. Her ceaseless energy provided much for her family, but her energy applied more than just physically. Her imagination was an amazing gift, and just from seeing or hearing one thing during her day, she could create a bizarre, hilarious story from it. This is where at the age of seven, she started making "Under the Vale of Night", her mock news show. 

At first merely to locals, she got a spot in the local paper for most of the faunus nearby that everyone thought her little whimsical little stories endearing. She continued writing this until her tenth birthday, where her father and mother saved her up enough to get Alyysa a small and basic recording studio, set up in the attic of their house. She was overjoyed, immediately going up there, and reading her parody news recording on the mostly blank channels that didn't reach that far.

The only true misfortune in her life was that her body had some sort of developmental problem, though honestly, it wasn't too much of a hindrance. She still was NOT a fan of people calling her short. But if that was her only downfall, she didn't really have too much to complain about. Especially not after what happened a month later.

The president of the Vale News Network was passing into Vale from one of the other cities, when by strange coincidence, the vehicle he was in had the tuning set to Alyysa's radio station. Immediately realizing it as a parody of his own station, he was intrigued at the least. When he got back from his trip, he actually tuned in a week later to see how fresh she could keep her material. When it was just as funny, if not better than the last week, he showed one of his assistants. 

The assistant was immediately taken aback, but in more of a bad way, cursing of copyright infringement, and a sheer mockery of the proud company the Vale News Network was. However, the president saw it differently. He insisted their programming could use a spark of comedy, and this Alyysa girl may have been just the girl to ignite it. Tracking her signal, the president and a few others, mainly for security, drove out to the small town, tracking down the girl. At first people were hesitant to give away her position, thinking they were indeed here to give a cease and desist notice. 

But when they finally found the girl, he was surprised to see she was a faunus. He'd seen it coming upon seeing the other residents, but it was a surprise nevertheless. Though he hesitated upon seeing her race, knowing a faunus could possibly drive of listeners, so long as her show remained on audio, there would be no harm done. He offered Alyysa a position on VNN airspace, along with a place under his wing to learn about the broadcasting, and the faunus happily agreed. Her parents were also hesitant to see her go with the man, but they knew that it was her passion to make this show, and that even if they wanted to, there was no stopping that girl. 

So Alyysa became his apprentice, and he taught her not only about broadcasting, but also reporting. He had her do her show as usual, but as she grew better and better at writing for it, it would only take her a single night to finish that week's script. So he put her into investigations as well, knowing her unique perceptions would uncover things many had missed. He also decided to train her how to defend herself, in case she was attacked, getting a skilled trainer for her. This was also when he got the girl her weapon, which she named the Inside Scoop.

As she investigated several cases, she often found success, putting away a few petty criminals. As she noticed clues and trails accidentally missed prior. Her most glorious moment as an investigator was when she was looking into a murder and partway through investigations, a few rough, thug types approached her, stating she was about to find out why one shouldn't stick their nose where it doesn't belong. She was quite brutally assaulted, coming out of the ordeal with a heavy concussion among other things. 

The silver lining, and why she loves this moment so much, was because she always insisted on wearing a wire no matter where she went. The authorities had an easier time tracking down the suspects and putting them away thanks to the audio files. 

Now 17, the President has a new task for her, the perfect job for someone like her. Attend beacon academy, and report on anything interesting that goes down there, along with giving her plenty of material for her own show. She excitedly took the job, somewhat interested in being a hunter, but at the same time more excited to see all the new stories, and this was just the freshness she needed. 

AS OF THE FALL OF BEACON: Alyysa lost her legs below the knees in an airship crash, and will be replacing them with prosthetics armed with wind dust, upping her mobility and walking on walls with Gravity dust. This will be after a good deal of rehabilitative training though.


Alyssa concept2
Cutiebutt aly

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