This character was created by Takeshi kun21 (digital artwork drawn by a friend offsite). Please do not use her without my permission, unless you want Amy to electrocute you.
Fragments of the past can always be altered for any given situation. Memories aren't what define someone's true character; your actions in the here and now are the only things that matter.
We're not wasting our Lien on useless trinkets. Miles, you agree with me right?
— By Amy to Mason Donovan
Amber Thysteine
Amy profile
Age 18
Nickname Amy, Pinky
Status Alive
Color Amethyst
Gender Female
Race Human
Born  ???
Handedness Right
Complexion Light-skinned
Hair Light rose
Eyes Violet
Semblance Lunar Phase
Height 5'5"
Weight 127 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon 1st Year
Team Team AMBR
Partner Rina Rouge
Personal Status
Relatives Alton Royale- brother
Additional Info
Emblem Amy symbol v3
Likes Reading, learning, Tea
Dislikes Being pranked, not knowing her past
Special Skills Lightning, Defensive Semblance, Logical thinking
Weaknesses Low experience in Close Range
Character Theme

Lightning's Theme (FFXIII)
Battle Theme

My Sword Shall Open the Way (Tales of Xillia)


Old Look

Amy has long blonde hair that stops half-way down her back. Her first outfit was a purple school uniform-like outfit (that was gifted to her when she exited the hospital she stayed at when she was found). Her eyes are a shade of violet and match the gemstones (Dust Crystal) in her red scarf and in the cufflinks on her sleeves (also Dust crystals). Amy also wears long dark purple socks and a pair of dress shoes on her feet.

New Look

It would be noticed that Amy has had a drastic change in certain areas of her appearance. Her hair for instance has gone from blonde to a light rose. Her new outfit is primarily colored purple and white being the overcoat top, skirt, and stockings. On her waist is a violet belt, sporting her emblem as the buckle. On her feet Amy wears a pair of heels and accessory wise she keeps her red scarf and cufflinks (which are still imbued with Dust).


Stage of Distrust:

At first Amber wasn't the type of person who wanted to get close to people. After remembering one fearful memory, she's been reluctant to trust anyone. If she'd talk to you, the conversation wouldn't be very long and would usually be about one of her tasks at hand. She prefered to do everything by herself: eating, studying, etc. because she just didn't know quite how to express herself towards others at the time. Her personality soon changed upon connecting with the rest of AMBR, because she learned how dependable these three individuals were after the events of their initiation at Beacon Academy.

Open Interest:

She can still struggle slightly when it comes to interacting with new faces, but when you get to know her, Amy can be really nice. She's friendly to most people, especially her teammate Rina who thinks of her as a big sister, and can get really defensive when she's in danger. Sometimes she has a tendancy to be quite motherly at times, which can come off as a slight annoyance.

Amy's also quite the intellecutal, being one who values logic over absurd theories. Her grades never go below an A, due to spending lots of time studying before, after, and during class. She takes learning very seriously, and is always enthusiastic to discover something new.

Sometimes she can get mad when Rina and Blaine end up joking around too much, but she still enjoys their company. When she's angry, Amy doesn't hold back any punches; she'll say exactly what she feels about the situation at hand. Her temper can get the best of her at times, but it's not as bad as before the team got together. Back then, her anger was a major distraction to her mentally and caused her fighting performance to drop greatly; it's not a big problem now, but it still happens.

Her nice nature, changes into something more fierce and serious when in a battle. Amy isn't the type of girl to play with her enemies, and likes to finish them off as quick as possible. She's not the one to get cocky and underestimate her opponent either (that's Blaine's job); any comments on her enemy come after they've been defeated.

When at Beacon, Amy likes to spend time reading a good book, or studying in the library (yes she's quite the nerd). She's also one who has high appreciation for elegance and proper etiquette, so her manners tend to be on the formal side. It's a rare occurance, but sometimes you may catch her as an accomplice in Blaine's unusual tricks and pranks; however, she's the one getting pranked, Amy will definitely use him for target practice.

Weapon & Abilities

Lunar Grace

Lunar Grace's design close up

Amy Stats Chart

Chart by Jollyjo

Amy uses a pair of chakram in combat called her "Lunar Graces" and follows a fighting style called Papillon's Grace, which in short involves elegant movements as though you were performing a dance among the battlefield. They can be thrown and will come back to her just as a boomerang would. She can also use them in close ranged combat, slashing enemies with finesse, while implementing a spinning motion here and there (her battle style is similar to Colette Brunel from Tales of Symphonia with a little bit of Cheria Barnes from Tales of Graces; Dust casting based off of Cheria as well).

Her clothing is also infused with both Gravity (mainly found in her cufflinks) and Lighting Dust (in her scarf), being her primary choices for combat.

Lightning Dust Usage

Amy mainly utilizes Amethyst Dust Crystals (Lightning Dust that has been altered artificially for the effect of purple coloring), with electrical properties that let her throw bolts of lightning at her opponents. Her bolts can vary in number and size depending on how they are cast. When she activates her Dust crystals with her Aura, they glows brightly, and the palms of her hands start to shine as well. The ones from her palms are usually small most of the time and don't cause much damage, but they can be used for multiple quick attacks. She can also imbue her Lunar Graces with the element of lightning for a short time to increase damage and may inflict temporary paralysis.

She can also summon stronger lightning attacks with her Dust crystals as well; with concentration, she can create a circular violet glyph (via her Semblance) on the ground, air, or walls to determine where these powerful bolts will strike (akin to Glynda with her hailstorm attack). Perfoming attacks this way takes up a lot of time and energy to use, so this technique is used less frequently (especially on airborne enemies as they are harder to hit).

Gravity Dust Usage

In addition to Lightning, Gravity Dust is also used in battle, mainly in conjunction with her Semblance. 

Aura/Semblance abilities

Amy Pentagram1

Lunar Phase Glyph

Since she cannot defend well enough in Close Quarters Combat with her Lunar Graces, Amy uses her Aura as well as her Semblance to lessen the impact of physical damage done to her like most people would. It appears pink in color.

With her Semblance "Lunar Phase", she can conjure various forms of protection through the usage of glyphs. Amy uses a base circular glyph, with a transparent center to start with (New Moon phase). Within that center, Amy can create a moon to take place in that center space, utilizing the other phases of the moon, each with different effects all for the same purpose.

New Moon: The transition glyph for all her other phases (Ex. Full Moon -->New moon --> Gibbous). When touched, it can be phased through easily, so this phase has 0 defensive capabilites. However; it can still be combined with Dust, mainly for her powerful casting techniques. If she places a Gravity Dust affected New Moon above a target, and casts a lightning bolt to strike from above, the pressure of the bolt will be increased upon passing through the glyph, to cause more damage.

Full Moon: Barrier

The barrier she creates is transparent and lavender in color, that is as round as a sphere in size, which envelopes the person she's using it on, and takes a lot of energy to maintain. It can be used to protect herself or an ally, even contain an enemy briefly, as long as Amy herself is focused. It can increase in size, but the bigger it is makes it harder for her to keep it from breaking. The impact from bullets and Dust based attacks are much easier to defend against compared to powerful strikes from a melee combatant (or even worse, multiple close quarter combat fighters).

Combined with Lightning Dust, she can coat the exterior of the barrier with electricity so when an enemy touches it, they receive a small shock in return. For a somewhat opposite effect, she can create a small sphere with lightning inside: useful for illuminating an area or creating small bombs of condensed electricity to throw at her foes.

With Gravity Dust, Amy can adjust the pressure on the inside of her barrier. Increasing pressure can make sure that herself and allies within stay grounded where they stand if targeted by powerful attacks that may normally send opponents flying. If she traps an enemy, she can use it to hinder their ability to move, forcing their whole body towards the ground; it's a perfect technique that can be utilized as a make-shift prison, yet takes a lot of energy and focus to maintain, especially if the target struggles constantly.

Gibbous: Bubble

This phase is quite similar to the Full Moon in barrier aspect, however, this form is weaker in defensive properties. The barrier summoned with this technique is more squishy and and can be used to hault an opponents attack upon contact like some sort of netting. It can even be used to soften landings or bounce up into the air.

In conjunction to Gravity Dust, she uses it to help soften the her landings.

Quarter Moon: 2D shield

Amy isn't limited to making barriers only; in this phase, she can make her glyph tangible creating a flat shield, but that can withstand only a number of hits before breaking. This glyph can be moved at her own will, so it can become a platform to ride on, and even move it to quickly help out an ally covering their blind spot. (You can say it's similar to teenage Gwen Tennison's abilities in Ben 10 Alien Force, Small example I found). She can make multiple of these, though sticks to forming two shields at a time as it would be hard to focus on anymore than she can handle.

Using Gravity Dust, she can strategically place the shield underneath an opponent's feet which can slightly alter the gravity on that specific location. By increasing the force, enemies will be weighed down (or for the opposite effect, send them afloat by a foot or two to catch them off balance). This technique requires less focus on Amy's part so she is able to cast lightning based attacks. Although similar to Full Moon, the area of effect for Quarter Moon isn't a closed off space, so it's easier for more capable enemies to escape by reacting efficiently.

Another effect with Gravity Dust is she can place the Quarter moon glyph on a wall to walk on it, or keep her attached to a ceiling for a stealthier mission.

Recreationally, she'll use Quarter Moon as a small table to put a cup of tea on, protect her from the rain, or a stack of books back at school.

Crescent Moon: Sabre

After certain events, Amy has discovered the function of the Crescent Moon glyph, the ability to summon an ethereal sabre. This new power of hers would help alleviate the stress when fighting alone in close quarters with an opponent, especially if she can't distance herself from her foe effectively. The blade would help to parry certain strikes to keep her safe, as well as create openings for a counter attack that Amy could never achieve just by blocking them with the effects of her other phases.

And of course, Amy isn't opposed to striking a foe with this ability either. Like they say, "The best defense is a good offense," and Crescent Phase's sabre can work to throw an opponent off guard strategically. The nature of the weapon not being actually on her person can surprise foes for an effective sneak attack.

For now as this ability is still new to her, Amy can only effectively summon one sabre at any given time. It takes a bit of a toll on her Aura levels to keep the blade manifested as well, so she tries to keep it out for as short as possible; keeping it active any longer than 3 minutes would cause her to become exhausted.

Drawbacks: Though her Semblance is versatile, Lunar Phase requires a lot of focus to maintain a good defense. Constant usage and switching between phases depletes her energy swiftly. Shattering her defenses takes a large toll on her strength as well, so if she were to try and create another barrier immediately after her previous one was destroyed, it would fail completely.

Basic Abilities: Her normal abilities are basic agility and speed. She can jump high and propell even higher by making platforms with her glyphs to jump from, or just step up on. Mentally she's very intelligent and plans out all of her actions in battle, or sometimes even makes the call for a strategic retreat.

While training at Beacon before she was officially enrolled in classes she had received some fencing training from Althea Pallas, a Beacon Professor and her personal mentor. The fencing sessions were somewhat limited, but she continues to train with her teammate Blaine after the Fall of Beacon.


A lone girl, missing about 7 years of past memories, is found in the depths of a Dust mine unconscious and is taken to a hospital in Vale. The doctors there say that her body had once been infused with Dust over a few years, though are unsure on the reasoning behind it. In order to learn more, they asked if she could recall anything from her past, though she only remembers her name, Amber, and one frightening memory. In the memory, she felt like she was strapped down to some sort of table, in what appeared to be a laboratory, and there was a sole figure in a white lab coat who was standing over her. Before getting a good look at the person, her vision fades and she can only recall feeling large amount of pain afterwards.

After the memory had resurfaced in the hospital room, Amber had started to feel paranoid about the doctors around her. She already had gone through so much pain and didn't want to endure anymore torture, and immediately started to shun them. When one of the nurses tried to move to her bedside to comfort her, Amber had discharged last bits of Dust remaining inside her body, and almost electrocuted her. Before making contact with the hospital staff, a certain individual had intervened to block the blow. That person was a Hunter, as well as an instructor at Beacon Academy.

After taking the attack, he took a moment to observe Amber's skills. He determined her strike wasn't strong enough to be fatal, yet had enough power to push the Hunter back slightly. If his Aura wasn't active, he felt that he might've passed out only for a brief moment, and later deduced Amber didn't have murderous intentions. This Hunter then started to believe that with proper training, the young girl could become a successful Huntress. He kept his distance, and talked with the patient until she had calmed down. The Hunter then mentioned he had come from a combat school and taught many students how to refine their abilities. He had then tried to persuade Amber to come to his school, saying he would be able to train her as well as give her a home. He told her that she didn't have to make a decision at the moment as it was a big choice, though Amber had accepted his offer right away; she thought that gaining control of her abilities would be a good idea, especially if she wants to find out more about her past.

She completed two years of training as well as a few solo missions issued to her before being officially enrolled into the school as a first year. Although she was against being put onto a team at first, eventually Amber opens up to the idea and befriends three other students: Mason DonovanBlaine Azuria, and Rina Rouge. The four of them make up Team AMBR and they are dedicated to unlock the secrets of Amy's past.

Secrets revealed:

On a mission where Amy got separated from the team, she was aided by Alton Royale, member of Team RAVN. He informs her of her true identity, Amber Styner, a human experimented on as a means of finding out what Dust can do to the human body besides just giving them power. He explains that her memories might be locked as a side effect of the testing. Alton also informs Amy that her genes are considered to be slightly unstable, due to negative side effects of using unrefined Dust in the research, and could possibly end her life if she isn't careful, highly suggesting she give up her ideas on becoming a Huntress, but she refuses.

Alton then says that he is not her enemy, but he cannot disobey his orders from the professor who experimented on them; he isn't allowed to say his name either. When Amy tells her friends this fact, they treat her no differently than they used to. She may be just an abandoned experiment, but she's still a human girl with real feelings.

The Fall of Beacon:

With the invasion of an unknown saboteur, and a Grimm invasion, Amy had fought off a few creatures of her own. In the end she lost her home at Beacon, but with her team she remained, to solve the link between her past, and her new unknown enemy.

Amy's Themes

Normal Theme: Lightning's Theme FFXIII

Final Fantasy XIII OST Disc 2 Lightning 39 s Theme

Reasoning: Amy and Lightning actually have a bit in common personality-wise.

Battle Theme: My Sword Shall Open The Way Tales of Xillia

TALES OF XILLIA OST Battle Theme 9 My Sword Shall

Reasoning: It shows that she's more of a person that fights with grace and elegeance.

Amy's Emblem

Amy symbol v3

Amy's emblem v3.0

Version 1: Amy's emblem is a cresent moon with a lightning bolt on it (designed on MS paint). The moon represents the shape of her weapons and has a meaning revolving around her memories. The cresent represents the many things she knows, and the black area is all the memories she has lost. The lightning bolt is a reference to her offensive abilities as well as the effectiveness of her normal attacks. 

Version 3: With assistance from my friend, I was able to do the final version for Amy's emblem (v2 is just a crappier version of v3 on paper). The message is still the same, only the fragments of the moon represent her memory rather than the surrounding area.

The places Amy's emblem are on would be the collar of her top (old outfit), a sticker on her notebooks, and on a pair of earmuffs used for missions in cold weather. In her new outfit it's the buckle of her belt on the overcoat.


  • Her name is supposed to be a play on words as a reference to the gem Amethyst (Amy Thysteine).
    • Her birth name is revealed to be Amber Styner by Alton.
    • Although her name is Amber, an orange gem, her color reference is Amethyst, a purple gem (though retains both color references).
    • Her original last name "Styner", and new last name "Thysteine" are both based off the name Stein, which is a cognate of Sten being an Old Norse name meaning "Stone".
    • Her birth name can mean "Amber Stone" and the name she goes by "Amethyst Stone".
  • Opposite of Rina within Team AMBR's "Solar System" motiff, Amy represents the moon in her attacks and emblem.
  • I had just realized this within my writings: her attitude, love for studying, and concept of friendship all lead up to being similar to the unicorn (now alicorn) Twilight Sparkle. Weird Brony Sub-conscience. XD
  • When taken to the hospital, Amy is 16 years old, so her memories from ages 9-15 are missing.
    • After learning of her unfortunate past from her brother, Amy grew a fear of losing control of her abilities, and in the end fading away into Dust.
  • Amy worked solo for a while at Beacon only taking on small tasks like apprehending robbers and such as a part of preliminary training before she was officially enrolled.
  • She was instructed by Althea Pallas, during her two preliminary years at Beacon. Some of her training involved fencing.
  • Rina was the one who gave Amber the nickname "Amy". She didn't like it at first, due to the informality, but it grew on her as did their friendship.
    • Durring her childhood, she had the nickname "Pinky" which was given to her by Roy Sage.
  • Although her first drawing said otherwise, Amy's chest size is at least a B-cup.
    • The good-looking art done for Amy was done by my good friend irl, xxlittlecherryxx.
    • Due to certain unintentional similarities, I've changed Amy's hair color as its one of those things making her a bit similar to Colette from ToS.
  • Amy is the younger sister of Alton in the technical sense that they were experimented on by the same person.
  • Her fighting style is similar to Cheria Barnes from Tales of Graces F, except she doesn't have an ability to heal allies; she just mainly imitates some of her lightning based artes and physical artes. English Dub example with all offensive spells (including Indignation, PS3 exclusive spell, and All 4 mystic artes). This example includes  mostly her physical artes.
    • After getting started on Tales of Symphonia, I've decided Colette Brunel's tech moves would better fit her fighting style physically, though with some of cheria's artes.
  • Subpage links on the back-up wiki: Abilities, Affiliations.

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All artwork for Amy. Images here were either drawn by my hand or by another person, being friends (currently my buddy mostly), or fellow users onsite with proper crediting.

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