Amber alendise

chibi amber (don't judge

"your funny, just give me all you got cute-ass" -amber taunting hoojoow


name: amber alendise

Age: 17

Gender: female

Race: human

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 94 lbs

Hair: red

Eyes: blue


she wears a white blouse her pants are black skinny jeans and light green sneakers. her hair splits off onto both her shoulders and upon her cheek she has a scar. she often dress in a "fancy" fashion when attending a party that hoojoow is also going to.


amber is prone to anger but is also calm and loving alot of the time. she loves hoojoow so much that once she got shot for him. she is a very loyal and dedicated girl.

Weapons and Abilities

her weapon is a large hammer that is panted silverthe the bottom of the shaft of the hammer is capable of holding small objects like notes or dust.the end of the shaft holds a gattling gun that has different affects depending on what kind of dust is applied. she was an acrobate so even when carrying her hammer she canjump extremly high and move with ease


amber was born on a barn at the stroke of midnight. oh how her mother was happy for that brief moment till it was over for her. beowolfs, they attacked their farm and the father defended his new daughter with a pitch fork. after 10 hours of fighting and crying it was over...a women dead in the hay just after birth, a father dead amongst the many bodys of beowolfs. the men that came to scout the wreckage thought the entire family was dead and were getting ready to leave. one man thought they were missing something but he couldn't...the baby! he had heard a baby just born and he hadn't found her. he ran through the bodys of beowolfs seaching until he saw a baby girl sitting in blankets on a pile of hay asleep. beutiful childthe only flaw was the scar across her cheek.

16 years later she has traind everyday whached by her uncle keen. she was hyped she could finnaly meet that boy she saw walking in the woods. she was so happy to go to becon and also suprised that professer ozpin chose her, who was born in a barn with no parents and never attends battle school.she said her goodbyes the next day telling rachel to wach danny and after all that she was off she ran through the gates to vale and get to the ship taking her to becon. "i'll have my story ready then, but now is the time to make it"


  • as always i'll take art just comment it or send it to me
  • use this character for you stuff to just dont go against what i have down on her
  • if you want you can fix grammar/spelling

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