My OC! I will kill u faster than Yang will if you pulled her hair out if you steal my stuff!! YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!


Name: Amber Katsa Grace 

Nickname: Kat

Age: 17

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 100

Hair color: Purple 

Eye colors: Left eye green, Right eye blue 

Occupation: Student 

IQ: 110


Kat is, agressive. She does have a since of kindness but she can be rude. At times she'll have OCD moments and she will freak out about that. She dosen't take no for an answer when something important comes to her like saving a loved one. She's silent when u first become friends with her but se'll eventually open up to you. She does not care on sense of fashon or what she wears.


Amber was born into the life of a mernecary. At the age of 10 she killed her first man protecting her mom and dad. At the age of 13 she crafted her own daggers which became her weapons and her armor. Her dad was a skilled assassin for mercenaries and she took apon that skill. Her mom was a craftsman so that's how she was able to make her armor and her daggers.


Amber uses no Dust what so ever. She has twin daggers. Their names are Yin and Lin. She has very good armor that she crafted herself and she specialy made it to make no sound what so ever. Her armor is black with cyan lines going throughout her armor making deatils for it. 


Amber is slim weighing in at 100 lbs. She has no battle scars. When she's in combat she has a black cloth covering her mouth to silence her. You rarley see her without her scarf and armor on. If you do see her without armor and scarf, she wears a very low v-neck that's revealing a bit and short blue jean shorts. She has a blue eye and a green eye and purple hair.


Stealth is her weapon! She blends in with her enviroment and uses Yin and Lin to kill her target. She is very fast and when she moves, she is very silent. She's not completly useless if her daggers are taken away. She is skilled in hand to hand fighting and she has no technique when fighing with her hands. 

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