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Name: Ambrose Praetor


Age: 18

Race: Human


Music Theme(s):

(To be inputed at a later date)

Team: OBAC 

Color: Dark Amber

IQ: High. Puts more stock in reactions and memory than school work. Has a very good grasp of trigonomatry, and angles. He's also cunning.

Quotes: None- he's mute. He commmunicates either by sign language, writing, or facial expressions and gestures.


Ambrose is of an average hieght and weight: Standing at 1.8 meters (6 foot even) and weighing in at 68.5 kilograms (151 lbs). He has broad shoulders, and a musculature of a warrior. Not a frontline fighter, though. His arms and core are very strong, due to the recoil of his rifle. Which means, he's also flexible, allowing him to get to hard to reach vantage points. His reaction times are quick, and his eyes sharp: allowing for him to make alterations to a shot in a matter of seconds.

His face is regal, with no marrings aside from a small scratch just below his eye. What's startling are his eyes: A dark, yet vibrant gold that speaks of a hidden intelligence. The sniper's hair is a dark brown, but streaked throughout with a brighter shade of amber, styled into a short ponytail. If let down, his hair hangs just below his chin, though he rarely does so.

He dresses in a black, ankle length western duster with gold highlights, and dark grey pants with a slight amount of purple lining. A black bandana highlighted in gold hangs around his neck, pulled up for any type of combat. He wears a dark cowboy hat as well, which has a pair of visor-goggles on top (One full piece of glass, not two seperate ones.). A crimson belt wraps around his waist, taken from a fallen friend. It holds a knife used for close quarters, assuming an enemy makes it that far. Final Echo is always strapped diagonally down his back, and the barrel reaches down past his calf. Compacted, the weapon goes just over his tailbone. 

He's mute. It wasn't due to an accident. He was just born that way. 


He's a mute, so that shaped much of the way he acts. Especially since as a child, he was rediculed for it. He knows how to sit back, and watch, observing what he can to be used at a later date. Ambrose is not above using what he finds out about people to his advantage. But, at the same time, he also has a sense of honor. He has a line he never crosses: using someone's loved ones against them. Seeing as he has only his mother to truly call family, he finds the very idea horrid. Also, fighting children rankles badly with him. He just doesn't see a point in it.

When he interacts with others, he watches. He's jaded, not to the extent of some, but enough to see the worst in people before the best. He looks at your interactions with your fellows, and when you're by yourself. Then he makes the judgement whether you are good enough to be his friend, or someone to ignore. When that happens, you get to see how he really is. He's snarky, sarcastic. Doesn't crack jokes very often. Semi nice, and can be caring. He just really can't show it. 

He's learned to trust his head, more than his heart. Which, sometimes makes him impersonable and harsh in his decisions. But, at the same time. He hates long winded speeches and inaction. He finds just sitting around doing nothing pointless, and more often then not, will end up doing his homework when able to. When something is incomplete, he takes it as a sign of lazyness, and attempts to finish it for you. When he's determined about something, he gets it done.

Ambrose actually writes or studies calligraphy as a past time. With as little interaction with other kids as possible for someone who went to school, he decided that writing was an easy out. His handwriting is calligraphy, and his word usage is pretty advanced for someone like him. He enjoys it as a method of self expression.


Raised by his Huntress mother, and abandoned by his father in favor of the man's job as a fast action response officer (SWAT, basically), Ambrose was a born mute. He lived his childhood outside of Vale, with his mother being overprotective. She was a strong woman, who didn't allow past failings to slow her down. The ideal role model. She taught her son how to be responsible, and how to handle himself in public. What a mother is supposed to teach. 

School was difficult for him. Not the course work, he had a keen memory and listened well. It was the other students that made it hell for him. From day one, he was singled out as the wierdo, the freak. He was treated just the same as a Faunus, as anyone who was different. And that made him see the worst in people, before the best. He was never outgoing, but this cemented it. He became the quiet watcher, the kid who always knew what was going on, but no one else realized it. But, eventually Ambrose got tired of it. Tired of the inaction, tired of just waiting for someone to approach him. So he developed a system: watch his peers, view their interactions with each other, when alone, and with their parents. And base their personalities off of that. And from that, he deemed who would be good enough for a friend, and who would be better off ignored. Unfortunately, those who qualified as friends were few and far between. So, at age eight, he had to find some way to amuse himself.

What better way, then to sneak into his mother's room, take her sniper rifle, go outside, and shoot at targets? He was an ideal son in every other aspect, genuinely caring about her day to day affairs, listening to her problems. But when night fell, he snuck away her weapon, and practiced. And so the system went for awhile, six months to be exact. He was going good, getting better and better. He was almost hitting the bullseye repeatedly, having a natural affinity for ranged combat. Until, one day at breakfast, she asked him how his aim was coming along. He blinked rapidly, and she smirked. She was a huntress, how could she not know that her son was taking her weapon and firing it. He told her, in sign language, that he was close to hitting the bullseye. She was skepticle, so he went outside and showed her. Hitting the inner ring, about an inch away from the center. She was shocked, and proud. But grounded him anyways.

But as soon as the ban was lifted, she immediately began teaching him how to fight. And he took to it rather well: it was something that required action, not waiting around and debating pointlessly. She showed him different weapons, and he took to a spear. The Huntress herself took to a glaive, so the styles were really similar. And she trained him for the next four years, a personalized Signal, in a form. He was content to use cheap weapons, until she decided he could craft his own. They gathered the materials, did the research, sketched out designs. Eventually, the pre-teen decided on a massive long ranged railgun that could shift into a spear. And so, Final Echo was born.

His mother was called back into missions, and Ambrose began joining her. Staying out of the fight as much as possible, until she told him he could start joining in. For four more years it worked this way, and during this time he began dressing like he does today. He made a friend in one of his mother's co-workers, another Huntress, just a few years older than him. There was no romantic attraction, just mutual respect for each others skills. Though, her nickname for him was "Silent Cowboy", which got really annoying for the teen. Things continued rather well for awhile, but activity in an area was building up. Someone was stirring up the Grimm there, directing them at a nearby villiage. His mother and friend were sent with two teams, and she took him along, stating that it shouldn't be too much trouble.

The mission went south. The intelligence they were sent was underdeveloped, the number of creatures far greater than what two teams could take. The friend ended up taking on too much, and all he could find of her was a dark red belt. The same one he wears today. At that point, he went into a rampage, attacking as many Grimm as he could in grief. One got a luckly blow in, just below his eye. The wound snapped him out of it, and he retreated with the others. Eventually, Beacon came down in force on the area, and cleared it all out.

For two years, he carried a grudge against who stirred up the Grimm, and the creatures themselves for the losses Beacon sustained. He continued traveling on missions with his mother, until he applied for Beacon academy, and was accepted.

Weapons and Combat

Final Echo

Final Echo, the massive sniper rifle.

His weapon is a huge, sleek sniper rifle named Final Echo. It's classified as a Magnetic Pulse Rail Sniper. It uses a metal slug coated in dust, hyper accelerated along a line of magnetic rings as ammunition. The clip is interesting, as it shapes the round inside the weapon. Basically, all he needs is a chunk of metal about six inches long, and he has a bullet. On the flip side, he can only carry fifteen rounds at a time in the firearm. When firing, the bullet is sent along the barrel, gaining speed as it passes each magnetic ring. Once it exits the barrel, it's going at a fast enough velocity to puncture a wall, and clear a steel door on the other side. It has a slow rate of fire, typical for a railgun, but is spot on accurate. It can charge near indefinitely; the longer you hold down the trigger, the greater the power of the shot. After thirty seconds to a minute, the recoil is huge, and there is a slight deley before the bullet exits. Once it does, though, it speeds out fast enough to leave a trail of incandescant light and a visible distortion. The round at that point is more akin to a laser: Puncturing nigh everything in a large area, with the force tearing the molecules away from each other as it passes. Otherwise, he can fire it more like a gauss canon: faster, but not as powerful.

The rifle, when he's in any form of close combat, shifts into a double, long bladed spear he can use for slashing and stabbing. It keeps the railgun function at the tip, but still has to charge up. He spins the weapon, striking with both the sharp ends to terminate the opposition, normally Grimm. The entire time, letting the magnets charge up the round, before finally unleashing it with a finisher. Normally some type of jumping stab. Then, he uses the recoil to back up, and shift Final Echo back into its ranged form. He's competent in close, but much, much better at range.

His ranged style with the weapon is shoot once, and move to a different location. Classic sniper style. He aims for the head, or a vital portion of his opponent that will either detain them enough for his allies to finish them off, or outright kill them. The knife itself is just for show; a gift that he doesn't use, but keeps to remind him of his mother.

Aura: Moderate amount, about average really. Nothing special.

Semblance: To be inputed at a later date.


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