With my power and the aid of Fenice, we will find the answers, and bring them to their knees. Know me by name, Shepherd of Fire.
If you're a religious man, I suggest you pray - this boy wields an ancient secret, and the courage of a thousand souls.
— Amet, during battle scene
Planning is being three steps ahead of your opponent.
— Amet, talking to Aurus
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Amet Revfold (pronounced with a silent 'f') is the leader of Team ARAM and Team ARAS.  He represents amethyst, or the color royal purple.  Revfold's weapon of choice is his family heirloom, Potenza di Fenice, a zwei that transforms into a rocket launcher.  Amet comes from the Kiyng clan, a family of Dust reasearchers and adepts in combat.  Following in their footsteps, he openly accepts faunus. The went missing shortly after the 'new' White Fang age began.  Fearing he might 'vanish', Amet ran away and sought closure in the denizens of Vale. 

Amet Revfold-Kiyng
Amet redesign
Age 19
Title Amethyst
Alias Shepherd of Fire
Nickname Amet
Status Active
Color Purple
Gender Male
Race Human
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Fair
Hair Black/Purple
Eyes Gold
Height 6' 0"
Weight 180 lbs.
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team ARAM(Suspended)

Team ARAS(Current)

Partner Roy Zaffire
Occupation Student
Jobs Mail sorter (formerly)
Additional Info
Emblem Emblem(Imosa)
Likes -Video games


Dislikes -Racism

-Killing without motive

Special Skills -Kindoturi
Character Theme

Avenged Sevenfold - Coming Home
Battle Theme

Avenged Sevenfold - Shepherd Of Fire


Amet Revfold is a tall boy with long, purple hair.  He has a fair complexion, and has gold eyes.   Amet has scars from burns scattered over his body - the result of a harsh learning curve from Fenice.

Revfold wears a cloak that's black on the outside and gray on the inside.  This cloak comes down to his upper shin and has his emblem stitched on the outside. He wears a purple tunic with black straps/armlets and gold accents.  Across his chest is a leather strap that can double as a bandoleer.  Underneath his tunic is a long-sleeved shirt of a light shade of purple.  His gloves are metal-platted with circular dishes where Dust balls are loaded.  Underneath all of this is a chain mail for some protection, without sacrificing mobility.


Amet Revfold was born into the Kiyng, a clan of great minds and equal strength. With deep roots in Remnant history, this clan has been around for quite some time, trading ideas with others at the time - Tsukiakari, Shnee. But not only were they able to research Dust, in time the Kiyng also dabbled in Aura, trying to unlock its full potential. They practiced a spiritual meditation handed down over the generations, which eased the body and mind.

The Kiyng, naturally, had a library and a codex to decipher certain phrases and books that held sensetive information. This information ranged from the afformentioned Dust and Aura research to general history and excerpts from the previous leaders. However, with great knowledge comes power, and power comes vendettas. Because of this, the clan did not bestow the Library and its contents to the next-of-kin until they attained the throne.

When the White Fang shifted in power, the Kiyng clan went missing.  Many of Amet's family members vanished for reasons still unclear to him.  Fearing his life, Amet fled his home, Fenice in hand.  For years, he lived alone, wandering from place to place, searching for shelter.  On many occassions, he'd get into fights with local thugs and wandering Grimm.  Wanting to test how far he could really go, he'd venture off into the forest and fight the beasts - learning more about them each time, as well as learning more about himself.  Because of his numerous encounters with people, he has great experience in reading and deciphering their plans and actions.

In order to survive further, he got a job at the local post office, though the pay was under-the-table.  Longing to leave the meager life before him, Amet learned what he could from the messages he sorted.  After years of sorting mail and letters, Revfold learned about Signal Academy and Beacon Academy, the statistics needed to be accepted, and who to copy.  When the time came, Amet stole applications to Beacon, forging signatures and stats.  He was accepted.

Ashamed of a human-ruled world despising faunus, he dreams of a time where faunus and human will be able to be united once again.  A time when the world will truly know peace. Amet now spends his spare time reading his clan's history in the Kiyng library, nestled in the desolate grounds of his home. It is a haunting reminder of the puzzle he needs to piece together.

At the Battle of Beacon, Amet fought to save the school. But finding no end in sight, he fled back to his Library - trying to get ARAM in tow. With none of his team following, the heir went alone. This is now where he stays, alone with his thoughts, ocassionally wandering as a nomad across the world. However, after Roy found him, Amet was conviced to start anew in the wake of ARAM : Team ARAS.


Amet Revfold is someone you can relate to.  Many people and faunus like him were without a home. When not in battle, he is dilligent, quiet and reserved, often looking lost in thought.  When he's around friends, he's jolly, less reserved, and open.  If Amet finds someone he trusts, he will attach himself to them, trying to make bonds.  This doesn't always work, but Amet will keep trying - he will open himself up with feelings, thoughts, and emotions.  When in battle, however, he is calm, cool, and collected.

His friends would desribe him as faithful, loyal, caring, wise, strong, and focused.  When he finds someone worth keeping, he will make sure to care for them, however it may be.

Revfold wears a peaceful facade, but underneath lies a hidden soft side, one that shows every now and then.  He has a hard time finding people he can trust or spend time with because of his social awkwardness, but remains vigilant all the same.  With the loss of his clan still fresh in his mind, he longs for answers and justice for his family.

Abilities & Powers

Amet's Semblance is heightened bodily reflexes.  This allows him to get is body and limbs out of the way faster, as well as improve his sensory inputs.  Because of this, Amet can use pinpoint precision in his strikes, counter and dodge faster, as well as have a quicker reaction time. He can turn it on at any time, as it actively drains his Aura. If it is turned off, there's a 30 second cooldown between each. Amet's Aura is a burnt orange color.  He has an uncanny amount of the energy.

Because of his upbringing, Amet is incredibly smart, adaptive, and calculative.  He will stay ahead of his enemies and keep them guessing.  Ever since he was born, he was born to do so, and spares no expense in sticking to his roots.

Amet also practices a type of spiritual meditation handed down the Kiyng generations called Kindoturi.  it revs up the psyche of the user, allowing them to be perfectly calm and collected even during the most intesive fights.

He wields a powerful sword that can shoot varying amounts of Dust. These round cartridges load into the hilt of Fenice.  This sword can create sparks and fireballs, which it uses when it morphs into a rocket launcher.  Potenza di Fenice, when in launcher form, fires concentrated balls that explode on impact.

Because they're simple, round cartidges, Fenice's reload time is very short.  However, Amet has begun to experiment with other types of dust, supplied by his friend, Aurus Hintray.

Fighting Style

Amet is more defensive than offensive.  Potenza di Fenice allows Revfold to attack at range with fireballs, as well as blind foes at close range with sparks.  His self-taught style is, simply put, waiting for an opening, striking quickly and effectively - go in loud, get out quick. If a strike doesn't need to be wasted, he will tend not to engage.

He allows the enemy to rush, patiently waiting for the time to strike.  His dodging involves deflecting and countering, using the momentum to keep his movements fluid and precise.  Amet is incredibly smart and adaptive, despite not having a formal education.  He stays mentally ahead of his enemies, making it hard to predict his movements or tactics.  In addition, he looks for weakness and strength in opponents weapons or armor.

Even though Amet has a large amount of Aura, large attacks (I.E. volleys of missile, bulletstorms, heavy hits that catch him off-guard) will cause his to go defensive, but make him rethink his strategy. While his mind is working, his fighting becomes less tight, leaving openings for mistakes.

Amet is not completely useless without his sword.  He's perfectly capable of fighting hand-to-hand, as well.  His gloves have a circular dish where Amet can insert Dust balls.  He can throw up a defensive barrier with this function, as well as shoot balls of the corresponding Dust element from them.


Potenza di Fenice is a sword handed down over the Kiyng generations.  Its blade is an ancient, tempered light-weight alloy of a red-gold color, able to be wielded in one hand.  A hilt of tempered metal painted crimson, bonded leather straps on its handle, and a studded butt finish its description.  Inside the hilt is a rounded area where the Dust cartridges are loaded.  This socket, when a 'Dust ball' (as Amet likes to call them) is inserted, is protected by a gold covering. The Dust balls fuel Fenice's arcane powers.

Fenice, in relative size, is very large.  Classified as a great sword, it approaches the size of a glam amlmost the the threshold.  In full length, Potenza di Fenice is 6' 1" (73 in, 185.42 cm) long.  5' 6" (65 in, 165.1 cm) of this amount belong to the blade itself, which is also 2' (24 in, 60.96 cm) wide.

Potenza di Fenice can also morph into a rocket launcher when the butt of the sword is pushed.  The blade splits into four, making the barrel.  The hilt's sides turn into the firing mechanism and support for Fenice's cartridge, the ammunition for the launcher form.  Its handle acts as the trigger.  Potenza di Fenice shoots Dust with their size depending on how long Amet charges the shot.

The Kiyng were allies with faunus, choosing to treat them like people rather than lesser beings. As a gift, the faunus leader of the time gave Fenice to the Kiyng, thanking them for their continued kindness.

Amet recieved Fenice when he was born.  It's tradition in the Kiyng to bestow the sword onto a newborn male, who would be destined to lead the clan when the time came.  The sword, once handed down, could be modified to any extent.  Amet decided not to modify it, thinking it would change who he is, as well. 

The Kiyng Clan

The Kiyng clan is - rather, was - a family of Dust and Aura researchers.  They shared discoveries with other families, and generally was peacable with all, until certain members usurped the throne and began a new, darker age of the clan's history. Outside of this, however, they were known for their tactics in battle.  They practiced a spiritual meditation known as Kindoturi.  This meditation, like others, eased the body, spirit, and mind; it also revved up the psyche of the user, allowing them to be calm during the most intense of battles.

The Kiyng welcomed faunus with open arms, even when they were discriminated. The Kiyng often made shelter for less fortunate faunus. When the White Fang shifted in power, the clan vanished for unclear reasons.  Amet looks for answers, hoping to find justice and restore the memory of the great family he once lived with.



  • Amet's full name is Ametista, which is Italian for amethyst. Then again, Amet can be a shortened version of amethyst.
  • His self-taught fighting style did not include a blade, and is not incapacitated without Fenice. He can fight in hand-to-hand combat fairly well.
  • Amet doesn't believe his clan simply vanished, but believes they were murdered.
  • While homeless in Vale, Amet started to practice combat with Fenice against the resident Grimm.
  • His two ships, Moonlight Fire and Phoenix, represent the two endings for Amet.

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