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Location: Upper class residences in Vale


One of the Bluthardt's estates taken care by the Bluthardt siblings along with four maids and one butler trained for combat. Security detail are made up of 30% human and faunus elite bodyguards equipped with high-end weapons and 70% latest series of Atlesian Knights.

When under threat, the mansion goes into lockdown mode with high-caliber HMGs, rocket launchers, and numerous landmines activated. The mansion itself will also block every possible entrances with thick steel walls.

Spider Bombs - one of the household's small, military-grade robots with built in thermal and night vision programmed to roam around the territory of Amethyst Belt. They have a heavily encrypted IFF system connected to the household's computers. These things automatically stores latest information for IFF from the computers as a backup because they would automatically cut off their connection from the computers when unauthorized access, virus, and hacking were detected. Each one of them is as strong as a C4.

Frag-Spider Bombs - almost the same as the Spider Bombs but these things release fragments upon detonation.

Taser Spiders - almost similar as its siblings but are non-lethal version guard bots. They outnumber their siblings and are used to shock and disable perpetrators using Lightning Dusts.


Outer: Amethyst Belt is a normal-looking 2-storey white mansion with a thick group of purple flowers encircling it, patrolling Atlesian Knights and hunstman-level guards, and surveillance cameras everywhere. It has high brick walls serving as boundary of the territory. In front of the mansion is a circular pathway with the Bluthardt's emblem carved in the middle. The concrete pathway to this receiving area from the gates is surrounded by trees, trimmed lawn, and hundreds of burrowed spider bombs and frag-spider bombs. The gates are tall and made of steel, with three guards patrolling behind it.

On the right side of the mansion is a large garage where necessary vehicles are kept. There are only two luxury cars for the purpose of showing off if needed. It also has Atlesian Knights and spiders as guards.

On the left side is a large garden composed of different types of plants and flowers, and brick pathways to roam around it.

At the large backyard is where the pets and K-9 unit are housed.


First floor - shoe racks, living room, dining room, kitchen, two bathrooms, laundry area, servant's quarters, a spacious receiving area, and a backdoor with pet door.

Second floor - four bedrooms with balconies (Cyzarine's room has a pet door), two spare bedrooms with balconies, a shortcut stairs to the garden, bathroom, library, and music room. Upon climbing the staircase, a wide hallway with plants will greet the sight of the guest. This is how the rooms are positioned: on left side is where the music room, the library, and the shortcut stairs are located while on the right side is where bedrooms are (Aricia's room, Casper's, Basilia's, Cyz's, and two spare bedrooms, in respective order). The bathroom is at the end of the hallway.

Though the gadgets are expensive, all of the furnitures are relatively normal. The Bluthardt children preferred simplicity and practicality over outrageous, depreciating luxuries.

The 1st underground level of the mansion contains clinic and training facilitit's while the second level is a reinforced underground shelter with emergency power generator, computers, weapons, more spiders, and an escape route to the sewers.

Zodiac Eye

Amethyst Belt's offline data storage used for keeping classified information and gathered intel. One has to connect his/her Scroll or any electronic devices to a port to have everything scanned for potential threat before connecting to another port where transfer of newly acquired data to Zodiac Eye takes place.


  • Ardon Springfield - the siblings' butler. He is the person in-charge of running the Bluthardt's only orphanage in Vale.
  • Tale - head maid and the financial manager of the family's small agricultural land in Vale and Aricia's mentor in business.
  • Anani - maid.
  • Chloe S. Spades - a Huntress, part-time maid, and daughter of Ardon.
  • Lana - maid.
  • Elidyr Spades- 5 year old grandson of Ardon and son of Chloe.
  • 15 bodyguards
  • Pets and Personal K-9 unit

Pets and Personal K-9 Unit

Cyzarine bought, adopted, handled, and trained dogs and cats as a hobby with the help of the family's bodyguards.

K-9 unit:

  • Erebus - German Shepherd; adult male (1st generation)
  • ? - German Shepherd; adult female (1st generation)
  • ?- German Shepherd; adult male (2nd generation)
  • ? - German Shepherd; adult male (2nd generation)
  • ? - German Shepherd; adult male (2nd generation)
  • ? - German Shepherd; adult female (2nd generation)
  • ? - German Shepherd; adult female (2nd generation)
  • ? -  Rottweiler; adult male (1st generation)
  • Cham - Akita; yellow adult male (1st generation)
  • ? - Bullmastif; adult male (1st generation)
  • ? - Doberman Pinscher; adult male (1st generation)
  • ? - Doberman Pinscher; adult female (1st generation)


  • Xanthe - Labrador Retriever; yellow, adult female (1st generation)
  • ? - Labrador Retriever; yellow, male puppy (2nd generation)
  • ? - Labrador Retriever; choco, male puppy (2nd generation)
  • ? - Labrador Retriever; yellow, female puppy (2nd generation)
  • ? - Labrador Retriever; black, female puppy (2nd generation)
  • ? - Beagle; male puppy
  • Glacia - Siberian Husky; adult female
  • ? - American Pit Bull Terrier; gray, male adult
  • Kira - 1st cat
  • ? - 2nd cat
  • ? - 3rd cat