Words are very unnecessary...they can only do harm
— Amethyst explaining her quiet behavior

Amethyst Pietra is a Team Member of Team ROSA. Though silent and almost never getting involved in a fight but when she does she shows why silence does not equal weakness

Amethyst Pietra
Age 17
Title The Silent Crusher
Status Active
Gender Female
Race Human
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Pale
Hair Black/ Purple Highlights
Eyes Violet
Height 6'6"
Weight 146 Lbs.
Professional Status
Affiliation Team ROSA
Partner Olivia Huile
Occupation Team Member
Additional Info
Likes Being quiet, crushing her enemies, laughing, silently taunting
Dislikes Being confronted, Being forced to talk
Special Skills Fighting, Baseball, Being Quiet
Weaknesses Her anger can be used against her


Amethyst is a lanky, tall, sleek yet very strong woman.

She has violet eyes and she has pixie cut black hair with purple highlights. She also wears goggles over her violet eyes when she is fighting.

She is seen wearing a long sleeved purple black stripped long sleeve shirt. While her weapon is dormant, it serves as a decoration on her suit, almost like a stylish belt around her black tripp pants, she also wears black with white trimming oxford shoes.


She is often likes to stay quiet and keeps most of her thoughts to herself. She enjoys hanging back and quietly watching events unfold. Since she rarely talks she more then likely to make motions to convey what she is feeling.

She also does this in battles and often making hand motions and expressions to show what she thinks about her opponents. She also laughs if an enemy tries to intimidate. Most of the time however she just wants to blend into the wall like an awesome ninja.

The only people that have ever heard her talk is her family and Rosso. Though for some reason or another her team can understand the meaning behind her motions.

She is very stoic merely leaving her expressions from glares or raised eyebrows of annoyance. Though she will rarely smile when Olivia makes a good joke and will actually put her strength against Shirley if she goes too far.


Amethyst mostly wanted to become a huntress due to constant attacks from the Grimm where she lived. She decided that the best thing to do was to defend her village through various activities she was able to save it temporarily. With the time she was giving she decided to get herself to an academy, learn what she could and seek strength to keep her home safe.

She decided that the time for idle chit chat was over and that she needed to work hard to get things done. Thus she focuses on practice over speaking whenever possible.

Somehow she became friends with Olivia, the most talkative of the group. Rather Olivia decided to cling to her and try to get her to both smile and because to Olivia, Amethyst seemed sad and she tried to cheer her up.

She met Rosso through Olivia, at first her vain attitude annoyed Amethyst but she learned how much Rosso was and decided to learn from her example to make herself stronger.

Shirley was violent, enraged and impatient, yet as snarky as she is towards Shirley, they have a good friendship, Shirley often comes to her for advice, and Amethyst seeks to spar against Shirley's greater strength.

Weapons & Combat

She fights with a Collapsible Kanabo "Lavender Smasher", A Black, white duded Kanabo designed collapse to a sort of belt when not in use. When used however, Amethyst will smash, crush, or bat away anybody that tries to fight her. It quickly fills with Dust allowing it to turn into a weapon at a moments notice. Her Strength also means when this bat hits, it hits hard.


When she can get into close quarters combat she is very effective using her strength to be able to knock an opponent back when it connects. She also can also harden the weapon halfway, allowing it to be a flexible whip before it is fully filled with Dust.


Outside of her weapon use she only has basic combat knowledge, it consists of punches, tackles, and kicks. The Basicity of it means that if she is disarmed then she can be quickly defeated. Her weapon also takes some time to fill with dust meaning that if caught quickly enough, the weapon can be pretty weak whip instead of a stronger whip or Kanabo.


Amethyst is a purple crystal, Pietra means Stone in Greek.