Angela Celeste is created and owned by Reimaru Natsukaze.
Purity is literally non-existent, in more than one meaning.
Angela Celeste
Age 17
Alias Stryker
Status Active
Color White
Gender Female
Race Caucasian
Species Human
Born December 21st
Handedness Left-handed
Complexion Pale tan
Hair Blonde
Eyes Silver
Semblance Judgement
Height 5'9"
Weight 115 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Teammates
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Mother, Father, 1 sister
Additional Info
Likes Nothing?
Dislikes Nothing?
Special Skills Dust proficiency


Angela appears as a typical Caucasian girl with blonde hair. She ties most of her hair up loosely with a ribbon, and as a result, her hair tends be be a bit disorganized. She takes good care of it, though. She wears a white hunting tunic along with tough leather pants and boots optimized for hunting. A quiver is present on her back for her arrows. On the quiver is a symbol depicting a moon in the crescent phase. Angela tends not to wear makeup, to not deceive people of her image.


Angela was born into a religious family, dedicated to one God that they believed was responsible for the Dust in the world.


Angela's weapon of choice, Nebula Halo, is a Ranged Impact Combat Bow (RICB). The weapon measures

Combat Style

Contrary to the typical use of her weaponry, Angela's style is rather liberal and aggressive.

Angela is quite adept in using Dust, being a requirement for the rituals that often occupied church activities. She can control Dust to the extent that she can manipulate the elements that the Dust creates with relative ease, even when being handicapped.

When operating in her team, Angela acts as an all-around fighter, shooting down and helping wherever she is needed. She otherwise acts as long-range support along with Grayson.


Angela's semblance


Angela, despite her background, is unusual among the student population in terms of psychological behavior. She's pretty apathetic to a lot of things, doesn't keep any friends, and doesn't dedicate herself to anything in particular. One day, she could be reading books in the library. On another, she could be refining her aim.

She doesn't have a moral code to call her own; she relies on the norms and regulations of other authorities to make decisions. She has the capacity to be considerate of others, just as she has the capacity to torture and murder, given enough incentive. In the environment of Beacon Academy, she seems to compose herself well, but only a few of the professors know that even the slightest something can set her off.

She smiles, laughs, and talks just normally. But every action of hers seems to be done "out of necessity," as she describes it, rather than something else. Like she doesn't feel anything behind the many interactions of everyday life.

The curious thing to note is that she came to Beacon Academy of her own will. When asked about why she wanted to attend, her reply was thus:

"I want to find something to call my own? Maybe."

Given her background, her motivation is somewhat justified. As to what this refers to exactly, counselors assumed it was to establish her own moral code so that she could fit into society, and it does seem to be the case.

As for her relationship with the rest of her team, she obediently follows Grayson's orders in battle, sometimes getting confused when instructions are unclear. She's acted aloof with Yara and Red before, but she still remains close to them, albeit to a strange degree.

She is a surprisingly good actor, able to show convincing emotion in the blink of an eye.


  • Celeste is an adjective in many Romantic languages, including Portuguese and Italian, translating to celestial, which refers to the stars or, more appropriately, heaven, which refers to the color white.
  • Angela is a bit of an allusion to the constellation Sagittarius, with the name meaning "archer" in Latin.

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