Divine judgment has been passed!
— Angelina's battle cry

Angelina Zain
Angelina zain profile
Age 17
Title Team leader
Nickname Angel
Status Active
Color White
Gender Female
Race Human
Handedness Right
Complexion fair
Hair blonde
Eyes blue
Height 6'
Weight 120 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team ANJL
Occupation Student
Jobs N/A
Additional Info
Likes Killing grimm, church, praying, helping others, protecting the helpless
Dislikes Grimm, the unfaithful
Special Skills loyal,swordsman, shotgun proficiency
Weaknesses overzealous, self righteous
Character Theme

Angel With a Shotgun by The Cab


She is a rather cute girl with stunning beauty. She wears a white dress and a polished silver breastplate. Her right arm is armoured alll the way down and her left has a flowing white sleeve. She lets her long blonde hair flow down her shoulders and her stern, ice blue eyes look like cystal. On her back is a pair of mechanical angel wings that remain furled on her back most of the time.


She is a bit aloof at times as she feels she is at beacon with a divine calling. When she gets to know someone, however she is fiercely loyal and quite warm. She is kind to other and enjoys helping those at need. When she enters battle she becomes someone diffrent. She carries out every blow with the fury of a zelot. She thinks it is her duty to destroy the grimm and will not let harm befall the inoccent. She is extremely protective of her team mates in battle and will fight to her last breath to protect those w

Angelina zain full body

drawn by riftling

ho are injured.

When alone and in peacful and beautiful enviorments her mind tends to wander to places many would consider dark. She however considers them quite the oppisite. She wonders about life and death. She wonders about there meaning, the point of it. she considers it all part of cycle. She strives to understand this cycle, believing it to have been set in motion by God. she wants to find the answers. She sees a battle between chaos and peace as a natrual order. She does not fear death, she knows it will come, she does however wish to find out life's meaning before it does. To this end she often drifts off into thought when in these enviorments alarming any who may overhear her.

Weapons and Abilities

Glory's Rise: A pair of dust powered mechanical angel wings they allow for a short lived flight in combat. The Dust powercell is extremely short lived and time consuming to replace so she only ueses them as a last resort. 

Divine Judgment: Divine Judgment is a dust fueled shotgun that fire powerful bursts of electric dust. It has a six shelled chamber so it must be reloaded often. Divine Judgment can also split into a pair of katanas for close combat. Her fighting style with them favors alot of swirling around.

Aura: She has a fairly large amount of aura. She considers it a gift from God. She feels that it is the shield God has given the huntsman and huntresses to help them combat the grimm. 


Angelina grew up as a noble in the Zain family. She was schooled in the art of being a lady from an early age. Her parents refered to her as their little angel. Her family was always extremely religous. She prayed before every meal, in the mornings when she woke up, and at night before bed. Her life was an easy and happy one. She had the best tutoring and went to church twice a week. Every weekend she got to play with her best friend Sara. Her life had no problems until age ten.

One weekend she was playing with Sara in the woods on her massive estate when they heard a loud growl. The girls turned to run as a giant ursa burst from the trees. As they ran the two girls tripped over a tree root. Knowing they could not get up in time Angelica began to pray. She prayed as she watched her friend Sara get attacked. A Huntress who had been nearby rushed to the scene upon hearing the screams. Angelina watched as the Huntress activated her aura and dispached the Ursa.

Sara was rushed to a hospital and recovered after sevral months. In those months Angelina thought about that day. She decied that the huntress's Intervention was an answer to her prayers and a sign that she had been chosen by God to fight the grimm. Modeling herself after an angel she began training to become a huntress. On her 17th birthday she reciaved her acceptance letter to beacon, furthering her belief in her divine destiny.

The Future

  • In year two Angelina begins dating Silver Shrike
  • Silver Shrike and Angelina are wed after gradution thus begin the Zain-Shrike family
  • The couple open The Silver Angel, an inn for huntsman with medical facilities and job postings
  • The couple have a daughter named Orile Dove Zain-Shrike who they call "their little Dove"

    Angelina Zain-Shrike by LordKeyz

  • As she gets older she tries to distance herself from the noble life style tries to live life to the fullest instead of focusing only on duty. She still has a great desire to carry on her family name. howev
  • AngelinaBGFinal

    Angelina Zain-Shrike with her Armour as drawn by LordKeyz

    She has sacrificed using her wings to bring herself closer to the normal person. She has kept them, however, and will bring them out only in times of dire need. If she dons Glories Rise you know that the situation is bad.

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