I can't really pin the exact thing that made me want to become a Huntress- some reasons were selfish, others selfless. I guess that goes for everyone- like we have light and dark inside of us, we have light and dark reasons for why we chose to be the protectors of this world.
Angelus Flos
Age 17
Title Huntress-In-Training
Nickname Angie
Status Active
Color White/Gold
Gender Female
Race Human
Species Human
Born 25th May, 1996
Handedness Right
Complexion Pale white
Hair White blonde
Eyes Pale yellow
Height 180cm
Weight 62kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Signal Academy
Team VIAN (In-Progress)
Partner Ilex Aqua
Occupation Student
Additional Info
Likes Classical music, Aura and Semblance discussion, flowers, fruit.
Dislikes Heavy rock, strawberries, politics
Special Skills Music, staff-wielding, logic
Weaknesses Hand-to-hand combat (fist-fighting etc.) , secretive
Character Theme

Within Temptation- See Who I Am


Angelus wears a long-sleeved dress, with a pattern of gold swirls and small, embroidered flowers. The hem of the dress comes to her knees and is adorned with gold frills. The sleeves are gathered in at the wrist, and she has a belt in which she carries her weapon. The dress has a white collar and the neck can be buttoned up. She wears old-fashioned, sensible white shoes with pale gold stockings, and a silver locket shaped in a daisy- Angelus' emblem. She wears fingerless pale white gloves, and has a large ornamental daisy in her hair.

Angelus has pale yellow eyes and short, curly white-blonde hair, coming to her shoulders. She has a pale complexion and is willowy, with a small face and a long nose.


Angelus is a very secretive person. Though not unfriendly, she tends not to get into personal details with no one any less than an extremely close friend. She tends to talk delicately and politely, usually small-talk rather than discussions, as Angelus has always had trouble with voicing her opinions on things, though has a passion for Aura and Semblance, which interests her immensely. She is very level-headed and extremely hard to anger, and believes, despite being a Huntress, that rationality should be used in the case of criminals or cults, and will not resort immediately to violence (though she does understand that rationality cannot be used in the situation of Grimm). Angelus treats her peers with extreme delicacy, and despite her intellegence, she is not very curious. Angelus lacks in leadership skills due to her inability to communicate and voice her feelings and opinions. Angelus is very observational and philosophical- sometimes speaking in what some people would say 'riddles', which can be taken as a show of intellegence, as well as annoying the person whom she is speaking too. Angelus, coming from a more well-off family, is more refined and enjoys classical music, playing instruments herself.



Angelus' weapon is Fuga Primula, a Pole-Vault Sniper Staff. The metal is made of silver with gold and green swirling patterns on it, made by Angelus herself. Angelus can use the staff as a melee, and can be transformed and used for Pole-Vaulting. The staff has a trigger near the centre that will shoot a bullet out of the end, which Angelus uses to add impact when pole-vaulting to go even higher. This pole-vaulting can help Angelus dodge attacks from enemies and overcome physical obstructions (high walls etc.). The staff can turn into a sniper rifle, which she uses as her primary attack against enemies.

Aura, Semblance and Combat

Angelus' Aura appears a bright yellow. She is apt in staff-weilding, and is fast and agile. Her Semblance is jump-and-glide; she can jump unnaturally high (even without pole-vaulting) and can to glide to the ground (slowing down her descent) though cannot "fly". This is achievable by a small yellow glyph which wraps around her waist which slows her down, and takes the shape of a her emblem (a daisy) 

Misc. Skills

Music- Angelus can play the violin.

Logic- Angelus is very tactical and intellegent.

Blacksmith- Building her own weapon, Angelus has some experience with the forge.


Angelus lives in a large house in the outskirts of Vale, her mother being the CEO of a major chain of general stores across the kingdoms. Her father was a retired Hunter, disabled after an accident involving his team a year after Angelus was born which cost him both of his legs, and became recluse, turning to music and the care of his daughter. He taught Angelus the violin when she was eight, and noticed when she was nine she would come home with bruises and cuts- Angelus, being extremely close to her father, admitted she was being bullied at school, and her father encouraged her to stand up to them, though Angelus was always too nervous. Angelus always loved the stories her dad would tell her about his Hunter days, as short-lived as they were, and decided that she wanted to become a Huntress. Going to combat school, she started off as a meagre fighter, but with encouragement from her father, she developed her fighting style and soon excelled. Her mother, however, did not like the path her daughter had chosen, and constantly hinted at her displeasure. Her two parents argued a lot over the matter, which made Angelus ever so slightly regret her decision to become a Huntress, and making her hate her mother for campaigning against her dreams to be a Huntress, and so she never shared anything with her mother- and thus came her secretive habit, for her wishes of being a skilled warrior has caused strife between her parents. When she was fourteen, she ran away from home with newly-forged Fuga Primula, and lived for a week on the streets deep in Vale, before venturing into Forever Fall, where she encountered a pack of Beowolves. She managed to fend them off for a while, but when another pack came she fell outnumbered, saved in the nick of time by a Hunter, whom had been hired by her parents to find her, and she was returned home. Her running away upset her father immensely, and he constantly felt guilty about the fact his arguing had drove his daughter away from home, and the discovery of his feeling made Angelus even more reclusive. But shortly after her runaway escapade she met Ilex Aqua, whom she became close friends with and would later on be her partner at Beacon.


  1. Angelus Flos is Latin for flower angel.
  2. Angelus' name both links with her angelic colour scheme (white and gold) and also to her daisy motif and emblem.
  3. Fuga Primula is Latin for flight of the daisy, also linking with Angelus' emblem.
  4. Angelus is part of Team VIAN, and was the first character to be thought of- before even the team was a concept.


Hey! I thought I'd make it easier for you reviewers by making a log of  how I've improved on the original design, and also where I've edited things, which will be deleted once I've made enough modifications to be accepted. I'm also going to make quick notes here of what I'm changing while editing so it's easier for me too. So-

Abilities (Weapon, Semblance + Aura)

  1. Throwing knives deleted.
  2. Fuga Primula now has three transformation states (staff, pole-vault and sniper rifle)
  3. Use of electric/thunder dust deleted (will now take high-impact bullets. Elaboration in section)
  4. Jumping Semblance built on. Now classified as jump-and-glide, just so it's less generic. I was originally going to add the gliding, though I debated whether it was OP. I guess if jumping is too generic and simple, and it isn't exactly flying which could be classified as OP, I reviewed it and added it. I also explained how the gliding ability is achieved. 
  5. Protection from electrocution deleted.
  6. Electric Fire deleted.
  7. Elaboration on pole-vault uses added. (I relied too much on just the term- I now realize the lack of explaining had people confused)
  8. Long-range capabilities added

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