Grimm register: Yara Aeriver
Other people may use this Grimm for battle, but please consult with Shingeki no Kyojin about editing the page.

Grimm Classification:

Spider Grimm

Grimm Title:


Threat Ranking:



Bony armor protects most of its 8 legs and body, of which its gigantic abdomen is notable. Styled as a tarantula in real life, veins cover its head and its eight eyes allow for superior vision. About 9 meters in length (approximately 5 times an average human's height) and 3 meters in height (twice that of an average human). Blades jut out from the legs to allow for close-quarters combat.


Can shoot strings of sturdy silk at 180 mph to catch humans by surprise and draw them in for the kill.

  • Strength: Surprisingly fast for its size.
  • Weakness: Joints are unarmored for mobility reasons stated above.

Additional Notes:

Reported to have venom in fangs.

Overall Consensus:

Approach with great caution. Surrounding and ambushing this Grimm is advised for best tactic.

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