Arakuen Suno (pronounced A-rah-ku-en Suu-noh) is a freshmen student at Beacon Academy. He is the younger brother to Shikuna Arakuen and is a practicioner of his family's Chijo no Tate-Ryu style of fighting.

Suno Arakuen
Age 17
Title The Trickster
Alias Stratus
Nickname Suu
Status Alive
Color Spanish Grey
Gender Male
Race Human
Born January 26
Handedness Left-Handed
Complexion Pale
Hair Black
Eyes Egyptian Blue
Semblance Miotsu Hienta
Height 5'8"
Weight 145
Professional Status
Affiliation Sanctum Academy

Beacon Academy

Occupation Student


Personal Status
Relatives Father: Alive

Mother: Alive Sister: Alive

Additional Info
Emblem Suno-Arakuen-Emblem


Suno is an average height teenager with long onyx black hair and egyptian blue eyes. He ties his hair into a ponytail and he has a hair ornament from his mother holding it. He wears a bead neckalace around his neck which can be seen as prayer beads.

In his casual clothes, he wears a grey elbow-long sleeve shirt with a popped collar with a white sleeveless vest hood. He wears light grey jeans with a pair of double belt boots, he often leaves his left boot half buckled. Although not shown, he wears a leather baldric with a magnetic latch that holds Sezon no Kyoukai and a metallic band on his left bicep that magnetically holds Sokari no Rai. The band that holds Sokari is adjustable and can be moved to different areas on his arm. His emblem is embroided on the back of his hood. Even though he can fight in his casual outfit, he prefers his armor for combat because it gives him more flexibility.

In his combat armor, he dons a full ninja style outfit that has been redesigned to comply with his weapons. He wears a full helmet masking everything except his eyes and it has a adjustable hole at the back to allow his ponytail through. He wears a skin-tight long shirt under a style of grey plated armor that covers most of his upper body except his right shoulder and is minimalized on his left shoulder. Smaller and lighter plates extend from the left shoulder armor down his left bicep. The armor extends down his right hip making it look like a cuisses. This allows Suno to have more flexibility with his arms while still protecting his core body. On his arms he wear plated gauntlets that end below his elbows and has mesh gloves that extends up his arms under the gauntlet. By having his left arm fully covered, he is able to move the armband up and down the arm that houses Sokari no Rai.  Above his armor he uses a plated baldric which can house Sezon no Kyoukai. On the left side of his hip, he as a singular black cuisses that is strapped across to his right hip above the extended armor. He wears grey ninja style pants and are covered by knee high tabis. As an accessory he wears a dual ended blue-tiped scarf that extends downards to his thighs. The color scheme for this outfit is primary grey, secondary blue and tertiary black. His emblem is painted on the singular cuisses on his left hip.

He has a semi-muscular build due to the fact he is the heir of the Chijo no Tate-Ryu dojo and was put through lots of body conditioning.


When Suno was growing up, he was subjected to the philosophy of the Chijo no Tate-Ryu teachings. To keep calm, collected, situated and to take things head on were the basic philosophy of the Dojo. This forced Suno to suppress his emotions when he was a child. This was changed by his older sister, Shikuna. Throughout their free time away from the dojo, taught him the world outside of the house. By exploring the city of Mistral with her, he learned how to interact with people and common courtesy that comes with it.

At times, Suno can be seen as arrogant. This is because of his ingrained upbringing of his family. Since he was the heir of the family, he was at times spoiled by his father and other members of the family.

There are time where he is humble as well. When he was defeated by his sister during an official match in the dojo, he tries to honor her and accepts his defeat but was quickly silenced by his father. 

During his time at Sanctum Academy, he had learned to be very crafty and sly. By hiding his lineage while attending school. He was able to develop a intricate style of fighting. Instead of fighting with Chijo no Tate-Ryu, he adapted a fighting style that utilizes a knight's way of fighting with a longsword and shield. He refers to it as his Deceit Style. This was all in order to keep his shield and his lineage a secret. 


Born into the Arakuen family, a honored family famed for their Chijo no Tate-Ryu Dojo. The Chijo-Ryu martial art is a form of fighting that is based solely on the utilization of the shield. As Suna was the first born son of the family, he was automatically named the heir apparent; easily overshadowing his sister, Shikuna. As he grew up he was constantly doted on and was spoiled by his family. He was trained personally by his father, disciplining him in techniques and the philosophy of Chijo-Ryu.

Suno on numerous occasions, was spirited by his sister away from the household. They often explored the city of Mistral, interacting with the citizens. During these outings, she gave him small lessons of life, from her own experiences as she was shunned by the family. Upon returning, she was often scolded and reprimanded by their father because of the danger she could have put Suno into. He had than barred her from any interaction with Suno and begun isolating both of them from each other.

Suno finds out later that she left the house in pursuit of her own goals. He wanted to follow her but he had no say with his own life because of his father. At the age of 9 and at the prime peak of his training from his father; Shikuna came back to the dojo. She challenged her father infront of the whole family and dojo. Their father accepted the challenge and quickly pitted her against Suno. As Suno was the heir apparant to the family, his father chose him to uphold the family honor.

Once the match started, it seemed that Suno had the upper hand in strength. But was easily outwitted by Shikuna by using a different style of fighting. By using reaction motions to counter his powerful strikes, she is able to shift the momentum and weight of his strikes against him. The match ended with her pinning Suno. He tapps out and accepts his defeat. As he was about to congratulate her, his father steps in and voids the match. His accuses that Shikuna went out of line and used a external martial art designed to cripple opponents. Suno tried to object but was quickly silenced by his father. This accusation brought outrage by the other students and family members. She became the focus of everything; everyone's scorn, criticisms, and hate were all directed at her. At the spur of the moment, Suno's father exiled her from the household and to never return.

Suno regrets greatly for not being able to prevent the exile of his sister. As he admires her greatly for being able to stand up to their father and to shake the family hierarchy by its foundation. As she was able to make a name for herself in a very male ecentric family.

At the age of 13, Suno had enough of the oppression from his father. He left the house in broad daylight and dismissed anyone that tried to stop him. As he escaped the family's eye, he soon applied to Sanctum academy without anyone knowing and was accepted. Suno often kept in touch with his sister without their father knowing. As Suno entered Sanctum, he found out that she got accepted into Atlas Academy and quickly moved from Mistral to Atlas after graduating Sanctum. They wrote to each other during their years in school.

As Suno began forging his weapon within his second year of Sanctum, he recieves presents from his sister. Within the package, there were a baldric, a magnetic armband and amounts of magnetic latches. There was a note that came also, it stated that these were test items that Cordama created. He wanted someone to test them and Shikuna volunteered Suno. He didn't let anyone know his plans for the creation of his weapon, so he was intrigued on the coincidance and timing of how these arrived in the mail. He made use of them thus creating Sokari no Rai, his custom shield and Sezon no Kyoukai, his forged longsword. Sezon hooks to the latch on the baldric while the Sokari hooks to the latch on the armband. He replies to her with a thank you and that he appreciates the gifts that were sent over. 

Within his third year, he develops his Deceit style of fighting. As he didn't want anyone to know that he was a practitioner of Chijo-Ryu, he disguised it as his Deceit style of fighting. By fighting with Sezon as his primary weapon and having Sokari has a defensive shield, he is able to mask Chijo-Ryu and become proficient in wielding Sezon. All for the purpose of having his shield as his trump card. He then designs his Combat outfit, with his heritage in mind.

As he entered his last year of Sanctum Academy, Suno was found by his family. His father was furious because he ran away. He became even more disgusted at how Suna is now wielding a sword. He gives him an ultimatum that after he finishes Sanctum Academy, he has the choice to either return to the household or go straight into Haven Academy.  If he chose to return to the household, he would have no freedom because his father will dictate his every action. And if he enrolled to Haven Academy, his father would still have an eye on him. Suno hated both choices but played it off normally. 

As his training at Sanctum came to an end, he quickly packed up his things and boarded a flight towards Vale. He decided to enrol to Beacon Academy instead of Haven. He chose to leave once again as he wanted to honor his sister's choice and wanted to walk his own path as his sister but did not want to be tied down by his family.

As he arrived in Vale, he explored the city to get used to the surroundings. He wanted to familiarize himself with the city he will be living in for the next four years. After affirming himself with the city, he heads towards Beacon to prep himself for the exam. Suno passes the exam with decently high marks and is now officially a student of beacon. As he arrives for the entrance ceremony, he stops infront of the venue, and lays his hand on Sokari; reminiscing about his sister and the lessons she taught him. He then looks forward and walks into the ampitheater, beginning his first year at Beacon Academy.


Sokari no Rai: Suno's custom forged shield that is held on by a magnetic band on his left bicep. Suno is able to move the magnetic band to any position on his arm for combat but he is most comfortable with having it on his bicep when not in combat. Only known to him and his teammates, Sokari is his main weapon.

Sokari no Rai has three transformations:

  • Aegis: Default transformation for Sokari. This is the primary for when Suno is using either Chijo-Ryu or Deceit Style. Suno is able to spin the shield on the magnetic latch to allow different styles of attack. The edges of the shield are sharp bevels which allows him to use Sokari as a secondary blade if need be. For Chijo-Ryu, he uses the Aegis form as both an offensive and defensive style of attacking while with Deceit Style, he uses Aegis as mainly for defense. This is also Sokari's storage form.
  • Flurry: By folding the shield forwards and shifting the magnetic latch from the outside of his bicep to the bottom of his arm, the shield now has the appearance of a dual-bladed arm blade. When transformed into the blade, the lower half of the bottom divider of the shield folds inwards to act as a handle and extra support for the blade, allowing him to maneuver and wield the blade easier. When in this form, Suno is able to go into a full offensive style of Deceit by using both Sokari and Sezon in tandem.
  • Somu no Reina: Within Sokari's Flurry form, when folding the bottom divider to act as a handle, where is a hollow tube. One would think it is the chamber for a gun but it isnt. Suno can insert Sezon's hilt into the hollow tube which in turns combines them into a singular weapon called Somu no Reina. As Suno is left handed and is the stronger/definite arm, he is able to wield Somu with utmost effiency, giving his attacks more variety during combat. This is a last resort transformation for Suno as using it for long periods of time tire his arm out more quickly than using both Sezon and Sokari separately.

Sezon no Kyokai: A basic Longsword, forged to honor his sister and to rebel against his father. Suno uses it in a different fighting style to leave his shield as the trump card. Between the hilt and the blade, Suno uses one of the magnetic latches as the guard. Known to only himself and his teammates, Sezon is his secondary weapon.


  • As both Sokari and Sezon have magnetic latches on them, they can link together and be stored in the lockers at Beacon Academy. Their appearance then link looks like someone is drawing a sword out of a shield. On the left side of the locker has the normal baldric and armband while on the right side of the locker has the plated baldric and reinforced armband.
  • When stored on the person, Sezon links to the baldric while Sokari's Aegis links to the magnetic band on Suno's Bicep.

Transformations that are known for Sokari:

  • Sokari's Aegis Form: Standard and storage form for Sokari.
  • Sokari's Flurry Form: Shifts Sokari from a defensive-oriented shield to a full offensive blade.
  • Somu no Reina: Combination transformation: Combinng Sezon and Sokari's Flurry to create one blade.

Abilities and Fighting Style


Miotsu Hienta: Suno's semblance allows him to have control over mist, allowing him to summon mist from the humidity or water in the air. This allows Suno or his teammates to hide in the mist and to engage in surprise tactics. When he needs to, he is able disperse the mist when it is not needed. One downside is that the amount/density of mist is dependant on the humidity or the amount of water in the air. His semblance is most effective when nearby bodies of water, providing a higher humidity than areas without bodies of water. The longest amount of time he can hold the mist in an area is five minutes. The larger area covered, the higher the aura drain.

Fighting Style:

Chijo no Tate-Ryu:

Suno's baseline fighting style is the Chijo-Ryu martial art. It is a strength prioritized martial arts that solely fights with shields; offensively and defensively. In order to deliver powerful strikes, one must have a good center of gravity. To stay balanced is a key factor because if the stance is not properly executed, the whole technique could fall apart. They emphasize on tackling things head on to prove their strength. Suno has adapted Chijo-Ryu a more versatile style of fighting, by using what his sister used against him years ago. By still keeping the basis of Chijo-Ryu but adding the defensive style of redirecting momentum and weight, he is able to achieve a more versatile way of fighitng, like his sister before him.

Deceit Style:

A new style of fighting that Suno develops at Sanctum Academy. This style was created to hide the fact that he was a practioner of Chijo-Ryu. Instead of prioritizing of using a shield for Chijo-Ryu, he uses a longsword. Most notably his own sword, Sezon no Kyokai. He uses the sword in tandom with the shield to give it a more knightly style of fighting and to hide that his shield is his trump card. This in turned gave him the title of "The Trickster" as he decieves his opponents into underestimating him.


Smithing/Crafting: As Suno forged his weapons at Sanctum, this gave him a basic understanding of smithing and forging. He had some tips given to him by Shikuna's teammate Cordama. He was a self-taught smith and passed on some basic lessons to help Suno forge his weapons. He was also taught by Cordama to maintain his weapons to prevent them from wearing out.

Calm Mind: As the philosophy of Chijo-Ryu dictates that one must be calm, collected and to be situated at all times. Suno has the ability to calm himself relatively easy when faced with peril and unknown situations. He also meditates each day to relax his mind and to prep himself for the oncoming day.


  • Father: Leader of the Chijo no Tate-Ryu family, Names Suno as the heir at a very young age. Trains him the hardest out of the family and also spoils him the most. He is very disappointed with his decision to not stay at the household and is furious that he deviated away from the Chijo-Ryu style.
  • Shikuna Arakuen: Older sister who he looks up to. She became a figurehead to him and his goal for the future. She pushed the limits and was able to topple the hierarchy within the family with her own willpower, showing that females can be powerful within society. She teaches Suno about the life outside of the household. By forcing him to interact with the city, he was able to gain a deeper understanding on what his sistery was trying to teach him. 


  • There are two words derived form Suno Arakuen: Suno, is an anagram of Soun which translates to Stratus and Ran'un which translates to Stormcloud.
  • Suno has recieved this name based on a specific cloud because he was the first born male of the Chijo-Ryu family and was appointed heir apparant.
  • Chijo no Tate-Ryu (Earthly Shield Style) is a defensive style martial art that focuses solely on the use of shields in battle, whether it be for offense or defense.
  • Miotsu Hienta is an anagram of Misuto Hantei which is the translation for Mist Judgement.
  • Sokari no Rai is an anagram of Sora no Ikari which translates to Sky's Rage. Suno named his shield this in defiance of his father but still respecting his heritage of his family.
  • Sokari is based on the shield "Artemis" from Phantasy Star Portable 2.
  • Sezon no Kyokai is an anagram of Sekai no Kyozen which translates to World Coexistance. He name his sword in honor of his sister as she reached new heights while still retaining the basis of Chijo-Ryu.
  • Sezon no Kyokai base shape is based on a ninjato but is longer and wider to look more like a longsword.
  • The combination transformation of Sokari no Rai and Sezon no Kyokai become Somu no Reina. This is an anagram of Sora no Unmei which translates to Sky's Fate. He names the transformation this because it represents his own choice to alter his own fate.
  • Suno's Combat outfit is inspired and based on the Genga Koei outfit from Phantasy Star Online 2.

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