Are we almost there? Come on. We gonna make our own path there since that’s half the journey and half the fun.
— Aran
Aran Alcyone
Age 17
Title Wind Rider
Alias Aran
Nickname Ran, Aron
Status Active
Color Amazon Green
Gender Male
Race Human
Born August 17th
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Tanned
Hair Green with Light Blue highlights
Eyes Light Green
Height 6'1"
Weight 145 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team AMZN
Partner Niagara Kimhan
Occupation Student


Personal Status
Relatives Mother


Additional Info
Emblem Aran Symbol
Likes Forests, New Territory, Animals
Dislikes Technology, Relying on Others, Liars
Special Skills -Close and Far Ranged Combat

-Navigation Skills

-Very Agile

Weaknesses -Limited Dust Knowledge

-Low Defenses

-Doesnt Take Things Seriously

This original character was created by RWBY Ruby Rose. Do not use my ideas, artwork or any other information without asking me first.
Feel free to comment anything on my character in the comment section. Id love to hear what you guys think.

Aran Alcyone is an original character created by RWBY Ruby Rose. He is the leader of Team AMZN and alludes to Flynn Rider.


He is a young man that has semi-spiky dark green hair with blue ends, tanned complexion and light green eyes. He is slim built with a large '/' scar across his face.

Aran outfit wip

B/W Version of Aran's Combat Outfit. Colors for these will be in Appearance Section

Main Outfit

For his main outfit, he wears a set of brown goggles over his head and wears wraps on his wrists that go to his palms. He wears an unzipped green jacket with rolled up sleeves and has his emblem in light blue on his chest over his heart. Under the jacket, he wears a zip up short sleeve top. Aran also wears blue cargo pants with a set of wraps around his calves and brown combat boots. He also wears a belt that holds his case for his weapon and ammunition.


He wears a pair of dark green pants with a white feather design and a black muscle shirt with his emblem in the front in green.


Aran is the kind of guy that is adventurous, social, and at times, arrogant. He is a man that will do anything to have some adventure, even if it is not one of the best decisions in a given situation for his own thrill. However, he does care for people and will save them if needed. He is a natural conversationalist as he can speak to anyone, regardless if he knows them and will most likely befriend them by the end of their meeting. As an individual, he is very trusting to others. Like any person, he will be upset if someone betrays his trust that he gives but he could show mercy towards people if he knows them well enough. 

For his opinion of faunus, he doesn't really have an opinion since he doesnt judge people for who they are, but for what kind of person they are. With that aside, he will help them out if needed, but it would be for the excitement as well. Aside from his arrogance of thinking that he is the best, he is truely loyal to his friends, going to the point of trying to supress his ego. If there is a person that he does not like or if someone tries to bully him or his friends, he will either pull a lot of mischevious tricks or teach them a lesson on respecting others.

It is rare to see him upset or angry because he is one to bottle his emotions until he is at a breaking point in an arguement or problem in which he goes off alone to relieve himself. Even though it is rare to see him mad or upset, it is common to see his annoyance towards things that don't come in his favor or when thing don't go his way on one of his 'adventures'. He can also be a comedian to people and would try to cheer them up if they are in a bad spot without going overboard or too far. All in all, he will protect the people that he considers to be his friends and maybe send some pranks and jokes their way.


Aran was born in Vacuo with his loving mother and father. He lived a rather normal as a child with huntsmen parents as he would get presents from them when they would return from missions along with hearing their tales of helping others and beating down the creatures of Grimm. At first, there were times that his parents were either both home or at least one of them and as he grew older, there were times where both had to leave once in a while. No matter what would happen, Aran was always patient and started to take care of himself as young as 8 years old by cooking his own meals. On the side, his parents would teach him how to read and write.

Once he had turned 11 years old, his parents had decided to start traning him in order to protect himself while they weren't around to protect him. His father unlocked his aura while his mother taught him some speed exercises. In the next 4 years, Aran continued to learn from his parents the basics of being a hunter, a dream that he had from the many stories his parents told him. At one point, he was given Aero Cutter, a present from his father. When he was 15, he started going out on recon missions with his parents as they traveled to many parts of Remnant where he discovered his semblance during a mission. His skills grew as time went on from training and defeating Grimm, however, one mission had the most impact on him since he was one that didnt take things seriously a year later.

His family was on their way home from a mission in Menagarie when a few thieves came out of nowhere and attacked them. The family did well to drive them off, but there was a price. After he used his semblance a couple of times, he didn't fully realize that he ran out of aura and with his aura out, he was in a tight situation. He tried to fight back until the man slashed his face and kicked him back into a tree. Before the fight advanced further, his father came to his aid and defeated the thief with ease before he passed out from fatigue. When Aran came to with his new scar, his parents expressed how proud they were to see their son fight off the thieves alongside them after preforming a mission with them. After commenting him of his skill, they suggested that he should go to a huntsman academy to improve his skills even further. Aran agreed and decided to take the test for Beacon Academy in which he passed and was accepted.

In Combat

Weapons: Aero Cutter and Lightnin' Slicers

The weapons that Aran has include a Wind Dust Blade Machette (WDBM) called Aero Cutter and a set of Lightning Dust Infused Knives (LDIK) that are known as Lightnin' Slicers.

Aero Cutter is his main weapon that he had inherited from his father which he usually uses to blow away his blows either by the dust blade itself or with a stronger blow from his semblance. The blade is infused with wind dust to help with accelering his attacks and slashing wind waves at opponents.

Lightnin' Slicers are his utility weapons which he crafts with lightning dust to give more of a shock to his opponents when thrown. He carries 10 of these small knives on his person every mission in case of encountering a sniper/caster or farway enemies.


As the leader of Team AMZN, he is very agile and quick on his feet like the wind thanks to his mother's speed exercises. He can fight mid- close range and can also fight hand to hand combat, even though he prefers using his weapons. His weapons help give an edge to any kind of battle he faces and uses his semblance to move quicker, increasing his mobility or to speed his attacks. He may not seem like he takes the fight seriously, but he usually goes with the flow of the the battle before making a strategy.  

His speed and his evasion are flawed by the lack of defense and dust knowledge. He was mostly told of simple dust combos but he isn't sure of how to work it into his strategies. His endurance is average though when he uses his semblance, he could exhaust his aura if he isnt careful. He ideally wants to be in and out of a battle quickly as a long battle will begn to tire him out from semblance reliance (which is what he is improving on during his time). In his team, his role is to be like a navigator since he has a good sense of direction and leaves plan working to Zahavi or Niagara.

Aura: He is surrounded by Light Green Aura.

Semblance: Storm Gale

Aran can create gusts of wind. With this ability, he could use it to knock people off balance and to also give himself a tailwind to improve his speed and accuracy to a certain degree. He could also use this to launch himself against his foes. The stronger the gust of wind, the more aura is used. He also needs to wait 20 seconds between each use before using it again.


-His full name translates to "Forest Kingfisher' since Aran means 'Forest' in Thai and Alycone means 'Kingfisher' in Greek. Forest can be seen as green so it fits Monty's rules.

Official Art


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