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Taste the power of Gauss.
— Arden Forsenthe

Arden Blaze Forsenthe
Age 17
Status Alive
Color Red
Gender Male
Born June 15
Handedness Left Handed
Complexion Fair
Hair Brown
Eyes Golden and Brown
Height 6'0"
Weight 166 Pounds
Additional Info
Emblem ArdenEmblem
Likes Rifles, Ariana, toffee
Dislikes Watermelon
Special Skills Sniping
Weaknesses Close Range Combat
Character Theme

Lion - Hollywood Undead
Battle Theme

Necrofantasia - Perfect Cherry Blossom


Arden's apparel is quite bright in colour, offsetting his position as a sniper. His light brown hair wraps around his head and sits in messy bangs across his forehead, covering his narrow eyebrows. His eyes are heterochromic, his right eye is brown and the left golden, however, the golden eye is generally covered by an eyepatch.

He generally dons a red vest with a grey shirt underneath as well as red pants with black boots. He carries his sniper rifle across his back and his pistol rests in a holster on the left hand side of his pants. Extra clips of ammunition can be seen hanging across his belt as well as in a few vest and pant pockets.


Arden is easygoing, he likes people and will talk to them, but can be by himself if needs be, He wont go out looking for his teammates or people to work with, but when he does, he's a team player all the way.Slight introvert, but on the edge of it, a type of guy can also take in some energy from being with others. Beyond all this, however, is a person who cares deeply about Faunus and their rights, and nurtures a special soft spot for avian Faunus in particular due to experiences he had in a former life before Beacon. 

Weapon and Abilities

Arden is very proficient with sniper rifles, being able to use any within five minutes of picking it up. He also has some skill with small arms like pistols, but his accuracy is not quite the same. Albeit, he does carry a .26 caliber pistol in a hidden holster on the left side of his cargo pants.

Arden's left eye is close to blind, and he started wearing an eye patch over his left when he is sniping. Although not necessary, he does it because he finds it simpler rather then closing it.
Flaming Gauss

Flaming Gauss. Made by me in a program.

Flaming Gauss is Arden's sniper rifle. Although it is not a Gauss Cannon, his preference of firing rounds with fire element dust most of time gives it the name, Flaming Gauss. He can switch to any other element dust if he prefers. Arden can also fire aura amplified rounds with more impact, but can only fire a limit of 50 per day. The same is true for when he uses his sidearm. So if he uses 25 shots on his sniper, and then 25 shots on his pistol, he's spent for the day. 

The sidearm that Arden carries.

Gauss Shot: Arden's most devastating move. He can only fire 1 every 10 days, and after the shot, will be too exhausted to even move. Before the shot, Arden must be undisturbed for 10 minutes, as he is inputting all of his aura into the sniper rifle. Once he is ready, he fires a single shot which absolutely obliterates everything in a 15x15x15 meter box. The range is effectively 100 meters to 1.5 kilometers. 

Semblance, Hunter's Pride: Arden can tag a single individual by using his eyes, and then by using factors such as the person's aura, their heat, sound made etc, can in essence, follow them wherever they go, even being able to see them through walls based on the aura they emit or the noise they make, even though he cannot hear then. This is a purely visual semblance and will lose sight of the person tagged after five minutes of using it, and can only use this semblance up to twelve times a day. 


Arden was born into a middle class family in a small town located in the west end of Vale. His father was a family doctor who charged cheaply to all his patients, and his mother was a nurse, always by his father's side, be it at the clinic, or at home.

Arden was raised to always be fair and just, never to be angry or to take out his rage on others. His parents warned that things done hastily would always lead to regret, and he has followed those words to this day.

When Arden grew to be or 10 years old, he decided to become a Hunter, his parents were originally against it, trying to convince him otherwise, to become a lawyer, or join the army if needs to be, but to not go and fight the creatures of Grimm. However, after 5 months of persistence, they caved in, after all, even they couldn't be blind to the fact that their son was an extraordinary marksman. They had seen him practicing, and constantly hitting the bull’s-eye in their backyard with the hunting rifle which he had borrowed from one of his fathers' patients. 

His father at the time was treating a young Faunus girl of an terminal disease.  It is said that she had only a few days left to live. She was quite different from regular fauna, having not animal ears, but eagle eyes, with which she saw the world in much higher clarity than humans. Arden had nursed a soft spot for this girl for many years, and was quite downtrodden to hear that she would soon pass on. She spent the last few days at Dr. Forsenthe's home, being amused by his son. Arden made sure that she would spend the last few days of her life in happiness, and on the final nightfall, finally puckered up the courage to say what he had wanted for years, much to her sobbing, but that night of his life was the best. Not because of what most people think what would have commenced afterward, but because he was pleased to hear that she had also started to develop feelings for him as well. Unfortunately, tomorrow would be her last day in the world.

After her death, Arden was quite downtrodden, but he needed something to drive away the grief, even though all he wanted to do was weep at her grave. He resolved to go to Signal Academy a few weeks early just to keep himself focused on other things rather then his beloved's death. 

Arden is now headed to Beacon in order to fulfill his dream, but he secretly keeps a lock or Ariana's hair inside his left pocket of his vest, and will continue to do so until his death.


His middle name, Blaze, can translate to Fire, which translates to the colour red. As well as the fact that his middle name comes from his grandfather, who was also a hunter.

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