Name: Ardens Hedera

Title: The Ivy Huntress

Sex: Female

Age: 17

Race: Human

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 150 lbs

Occupation: Huntress(Student)

Symbol: A burning ivy leaf

Weapon: Minerva (snake sword)


Imagine the tattoo


Ardens has a very pale completion and a pair of deep violet eyes. She has snow white hair that she keeps cut short. She keeps it this way so it doesn’t get in her face when doing things. She is fairly tall for a woman and has a lean build. Ardens also is very top heavy and needs to get her bra specially made. She has a tattoo of a violet ivy leaf with black flames surrounding it on her stomach that reaches to just below her breasts. She wears a black and purple vest that cuts off a little below her breasts. It is almost never zipped fully so it exposes her breasts. She wears a pair of black and purple striped gloves that go up her arms. Ardens wears a black and purple short skirt that is only about 8inches long. She wears a pair of black stockings that have purple skulls all over them. She has a pair of black heeled boots with violet laces. Her bra is a purple one with a black trim. Her final article of clothing that is visible is her violet ribbon she wears around her neck. Ardens has thin eyebrows and wears a violet lipstick on her upper lip and a black on her lower.


Can-Am Spyder RT-S Full Trim SpiderX Purple

This is her can am named Purple Widow

Ardens is not a very saucy person despite her sluttish appearance. She is actually very kind and tends to treat people like younger siblings. She can be described motherly even though her sense of style is the exact opposite. She can show a darker side when someone close to her is hurt by a grimm or another student. Ardens does enjoy a good fighting match and even learning about battle. She is a bit of a sadist in the way she isn’t afraid to “punish” those who break the rules. Ardens is also fairly good at working with vehicles like motorcycles and cars. In fact one of her prized possessions is her Can Am Spyder that she personally makes adjustments on. She even loves giving people rides on it.   



This is only meant to be a reference

Ardens’s fighting style utilizes both short and long range attacks. Her snake sword Minerva in its normal form is a simple short sword with a purple blade and black hilt. Minerva also had a button on the hilt that turns it into a 9.5 meter whip with blades. Using Dust her sword Minerva glows a deep violet and Ardens can control it as she wills. She can detach the blades and sends them flying at her opponent. She can even send Minerva under-ground for a secret attack. Ardens is very flexible and very swift. She is also very accurate with Minerva and almost always makes her mark. Although she seems like a tough foe she does have some major flaws. Her height makes her a big target. As soon as Minerva is out of her reach she is a sitting duck and can’t do much other than run and kick. She may seem tough but if you hurt one of her friends she goes into a rage and can be easily manipulated.


Ardens grew up in a very poor family, her father was a mechanic and her mother was a doctor. They lived in a very poor town so they didn’t take most of the people’s money and always did things from the bottom of their heart. She would tend to go to her father’s work shop and would help him with his work. She quickly learned a lot about vehicles and would even do stuff for her father. When she wasn’t with her father she would spend time with her mother at the clinic she worked at and would help her with the patients. She soon met almost everyone that lived in the town which wasn’t many since most of them left to find better jobs. One day she was at her mother clinic she heard someone talking about how their grandson was accepted to Beacon to become a hunter. She instantly fell in love with becoming a huntress and would go to her library to study hunters. She talked to her parents and asked them if she could go to Signal to start her Huntress training, with a lot of begging and some money scrapping, she finally got to go to signal. When she got there she finally got to make her own weapon. She decided to call it Minerva after one of her favorite book characters. She didn’t have any formal training so she was not as good as the other students, but after a lot of hard work and determination she finally got recognized. After her time there she applied to Beacon and was accepted and as a shocking surprise her parents had saved money and bought her the vehicle of her dreams a Can-Am Spyder.

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